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Publication Order of Hunter Killer Books

By: Don Keith, George Wallace

Don Keith and George Wallace are the authors of the Hunter Killer series and the Hunter Killer novel.

Don Keith is an American published author. Born in 1947, he is a best-selling writer that has won awards for his work. He was born in the South and lived there for all of his life. He enrolled in the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa as a student, graduating with a degree in the field of broadcast and film communication. He also minored in literature and English.

Keith worked in a position as a broadcast journalist. While doing so, he won some awards for his work on news writing as well as reporting from the United Press International and the Associated Press. He also won the Hector Award from Troy State University, the first winner of the award, given for his work innovating in the field of broadcast journalism.

Don also won the “Radio Personality of the Year” award from Billboard Magazine as a broadcaster on the air in the formats of contemporary and country. He worked in Birmingham as well as Nashville for over two decades as a broadcast personality. He was an owner of his own consultancy company and co-owned a radio station in Mobile, Alabama. Over the years, he produced and hosted a few radio shows that were nationally syndicated.

George Wallace is the other author of Hunter Killer. He was born in Eastern Ohio, where he grew up. Commander Wallace got a commission while serving in the United States Navy. He also attended Ohio State University, graduating with his degree in engineering. Wallace served on the USS John Adams and the USS Woodrow Wilson. During that time he made nine patrols at the top of the Cold War.

Commander Wallace was also the Executive Officer on Spadefish, a nuclear attack submarine of the Sturgeon class. The sub was later decommissioned along with other subs due to the nineties and downsizing. The ship’s passing also helped provide inspiration for the book Final Bearing. He would later command the USS Houston, a nuclear attack sub of the Los Angeles class. George would work during the tour with SEALS to develop SEAL and submarine tactics. The Houston received the CIA Meritorious Unit Citation while he was commanding them. In 1995, Commander Wallace chose to retire and become part of the business world in civilian life after working on nuclear subs for 22 years. He is married and he and Penny reside in Alexandria, Virginia together.

Don Keith and George Wallace are the writers of Hunter Killer and the Hunter Killer series. The Hunter Killer novel is a movie tie-in and was also published under the title of Firing Point. The book was released once more due to buzz around a movie coming out in 2018 that starred Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler. The book is about a sub captain that is up against the clock to prevent a third world war from coming about. Under the polar ice cap is an American nuclear submarine.

It’s going through the cold water, following a Russian submarine. But all of that comes to a halt when the Americans hear flooding sounds as the other sub sinks. They move to help but end up joining it there in the cold waters. Global tensions touch off thanks to the incident and Moscow and Washington are gearing up for what could be a world war. Meanwhile, Captain Joe Glass is heading the USS Toledo and is coming close to try and help. Glass finds that it wasn’t an accident and he’s got to move quickly if he wants to get ahead of the culprit’s final act.

The movie Hunter Killer came out in 2018. It was directed by Donovan Marsh. Gary Oldman played Charles Donnegan, while Gerard Butler played Captain Joe Glass. The screenplay was written by Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss, with George Wallace and Don Keith being given writing credits for writing the novel Firing Point that it was based on.

The Hunter Killer series is a collection of novels written by George Wallace and Don Keith. The series started with the publication of the debut novel, Final Bearing. It was followed by the publication of the sequel, Dangerous Grounds. The third novel in the series is Cuban Deep, followed by the fourth novel Fast Attack, the fifth novel Arabian Storm, and the sixth novel, Warshot.

Final Bearing is the first book in the Hunter Killer series. This is where readers meet Commander Jonathan Ward.

The Commander is on the attack sub called Spadefish, out with his crew for one final mission. When a SEAL team is put into South America, their mission is to destroy a drug cartel’s secret labs. The Spadefish is there to help.

The drug lord Juan de Santiago is so rich that he has his own army and a miniature submarine too. With a vast empire and knowing that Americans are on their way, he’s going to do whatever it takes to protect it. Will he succeed or will the Spadefish’s side win? Read this book to find out!

Dangerous Grounds is the second novel in the Hunter Killer series by Don Keith and George Wallace. The world is in danger when a genius terrorist sets off a chain of deception. If you are into military thrillers with tons of action and adventure, this is the book for you! It’s perfect if you’re a fan of work by Mark Greaney, Brad Thor, W.E.B. Griffin, or Tom Clancy.

When a DEA agent is looking into a case on the drug trade of Asia, the last thing that they expected to find was a plot. Then there’s a SEAL team who has the mission of tracking down nuclear weapons stolen from Russia in east Asia. At the same time, a shipman from the Naval Academy is stuck on a hijacked sub and trapped.

The Americans must team up to take on drug syndicates and terrorists in some of the planet’s most deadly places. If they can win, they might just save the world. Failure means that all of humanity may go up in nuclear flames. What will happen? Read this book and find out!

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