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Hunter Series

Hunter is a fantasy series by Mercedes Lackey. The series features Joyeaux Charmand, a hunter with mad skills and a good head over her shoulders. Joy is lucky to have a special gift that makes it easy for her to control magical hounds. Because of these skills, she helps fight the monsters that threaten the life of humans in this fantasy world. Join this young lady on her expeditions, and you can be sure that you will never have to endure a boring moment. The rest of the cast is just as exciting, and it is fun following the rising tension between human and the alien creatures.


Hunter is the first book in the Hunter series. The book stars Joyeaux Charmand, a young lady working as a hunter in a close-knit mountain community. Long ago, after some apocalyptic event, the barriers between this world and the underworld were compromised, leading to the infiltration of dangerous creatures. Centuries later, communities are still trying to bring civilization back, but the creatures who view humans as prey still walk in the streets. To keep themselves safe, some of the luckiest Cits have built enclosed communities for themselves. Behind these walls, they are better able to hide from the hideous creatures trying to eliminate the human race. They also use magic to prevent them from breaking down the walls.

Joy has been hunting ever since she was a child. Because her parents are already dead, her uncle, an important man living in the city, requests her to accompany him. Joy has little if any choice since she no longer has a family in her mountain home. Life in the city start a low note, and the young girl spends her days homesick and wishing she could go back. It is while in the city that Joy realizes the dangers the city dwellers are exposed to. Attacks from the monsters continue to rise by the day. While the leaders give the residents a false sense of security, it is clear that things are getting out of hand.
When Joy is called to Apex City, she meets other hunters trusted to protect society’s important people. Here, she makes both enemies and friends, but the good thing is that she is now surrounded by people who are a lot like her. When someone sabotages her life, Joy is forced out of her comfort zone, and she soon uncovers the conspiracy about something strange infiltrating Apex. Now Joy has to look behind her shoulders as she works to protect those Cits without magic. Fortunately, she is among the few people whose magic is able to bond with the Hounds. Join Joy on this adventure-packed journey through a world filled with magical creatures.

Hunter is an intriguing tale characterized by magical creatures, spells, and colourful hunters. The author incorporates a mix of cultures in the story which gives it quite an edge. Joy is super cool, and she will keep you engaged throughout her adventures. While this is a fantasy story, the magic, spells, and creatures, are well imagined to an extent this sounds like it can happen. The author has also done an excellent job with the world-building. If you are looking for a good young-adult fantasy story with a lovable heroine, loads of magic, and action on every page, this book is a perfect choice.


Elite is the second book in the Hunter series. Joy is now an Elite hunter with eleven magical hounds to help her carry out her growing responsibilities. This is the largest number of hounds anyone has ever controlled, but Joy has proven that she is more than capable. With her hounds, Joy is able to accomplish tasks that could previously be entrusted to three hunters. All this talented hunter wants is to continue doing her job in Apex city without someone trying to jeopardize her efforts. However, when she gets roped in on a dangerous mission, her perfect life is disrupted.

Joy’s current job involves running covert patrols under the storm sewers and abandoned tunnels in Apex Central. Thanks to her hounds, she is able to fight the monsters that manage to get past the barrier. However, this mission turns tragic when she happens upon a body. The Psimon shows no injury, so it is hard to figure out the cause of death. When Joy reports the death, PsiCorp’s start scrutinizing her activities. She is surprised when the leaders start acting like they want to keep this attack hidden.

As the body count starts to rise, Joy takes it upon herself to investigate the cause of these deaths. This is no simple task since her enemy Ace is still hunting her down. To make things worse, the Apex conspiracy that put her life in danger in the previous book remains uncovered. How can one girl fight all the forces working against her? Is this a mission that Joy can escape unhurt?

This story comes with a lot of action, and it is fun seeing how Joy and her team turn monsters into dust and giant goop mounds. The young woman is great at coordinating her team, and she cleverly figures out how to use her magic and hounds to fight her enemies. This book also comes with an element of mystery since the reason behind the bodies found in the sewers remains unknown. The author continues to take the reader deeper into this fantasy world with all its bizarre creatures.

Elite is another great book in this intriguing series. The author blends science fiction and fantasy to create a unique yet believable world. Joy comes off as responsible, self-reliant, and fast-acting. Unlike most young heroines, she works with a team, so she is able to achieve a lot. She also doesn’t let thoughts about boys distract her, and the romance in this story is well-handled. The pacing is just right, and the plot unfolds effortlessly as the conflict between the humans and othersiders continue to escalate. Since the story takes you to different parts of the city, it is easy to see the world and its different aspects.

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