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Hush is a series of paranormal romance novels written by Becca Fitzpatrick. The books follow the exploits of a young girl who falls for an angel.

+The Story

The Hush series began publication in 2009. This was at the height of the Young Adult genre. As such, it comes as no surprise that these books have been repeatedly compared to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.

Becca Fitzpatrick will argue that she started writing the Hush series as far back as 2002. However, she also admits that the book went through numerous revisions over the years before the author found a publisher willing to give her story a chance.

So professionals in the publishing industry presume that her imagination might have been unknowingly molded by the Twilight craze.

‘Hush, Hush’, the first novel in the series, introduces readers to Nora Grey. Nora would like to think that she’s an ordinary teenager. However, she finds that she has never been as crazy about the boys in her school as her friends.

This is despite the effort her best friend Vee injects into setting her up with some of their male friends. Nora’s attitude changes when she meets Patch, the new boy in her Biology class.

For the first time in her life, Nora finds that she is drawn to a boy. It isn’t just Patch’s eyes and easy smile that throw Nora off-guard. The boy is strangely mysterious. And he seems to have the power to see into her.

Nora initially foresees a great romance developing between them, especially if she succeeds in getting his attention. But then she notices that she doesn’t have to work that hard to catch Patch’s eye.

The mysterious boy doesn’t just know everything about her, he’s also stalking her. Nora’s life spirals. She struggles to make sense of the dark turn her first romance has begun to take.

The more she digs, the stranger her life becomes. It turns out that Patch is a supernatural being, a fallen angel with an agenda that Nora cannot quite fathom. And he isn’t the only one.

There are fallen angels and Nephilim living all around Nora. Tension is brewing between their two forces and Nora is being drawn into their war.

The Hush series tends to attract the same criticisms and complaints as the Twilight Saga. Like Edward Cullen, Patch is written to be a strong and mysterious hero whose dark personality makes him all the more alluring to the heroine.

However, the steps he takes to infiltrate Nora’s life and protect her border on abuse. Patch stalks Nora and repeatedly intrudes upon her privacy. And this isn’t even taking into account all the liberties he takes with her mind, spirit, and body.

Patch repeatedly claims that his actions are designed to keep Nora safe.

Nora, like her counterpart in the Twilight Saga, is a seemingly ordinary girl. However, all the supernatural beings she encounters find her irresistibly alluring. It doesn’t take Nora long to elicit the infatuation of fallen angels and Nephilim alike, some of which she initially engages for the sake of making Patch jealous only to realize later on that she has begun to develop feelings for them.

The heroine has been repeatedly criticized for her personality. Many a reader believes that Nora spends too much time whining about her life, her family, her friends and her problems.

They also believe that she always seems to make the worst possible decisions. She isn’t merely thrust into danger. She walks right into the thick of obviously dangerous situations with little to no thought about her personal safety.

The conflict between the fallen angels and the Nephilim drives the majority of the Hush series. From the very beginning, it is hinted upon that Nora has a strong connection to the supernatural and that the people around her are not quite what they seem.

She works with Patch to peel back all the layers of her life, revealing all the heroes and villains in hiding.


The Hush series was optioned for a potential movie adaptation by LD Entertainment in 2012. The movie option elapsed in 2014 and Becca Fitzpatrick decided to not renew it because she no longer thought that it was the right time for a film adaptation of her novels to see the light of day.

+The Author

Becca Fitzpatrick grew up on Nancy Drew. The heroine sparked her interest in writing and storytelling. Though, she gave up on the idea of a future in publishing when she got to college, choosing to focus on her degree in Health.

Becca finally went back to her first love in the early 2000s. Patch, the hero of the Hush series, was the first character she created. She based him on a mysterious boy she knew in high school. The two of them never interacted because none of their classes intersected. However, Becca remembers being drawn to him because of the alluring aura of mystery that surrounded him.

With Patch in tow, Becca wrote the first Hush novel and began her journey to becoming a bestselling author.

+Hush, Hush

Nora Grey has never given romance much thought. Her best friend Vee keeps trying to stir her interest in boys but Nora has never felt any attraction to the boys in her school. All that changes when Nora meets Patch.

She encounters him in her biology class and immediately feels drawn to him. Something about his easy smile, piercing eyes, and mysterious aura makes Nora squirm inside.

Nora thought she had fallen for Patch. But then a series of mysterious encounters planted doubt in her mind. She began to see Patch everywhere and realized that he was stalking her.

Now Nora doesn’t know what to do. It looks like someone is out to kill her and Patch claims that he only wants to protect her. She doesn’t know what to believe.


Nora Grey learned that fallen angels exist and that her first true crush Patch was one. She also learned that there was a war between Fallen Angels and Nephilim. But despite the many attempts on her life, Nora believes that things are pretty good, especially now that she has her own Guardian Angel called Patch.

Nora’s outlook changes when Patch starts to pull away from her and begins to shower Marcie Millar, her archenemy, with attention.

Nora tries to use an old family friend called Scott Parnell to make Patch jealous.

But things do not work out quite as she expected. To make things worse, new information about Nora’s murdered father has come to light.

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