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I.A. Dice is a romantic suspense and general suspense author from the United Kingdom who is best known for the “Hayes Brothers” series of novels.
The author graduated with a Marketing and International Business degree from the Machester Metropolitan University.

She would then graduate but found no job and had to resort to working all manner of jobs from production planner, waitress, junior admin, gardener, and teacher.
After floundering for many years, she decided to become an author which had always been her dream.

Dice published “Broken Rules” her debut novel in 2019 and now has at least 10 works of fiction to her name across several series and single-standing novels.
Outside of her writing, she is mildly claustrophobic, has an obsession with house plants, and changes her hair style and color at least nine times every year.

“Too Much” by I.A. Dice is an interesting contemporary romance that tells the story of Thalia and Theo. The only things Thalia regrets are what Theo Hayes has not done.
Days after meeting the man and spending a few days with him, she knows she should run when he makes a marriage proposal.

But she cannot run as she had once run from a dark past and started over with nothing but her clothes, and is now guided by survival instinct rather than pride.
Theo has a magnetic pull that she cannot resist, even though she believes she needs to keep her distance and her secrets, as she builds her new life as she does not want any regrets.

On his part, Theor is an equipped, entitled, loaded, and arrogant player who has worn all manner of labels in his life. He thinks life is too short and has no regrets until he meets Thalia.
She is a Greek goddess with a unique charm, wit, and confidence that instantly draws him in. Despite his best attempts at fighting the sizzling desire, the attraction consumes them until they end up in the bedroom.
However, her past holds dark secrets which if exposed, may expose and change all they have built over the years.

I.A. Dice’s novel “Too Wrong” is a riveting romance fiction novel that tells the story of Cassidy and Logan. Cassidy acknowledges that everyone is liable to make mistakes some of which we forget in time while others we simply cannot.
But the mistake she made destroyed her chance at a meaningful and real relationship. As a charity volunteer, scholar student, obedient and well-behaved foster daughter this was not a mistake she should have made.

Theo Hayes was a mistake since a few days after she began a relationship with him she met and fell in love with Logan his elder brother. With a policy of bros before Ho’s, he cut her loose immediately after he learned she had been with Theo.
Still, Logan cannot forget her and wants her badly. He had been falling for The beautiful blonde that is Cassidy Annabelle Roberts only to get some bad news.

It had been three years since and they had since met a few times, even though they had never talked much. But then she almost died in his arms while attending his sister-in-law’s Birthday party.
The emotions came back very strong but he knows they cannot be together. She looks like she would keep her mouth shut but it is too dangerous.

“Too Sweet” by I.A. Dice is another fascinating romance work that tells the story of Nico Hayes and Mia Harlow.

She had met the tattooed, broad, and tall man when he heard her puke. He happens to be the most intimidating and crudest of the Hayes brothers who had invited a few people to a party at his house.
From that evening, he had never left her mind and had awakened desires and needs she never knew existed. However, even though they have some intense chemistry Nico does not seem to want her and always keeps her at arm’s length.
Defying all her instincts she goes ahead to steal the first kiss.

Nico Hayes is an old-fashioned guy who strongly believes one brother should not touch another’s gitl. All his life he has always gone for women that made him feel like he was running his tongue on the edge of a sharp knife.
They were beautiful addictive women who could seduce with just a look but Mia seemed different. She is a fragile, shy, delicate, and unapologetically feminine college girl who is the farthest thing from his type.
Nonetheless, he always feels the electric jolt whenever he sees her and is completely fascinated and obsessed with her. The problem is she belongs to Cody his brother.

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