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Publication Order of I-Team Books

I-Team Series

American romance novelist Pamela Clare is a gifted writer when it comes to portraying relationships in a fun and engaging manner. Keeping her readers around the world hooked, she really knows how to provide a compelling sense of escapism, whilst simultaneously ensuring her stories are down-to-earth. Creating long-lasting characters alongside a number of compelling series, she really understands what she’s doing with her writing. Not only that, but the series themselves always ensure here audience continually comes back for more time and time again.

One series that’s a perfect example of this is her ‘I-Team’ series of novels, which has been running for quite some time now. First starting out back in 2005, it’s continued for over nine books and counting, as it’s got the room to carry on indefinitely. There are also several novellas fitting in chronologically too, further developing the world with shorter stories for readers to enjoy.

The series itself focuses upon an investigative team of mainly women, as they report from deep within the shadows. This often takes them into the path of strong handsome men, as they embark on relationships and romances, all while solving mysteries. Combining intrigue with romance, it’s a fun mix of the two, as the series moves along at an ever engaging pace, providing readers with exactly what they’re looking for.

Extreme Exposure

First brought out through the Berkley publishing label back in 2005, this would be the first book in the ‘I-Team’ series of novels as well. Originally published on the 2nd of August, it would set the franchise up, introducing the world and the premise, foreshadowing what was to come. The story itself is self-contained, making for an engaging novel that really captures the attention of the reader from the very beginning.

Following being dumped by her ex-husband, Kara McMillan is finding it difficult to trust once again after the father of her child left them both. Now, as a hard-boiled journalist, she must learn to vulnerable once more, which is when the senator Reece Sheridan turns up in the picture. Handsome and successful he has eyes for the reporter Kara, but a political scandal threatens to turn everything on its head. What is the scandal exactly, can the Kara find another partner and learn to love once more, and what will become of them all as they each face their own forms of extreme exposure?

Starting the series off, this really delivers, making not just for a steamy and passionate romance novel, but an exciting thriller as well. Working on several different levels, it’s definitely worthwhile not just for fans of the author, but fans of the genres overall too. There’s a lot to invest in here, making for a great first entry, and an exciting sign of what’s to come in the series ahead.

Hard Evidence

Following on from the previous title, this would come out through the ‘Berkley Sensation’ publishing imprint. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it’s another self-contained romance thriller that’s fun and engaging from start to finish. With new characters, it’s set in the same world as before, whilst paving the way for the following titles in the series to come.

A teenage girl was murdered, and not long after a man in a black leather jacket was seen mysteriously lurking nearby the scene of the crime. Now Tessa Novak has set her sights on the culprit and, working as an investigative reporter aims to track down the undercover FBI agent Julian Darcangelo. Working with the Denver police, Julian is on the trail of a killer and human trafficker, and now he’s closing in, but Tessa could blow his cover. Wanting her off the case, she soon finds herself in the sights of the killer as well, and they must now work together as their physical attraction grows.

The characters are once more compelling here, as they speak directly to the reader in a sense, really pushing the concept forwards. Everything is extremely well paced, making for another perfect title in a series of novels that really holds up over time. Opening the way for more titles to come too, it also provides a feeling of closure, allowing it to be read casually too.

Unlawful Contact

Once again released through the ‘Berkley Sensation’ publishing outlet, this would be the third book in the ‘I-Team’ series of novels. Providing another thriller romance mystery, it’s got all the ingredients for another suspense fuelled storyline set in the same world. Featuring many similar characters from before. It delivers on its compelling premise, really making the most of it on every level. Another book titled ‘Naked Edge’ would follow on in 2010, along with the fifth book, ‘Breaking Point,’ in 2011, ‘Striking Distance’ in 2013, and ‘Seduction Game’ in 2015.

Investigating the disappearance of a young mother called Megan, Sophie Alton is a young journalist on the case of the recently paroled individual now on the run. This leads Sophie to the brother of Megan, the convicted killer Marc who she had a passionate night with once over twelve years ago. Now set to live his life out behind bars, he uses Sophie to make his escape, then they both go on the run to find the killer that”s on Megan’s tail, as the truth catches up with them all. What really happened those twelve years ago, can they catch the killer on Megan’s tail, and what will become of Sophie as she makes unlawful contact?

The I-Team Series

As a romance series, this really knows and understands what it’s doing with the genre, as Pamela Clare is a gifted and confident writer. This sense of confidence is clearly evident throughout, as it combines engaging premises with some fun romances that really draw the reader in. Entertaining and compelling, there’s a lot here to enjoy, as it’s definitely a series that has a lot of mileage left in it. With a whole world surrounding the series, the stories can be read in any order, although there’s a lot here for fans to enjoy time and time again.

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