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About Iain Ryan

Hailing from Brisbane in Australia, the author Iain Ryan is known as a master of mysteries throughout the industry, all thanks to his gripping style of prose. Keeping the momentum going for the duration of his novels, he really manages to draw the reader in, keeping them asking questions, constantly wondering what will come next. This helps to explain in part how he has come to be so successful as an author and novelist of modern contemporary crime novels. Gifted at writing thrillers, he really does know what it is that his many readers are looking for when it comes to his particular genre. Not afraid to take a journey into the darker side of human nature either, he really manages to capture the essence of the hard-boiled noir novel.

Using the more traditional elements of noir and how it has worked in the past, he has managed to update this for a modern and contemporary audience. This has allowed his readers to relate to this in a more relatable setting, something which has proven to be successful over the years. With scores of readers worldwide, he has built a strong and recognizable brand for himself, thus letting his readers gain a clear idea of what to expect. Taking the template of the noir, he has turned it into something entirely of his own, allowing it become something altogether a lot more different. With a lot more titles set to come on the horizon, it appears that he isn’t stopping any time soon either for quite some time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in the outer suburbs of Brisbane in Australia, Iain Ryan would always show a strong passion for both reading and writing. This is something that would develop throughout the years, as he would grow as a strong and reputable voice within the industry. Honing and refining his style, he would deeply immerse himself in all fiction, particularly thriller novels, creating a voice all of his very own. Attending University, he would move to Gatton, Queensland, at the young age of seventeen, during which time he would continue to show an interest in writing. Formally building himself up as a writer, he would extend himself in other areas as well, building up his experiences and knowledge base.

Working for a short period of time in property economics, he would further his skill-set as an author as well. This was only for a short period of time, as he would later go on to pursue a career in music, during which time he performed as a touring musician for a number of years. Allowing him to express himself creatively, this would also allow him to find his voice as an artist speaking through his craft. It was a therapist who would eventually turn him towards fiction though, as he would soon find his true calling in life. Continuing to write full-time to this very day, he manages to put out work at a regular and ever consistent pace, something which will carry on for years to come.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first novel in 2015, Iain Ryan would quickly establish his name as a writer with the title 2015. This would be a stand-alone title which would provide readers with a clear idea of what to expect within his work as an author. Over the years this would progress, with more titles released subsequently, allowing him to build his audience all across the world. Publishing the ‘Drainland’ he would also go on to set-up a running series titled the ‘Tunnel Island Book’ series of novels. This would provide action and tension for his readers, clearly showing his skills as a writer who is able to keep them engaged constantly throughout.

Writing in a hard-boiled style, Ryan really has an effective gift for creating a simultaneously uneasy tension that is at once gripping and enthralling in equal measure. Winning various awards and receiving acclaim too, he has been shortlisted for winning the ‘Australian Crime Writing Association’s’ much coveted ‘Ned Kelly Award’. This he gained for best debut in fiction following the release of his first novel in 2015, thus setting him firmly on his path to becoming a writer of high regard. Not only that, but he has also achieved success with the general public too, as he manages to write in both a clear and accessible style. With a lot more to follow, he is clearly a writer who is currently within his element, as he progresses from strength-to-strength.

The Student

Originally published through ‘Bonnier Publishing Australia’, this would first come out in 2017. Released on the 16th of June it would be a stand-alone title for Iain Ryan. Working as a noir novel, it would maintain a sense of both mystery and tension throughout.

Taking place in 1994, this takes place in Gatton, Queensland, as it sees Nate as a student there who is also dealing weed. Then a girl called Maya Kibby is discovered dead, as Nate needs to refresh his supply, but his dealer Jesse is missing. Discovering a suitcase, Nate is now haunted by what it has in its contents, as he finds himself discovering a lot more than he hoped for. What is in the suitcase? Who will go after him? How will all this fare for the student?

Civil Twilight

First brought out in 2017 on the 19th of March, this would initially come out through the ‘Lamb House Books’ publishing label. Continuing on from the previous two books, this would provide the third title in the ‘Tunnel Island Book’ series of novels. Taking the franchise in new and interesting directions, it manages to develop what came before, whilst remaining true to the original concept of the novels.

With a serial-killer on the loose, it appears that their rampage is continuing unabated, as two cops find themselves on the edge amid a dark history coming to the surface. That’s when Constable Laura Romano notices a pattern occurring within the killings, all after a rich businessman is discovered dead on Tunnel Island. It appears that it’s tourists that are being killed, as Romano sets off with Jim Harris, one of the local heavies, to try and put a stop in the killer’s tracks. This may be harder than they initially expected though, especially after the bodies start to pile up on Tunnel Island at an exponential rate. Will everything descend into chaos or will they both manage to save the day? Can they find the killer and stop them before it’s too late? What will become of them all during the non too civil twilight?

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