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The Black Room Manuscripts: Volume One(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Known for his historical fiction as well as his thrillers and mystery suspense novels, the author Ian Caldwell is a highly successful American writer who has written and co-written a number of popular books over the years, with his talents for both accuracy and engaging characters in edge-of-your-seat narratives held in equal measure, with his world-wide audience growing steadily day-by-day. With an in-depth knowledge of his subject matter he is able to not only entertain the reader, but also inform them throughout as well. Reaching the top of a number of bestseller lists on numerous occasions, he’s reached a level of commercial success, along with being respected by both his peers and contemporaries as well.

Early and Personal Life

Born on the 18th of March, 1976, in the area of Fairfax County, Virginia, in the United States, Ian Caldwell was brought up the area that was to provide the basis for his upbringing, and where he was to also meet and befriend his future collaborator, the writer and producer Dustin Thomason, with whom he’d share a working relationship in the following years to come. Growing up in the area he’d go on to formulate many of the ideas that he’d be using in his future career as a writer, taking in inspiration from his surrounding environment. From here he’d also go on to gain an education, building a knowledge of his subjects and getting the tools required for a successful career.

Attending and graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the year of 1994, he went on with his friend and long-time collaborator to be Dustin Thomason, as he attended Princeton University becoming a Phi Beta Kappa, which he then graduated from in 1998, gaining a degree in the subject of history. It was after university that Caldwell and Thomason would work on their first novel together, creating what was to be his first foray into the world of literature. Doing whatever it took to get it finished, after working by phone after a summer focusing on it, they managed to finally get it completed after a total of five years, finally bringing out ‘The Rule of Four’ in 2004.

Not only is he proficient in literature and history though, but also technology as well, having worked in Tyson Corner at the MicroStrategy, along with Kaplan situated in Blacksburg where he managed the teaching of test preparation material, all of which allowed him to gain a greater insight into the process of writing and his subject matter. Using his passion for history he would use it alongside theological elements to provide a taut and in-depth first novel, setting up much of his writing career to follow. This, along with his experience, helped him to hone and refine his voice, as he articulated both his style and his tone, creating the novels that were to reach the top of bestseller lists on numerous occasions.

Living with his wife Meredith who he met whilst working in Virginia, as she was gaining her DVM, he continues to writing to this present day. Previously living in Newport News, they both then moved to Vienna in Fairfax County, where they reside with their three children, Luke, Jude and Ethan. With more books set to be released on the horizon it appears that he’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first novel ‘The Rule of Four’ in 2004, working alongside Dustin Thomason in the process, he made an impact on the literary scene. Reaching the top of many of the bestseller lists, something he would go on to repeat on numerous occasions throughout his career, he was a hit not only with the critics, but the general public as well. Gaining both critical and commercial success, he was to become a firm fixture as an author respected by his many peers and contemporaries.

Whilst he may have been compared to Dan Brown on many occasions, largely due to his subject matter and use of history, his background in the subject would give him a level of accuracy unlike any other. Going on to produce his second solo effort he would work to produce ‘The Fifth Gospel’, thus cementing his legacy as an author of prominence. Looking to release more books soon, he appears set to continue on into the foreseeable future, as his audience builds continues developing on a world-wide scale.

The Rule of Four

Originally published on the 28th of June, 2004, through the Dell Publishing label, this was the first book from Ian Caldwell as an author. Working with long-time collaborator Dustin Thomason for the first time, it works in establishing the careers of both authors, as they make their initial impact. Creating the style and tone of what was to become his voice for many years to follow, Caldwell works well in establishing himself here.

Two students, Paul Harris and Tom Sullivan, are spending the Easter at Princeton attempting to decipher the secrets held in the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. A legendary and arcane text, this particular work dates back to 1499 and an Italian nobleman of the time, and it has baffled many a scholar ever since. With reasons and obsessions in their own lives, they soon learn that the ancient manuscript is inextricably linked to both their past and future, and they need to decipher it soon if they are to save themselves from certain doom. Do they know too much already? What exactly is in the text? How does it relate to them and what is the rule of four?

The Fifth Gospel

First published on the 13th of March, 2014, this was initially brought out through the Simon and Schuster publishing label, marking the second book, but first solo effort from Ian Caldwell. Working as a stand-alone novel, it does bear some similarities to its predecessor, whilst simultaneously branching out on its own as well. A writer with confidence now, it’s clear to see that Caldwell is fully in his element as a writer here, knowing and providing much of what the audience wants.

Following the murder of a priest within the Vatican City, there is then a mystery concerning two brothers, both of whom are priests. Having worked on an exhibition that was set to hold the Turin Shroud, the now deceased priest has left behind a set of questions that remain unanswered. Taking place towards the end of Pope John Paul’s reign in the city, it retains the onset of his death from Parkinsons for much of the backdrop. Why was the priest murdered? Can they find out before it’s too late? What is the relevance of the Fifth Gospel?

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