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The pseudonym of the renowned American author William H. Keith Jr., Ian Douglas has become a highly regarded brand within the literary industry, as he brings out a number of science-fiction titles, many of which have become celebrated for their breadth and imaginative scope. Well known for his fantastical voyages and imagination, he’s also drawn readers in through his ability to finely craft in-depth characters as well. All of this leads to a more measured form of storytelling, something which the name of Ian Douglas has been continuing for some time now, with scores of new readers worldwide discovering his work everyday.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1950 on the 8th of August, the author that was to be Ian Douglas, William H. Keith Jr. was born. Raised in the United States of America he would harbor a love and passion for the written word from an early age. Taking in inspiration from the world around him, he would harness this passion, as he honed and refined his voice throughout his formative years.

Spending much of Vietnam era serving as a hospital corpsman within the Navy, he soon went on to work in the civilian medical field. It was around then he began to express himself creatively, beginning with illustration and design, after which he started to venture into writing. All of this allowed him to eventually find his voice as an author and become the writer that he currently is to this day.

After leaving Vietnam and returning home to America, both he and his brother, J. Andrew Keith, went to work writing for the Games Designers Workshops’. It was here that they both learned many tools of the trade, as they constructed highly immersive fantasy and science-fiction worlds. During this time they were both able to take up freelance writing full-time, as they fully got involved with their craft.

Currently writing to this very day, William H. Keith Jr. continues his output at a steady pace, with plenty of books set to be released. With a lot more on the horizon it appears that he’s not stopping any time soon either, as he has a number of franchises to continue. An active member of Mensa, he also practices Wicca and Reiki, whilst writing under a variety of different pseudonyms, along with his own.

Writing Career

Starting out in 1998, he William H. Keith Jr. begun using his Ian Douglas moniker, along with beginning the ‘Heritage Trilogy’. Releasing the book ‘Semper Mars’ he took his steps into the world of science-fiction, creating a name and many franchises to follow on from it. Setting up an ongoing series, as well as developing his voice, it’s ideal for anybody looking to get an insight into his earlier stages as a writer.

Under the name of Ian Douglas he’s put out a vast number of franchises over the years, many of them building up over time as well. With his ‘Marines in Space’ running for over nine books so far, along with his ‘Star Carrier’ series running for six, these have become two of his most popular franchises to date. There are five other series included under this pseudonym as well, including such titles as ‘The Legacy Trilogy’, ‘The Heritage Trilogy’, the ‘Inheritance Trilogy’, ‘Star Corpsman’ and ‘Andromedan Dark’.

As an award winning author, William H. Keith Jr. is no stranger to critical acclaim either, with his large quantity of books. Gaining both commercial and critical success, he’s an extremely consistent writer, putting out novels on a regular basis. Setting up entirely new world for each new franchise as well, he’s also got one of the widest imaginations in the business too.

With a worldwide audience, he’s not just limited himself to the science-fiction genre, with a whole host of different style. Largely, though, his Ian Douglas pen-name revolves around this particular genre, which makes it a more focused output. This has enabled his readers to follow his work more avidly, keeping up-to-date whenever he happens to release a new installment in any of his franchises.

As his series continue, so to does his output which is consistent in both quantity as well as his quality. One of the most hard-working authors to date, he’s continually manages to publish a whole range of different titles and franchises. Working under the name Ian Douglas, though, he’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.


Brought out in 2012 on the 28th February through the Harper Voyager publishing label, this was to be the third in the ongoing Star Carrier series. Continuing the story, it picks up directly from where the last left off, bringing the series and the world within forwards. With the world itself already well established, it’s able to dive straight into the narrative, further developing for all its now loyal fans.

Facing an unseen power that dominates a large portion of the universe, this presence has remained hidden to Sh’daar. With the Sh’daar being an extremely warlike race, they have not seen anything of this power, a power which lasted for tens of thousands of years prior to them even knowing about the planets of Sol. The humans themselves, following the near destruction of the solar system, are attempting to broker a peace deal, all whilst rapidly approaching the technological singularity. Will they be able to ever make peace? Can the solar system fend off the new unseen forces? What will occur with the oncoming singularity?

Europa Strike

The third in the ongoing ‘Heritage Trilogy’, this was originally brought out in 2000 on the 1st of April. Published through the Harper Voyager publishing label, this was to be the final in the series, tying up any loose ends in the process. Not letting its now loyal devotees to the franchises, it manages to provide a conclusion that is at once satisfactory, but also surprising as well.

Taking place twenty-five years after the events of the previous novel, this book uses many of the same characters as before. With the UN having disappeared as a major world power following their war with America and their allies, it now appears that China has become the new threat. Not only that, but there’s an alien intelligence lurking deep beneath the icy oceans of Europa, and it is up to America to secure it before China does. Will they be able to gain the alien intelligence? Can they prevent the Chinese from taking it? What will take place during the Europa strike?

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