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Publication Order of Twilight of Empire Books

War at the Edge of the World (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swords Around the Throne (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battle for Rome (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mask of Command (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imperial Vengeance (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triumph in Dust (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ian Ross is a famous author of historical fiction stories hailing from The United Kingdom. He is well known for writing the Twilight of Empire series. Author Ross is from England. He studied painting before moving on to write fiction. Throughout his career, Ross has traveled a lot and took various professions such as working as a tutor, university lecturer, and bookseller. All the time he spent in these professions was mostly utilized for honing his writing abilities. He has lived in Italy for a year, where he taught English. Ross used the opportunity to explore the ruins of ancient castles. This re-awakened his interest in ancient history.

After returning to the UK, Ross began studying ancient empires in order to create historical fiction novels. For more than ten years, he has been involved in researching about the later period of the Roman Empire and writing about its army. Author Ross’ interests consist of high regard for detail and accuracy. He is also highly devoted to the storytelling craft. Ross is represented by a literary agent named Will Francis at the Janklow & Nesbit Agency. He is in a contract with the Head of Zeus Publishing for the release of his books in the UK. Ross claims that he has been fascinated by the historical background.

The idea of a vast empire that ruled for centuries and proved its dominance over the entire world excites him even today. He has written several novels in other genres before, but with historical fiction, he seems to have found his real combination of interests. Out of all the characters that Ross has created in his historical novels, the one that remains his favorite is Castus. However, it was the sinister imperial agent named Nigrinus that he found quite entertaining to write. The other essential characters from his books that are his favorites include Maxentius and Constantine’s wife, Fausta. Whenever Ross begins the writing part of a new book, he usually spends around 2 months actively researching and planning about the topic he wants to write.

To write the third book of the Twilight of Empire series, Battle of Rome, Ross undertook a journey to Italy. As he had decided to set the novel on the Battle of Milvian Bridge, a real historical event, he wanted to visit the place of battle and follow the military campaign’s course in the country. On many occasions, the two months of preparations do not seem enough. So, Ross is required to draw from the numerous years of previous research and reading. He believes that Roman history is so complex and rich that there is a chance of a new discovery every time.

Ross had to spend 4 months in writing Battle for Rome. His plans and schedule before the start of a new novel seem to be so meticulous that he is saved from facing the difficulties midway through the writing part. However, some or the other difficulties do arise at times and Ross is forced to scratch his head over them. Author Ross wished to have lived in Rome during the ancient times because of his love for the city. He thinks that traveling serves as the best fuel for the imagination. Therefore, he intends to keep traveling to foreign places even when he is not working on any project. Ross loves to immerse himself in different cultures and take long walks into the woods.

The Twilight of Empire series written by author Ian Ross is a sequence of stories that take place in the early fourth century. It showcases a violent and dramatic era and depicts the rise of the power of Emperor Constantine. The books of this series also show how the Emperor Constantine’s rise brings about a transformation in the Roman Empire. Some of the important characters created by Ross for this series include Aurelius Castus, Emperor Constantine, Maxentius, Crispus, Sabinus, Marcellina, and several others. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘War at the Edge of the World’. It was released by the Harry N. Abrams publication in 2015. This book opens by introducing Aurelius Castus as the newly promoted centurion. He goes on to take part in a tumultuous battle for securing the Rome’s future.

Aurelius has risen from being an ordinary soldier and a member of an elite legion hailing from the Danube. Now, he finds himself stuck in the provincial backwater of Britain. Seeing his condition, Castus begins to think that he is not going to get back his glory days. However, fate had planned something else for him. While being engaged in a fight with the savage people residing beyond the Wall of Hadrian called Picts, Castus learns that their king has died in mysterious circumstances. Later, he is asked to become the commander of the bodyguard of an envoy from Rome who is sent to enter into a negotiation with the barbaric Picts. But, in a shocking turn of events, the diplomatic meeting ends in a bloodbath. Aurelius is left with no other choice, but to indulge in a fight to save his life and that of his men. The events that follow next make it clear to Castus that nothing about the doomed mission was what it appeared to be.

The next installment of the series is known as ‘Swords Around the Throne’. It was also published in 2015 by the Head of Zeus publication. This novel depicts a treasonous conspiracy that threatens to bring about the downfall of Emperor Constantine’s rule. But, the courage of Aurelius Castus stands between the emperor and the rebels. After showing valiant efforts and saving the life of the emperor in the previous battle, Castus is rewarded with promotion. He is asked to join the Protectores Corps, which is the elite imperial bodyguard tasked with keeping the throne protected. Shortly after his promotion, Aurelius Castus comes to know that the court is not less than the battlefield and poses a constant threat to the emperor’s life. He discovers spiraling plots, dangerous seductions, and murderous betrayals hidden behind the empire’s gilded facade. Once again, Castus is forced to walk the dangerous path to find the relentless enemy, who wants to end the life of the emperor to fulfill his evil intentions.

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