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The Ice series is one of the popular novel series written by an award winning American author named Anne Stuart. It is based on the romance, thriller, and suspense genres, which the author is particularly well known for. With this series, she tried to add elements of suspense and thrill to her typical style of developing romantic plots. The series is comprised of 7 books in total, which were released between the years 2005 and 2011. Each book revolves around the life of a different central character. Author Stuart has mentioned female leads in all the books of the series as she is fond of depicting powerful and strong women, capable of taking up any challenge, in her books. The first book of this romance and thriller series is entitled ‘Black Ice’. It was released by the Mira Books publication in the year 2005. The main protagonist of this book’s story is named Chloe Underwood. She is introduced as a book translator hailing from America. Author Stuart has set the main plot of the book in Paris, France. At the start of the story, it is shown that Chloe Underwood lives her life as a typical working woman. She works with all her dedication to her job of translation in Paris and collects her paychecks from time to time. Over a period of time, the same routine and job schedule makes her life typically boring and dull. Chloe begins to think that there is not much excitement left in her life. So, she makes up her mind to give anything to bring back some passion and excitement in her dull and boring life. She does not even care to experience a little bit danger while doing so.

Chloe Underwood gets one opportunity to shake up things when she receives a lucrative offer at a high profile business conference for translating a weekend gig. Chloe becomes so excited with the idea of an interesting weekend that she quickly jumps for the offer without even bothering that it is located in a distant chateau. Initially, things appear to be going smoothly, but then Chloe discovers that something is not good about the place and the job. By chance, she comes to know that the employers for whom she has agreed to work are not the kind of entrepreneurs that they seem to be. And after some time, Chloe Underwood gains a lot of information, which becomes dangerous for her own life. She becomes successful in establishing the fact that her clients are involved in illegal dealing of arms. Also, she learns that one of the clients has been ordered to murder her during the next dealing. The man is Bastein Toussaint, who later becomes Chloe’s love interest. When Bastein Toussaint is hired to kill Chloe Underwood, he takes up the job, but could not complete it. Instead of killing Chloe, he drags her away. Now, Chloe’s clients send some more men to kill them both. The next thing that Chloe Underwood realizes is that she is on the for her life with the man who she finds more seductive and terrifying as any man could become. During her run for life, she keeps wondering what could be the motive of Bastein Toussaint behind sparing her life. And thinking that her chances of coming out alive from this mess are very less, she doubts that she will ever come to know about it.

Another successful novel written in the series by author Stuart is called as ‘On Thin Ice’. It was published in 2011 as a Kindle edition. The important characters described in this story include Elizabeth Pennington and Finn MacGowan. The sequences of this book take place partly in South America and partly in France. At the beginning of the book, Elizabeth Pennington is introduced visiting the a country in South America, known as Callivera. As she arrives in the war-torn country for carrying out a small mission, she gets abducted by some local rebels. They take Elizabeth Pennington to one of their camps in Andes, where she learns that the rebels are more interested in obtaining a huge ransom for sparing her life than playing politics. While at the camp, Elizabeth meets with Finn MacGowan, who is the member of a covert and infamous organization called Committee. This organization is dedicated to fight against terrorism with the intention of destroying it completely. Elizabeth learns that Finn MacGowan was taken as hostage 3 years ago and has been living in their rebels camp since then. To her surprise, she also learns that Finn has decided to escape from the camp on the night of her arrival. And when Finn MacGowan finally attempts to escape that night, Elizabeth Pennington also follows him. They are joined by another teenage hostage, who is the son of a millionaire from Hollywood. During the escape, Elizabeth, MacGowan, and the teenger head towards the shortest route possible, going through the steep terrains on the mountains.

When the news about their escape spreads all over the camp, they get chased by the rebels. Even the soldiers make things difficult for them. They also experience near-drowning, but still continue to move ahead as the traitors cause many obstacles in their path. The escape takes them from a mountain fortress to a cafe in Spain to a trans-Atlantic freighter, and finally ends in a deadly shootout near a farmhouse located in France. While going through all this, Finn MacGowan develops an attraction towards Elizabeth Pennington and starts loving her reluctantly. Even she realizes that it is worth saving the dangerous and cynical soldier, who has now become her soul mate. The book turns out to be a thrilling description of love and romance. The readers found it to be a great treat to read. They liked the depiction of Finn MacGowan as a soft and gentle Irishman, whose portrayal as a cold and deadly killer, when it comes to saving his love interest, was highly appreciated. On the whole, the story is filled with sequences of betrayal, action, love, murder, and many more. These elements tend to make the book even more enjoyable to read. The story described by Stuart flows very well and consists of witty dialogues, exciting action sequences, etc. Author Stuart’s intriguing style of writing was highly praised by the critics, which motivated her to continue writing exciting novels in her career. After reaching to a wide range of audiences all over the world, the book became immensely successful. This way author Stuart was able to become even more popular as a romance novelist.

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