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The Courage to Be Disliked (With: Fumitake Koga) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Courage to Be Happy (With: Fumitake Koga) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ichiro Kishimi
Ichiro Kishimi is a psychology and philosophy writer known for his thought-provoking self-help books. Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1956, Kishimi enjoyed a normal childhood and graduated from Kyoto University with an M.A. in philosophy. He started his career by teaching philosophy is different institutions, including Nara Women’s University and Kyoto University of Education. Today, Kishimi teaches clinical psychology and educational psychology in Meiji School of Oriental Medicine. He also runs a private counselling office. In his free time, the author enjoys giving lectures on child education and Adlerian Psychology.

The Courage to Be Disliked
The Courage to Be Disliked is a detailed self-help book designed to help the reader free themselves from doubts, other people’s expectations, and past experiences. This book offers lessons on how you can liberate yourself and find lasting happiness. The teachings are not strange or new. They have been tried before by Alfred Adler, a 19th-century psychology giant. Just like Adler, Kishimi believes that we all hold power to change our lives and become the best versions of ourselves. If only we have the courage to ignore the limitations in our heads and society, we would achieve all we set to do and more. The author also points out the significance of community when it is done right.

This book is structured like a dialogue between a youth and a philosopher. The youth has a hard time accepting the philosopher’s concepts and doesn’t shy away from airing his opinion. It is refreshing that the philosopher doesn’t just tell the youth what to do but also shows him how it is done. This structure makes Kishimi’s teachings even more relatable. Most of the youth’s questions are the same ones you as a reader will have at the back of your mind when you pick this book. The dialogue helps simplify the message while keeping the content interesting all the way to the end.

This book raises some very thought-provoking issues. Imagine if you were the only person living in this world? Would money mean anything to you? Well, in most cases, when you eliminate people, there are no problems. This is not to mean that you do not need people as without others; we are nothing. However, to have true happiness, we have to change the relationships we have with others. Focus your efforts on creating horizontal relationships where everyone is equal. This way, you will not feel the urge to compete or despise anyone since no one is above or below you. The author also touches on the importance of affirmation and appreciating those around us.

The Courage to Be Disliked is a great read for anyone looking to improve their life. The author helps you see the different ways you can love and appreciate yourself for who you are. He admits that this is not easy, but it doesn’t hurt to try and keep on doing so every day. There are also tips on how to relate with others if you want to belong. If you think of yourself as an equal amongst your community, then that sense of belonging will come automatically. This message and others are packaged in such a simple way anyone can understand. While the message is simple, reading this book to the end will feel like an awakening.

The Courage to be Happy
The Courage to be Happy is a follow up to The Courage to Be Disliked, a self-help book by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. In this book, the author reiterates on ideas highlighted in the first book such as community and the basic need we all possess for relating with others. However, in this book, the author offers a more practical approach with enough everyday examples that are relatable to his readers. Kishimi argues that our need for relationships and human interactions has nothing to do with loneliness. We are social beings hence the need to relate with others. So, how can you be happy in your relationships and interactions with others?

Well, just like in the first book, the author urges you to focus inwards. Trying to get approval from society and others will only leave you frustrated. However, if you approve yourself in your mind, you will be happier and better positioned to form fulfilling relationships. Waiting for people’s approval is like wanting for others to determine your value. This is dangerous and ends in disaster, as the author explains. Just like in the first book, this story is written in youth-teacher format. The youth often complains and argues, but this only forces the teacher to go deeper with his explanations. This book also has a lot of teachings on how to treat and be kinder to others.

Most of us turn to hate and revenge when we do not get what we want or think that others intentionally wronged us. However, the author encourages the readers to put themselves into other people’s shoes. Instead of focusing on how bad the world is, our lives will be more fulfilling if we concentrate on who we are. The author also touches on the importance of now and setting our minds to enjoy the present. If we stopped thinking about the past and things that cannot be changed, our lives would be much better. While helping you focus on areas you need to improve in your personal life, this book also comes with enough teachings on how you can be nicer to others.

The Courage to be Happy is a great book with many mind-blowing ideas. From the start, the book will make you look at your life and see where you are going wrong as far as happiness is concerned. While acknowledging the effort it takes to truly be happy, Kishimi clarifies that happiness is achievable. It is admirable that the author urges the readers to think of others in their pursuit of happiness. True joy can never be achieved through self-seeking means. It is through those around us that we experience happiness and enjoy our lives on earth.

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