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Publication Order of If I Run Books

If I Run Series

If I Run is a Christian fiction trilogy by New York Times bestseller and award-winning author of suspense, romance, religion, and spirituality books Terri Blackstock. Terri’s talent shows through the series as the story of Casey Cox and Dylan Roberts unfolds. From the first book, it is clear that the trilogy thrilling featuring all the ingredients of a thriller are present, and it is incredible that the author also integrates Christianity and great bible verses into all the action.

The false accusations Casey faces will force her to run away from the cops keen to put her behind bars. While in hiding, she will be busy trying to prove her innocence and also get to all her answers regarding her father’s death. More details emerge, and with these details come other characters who add some interesting twists to this story. Terri Blackstock began her If I Run series in 2016 when If I Run book was published.
If I Run

The first book in If I Run series introduces us to Casey Cox, a woman caught up in a serious crime. Casey shows compassion when she sees her friend Brent seriously injured and left to die. She tries to resuscitate him and in the process, puts her DNA in the crime scene. Unfortunately, Brent does not survive the attack, and the task to find his killers rests on the police. From the start, it is clear that the odds are not in Casey’s favor. Her DNA is everywhere in the crime scene, and while she knows the truth, she is sure talking to the police will be of no help. They have already let her down. Casey has to flee before something terrible happens to her.

The death of Brent is not the first devastating event that Casey has dealt with. At the age of 12, she lost her father, who was alleged to have committed suicide. Casey does not buy the suicide story, and as she grows, she works hard to find the details of her father’s death. However, some people do not want her to uncover the truth. Could these be the same people who killed Brent? Is there a deeper connection between Brent’s death and that of Casey’s father?
Dylan Roberts is determined to find the truth and find his friends killerst. The war veteran recovering from PTSD is hired by Brent’s family to find Casey. Dylan finds that while it is indeed true that Casey’s DNA is in the crime scene, the details do not add up. Casey’s profile does not fit that of the killer. That said, Dylan wonders why Casey would run if she is not guilty. It is hard to believe that Casey had nothing to do with Brent’s murder.

Dylan’s search for the truth sees him digging up Casey’s past. In a funny twist of fate, his damaged soul connects with hers, and Dylan finds himself obsessing over Casey. Is Casey the psychopathic killer everybody thinks she is, or is she a selfless hero who has been denied the chance to speak her truth? Dylan puts a lot of effort into uncovering the truth and finding out why some people want to frame Casey for the murder.

This is an engaging book with several twists and turns that will catch you by surprise. The pacing is perfect, and the heroine in the story is nothing but appealing. If you are looking for a thriller where you get to encounter vengeance, retribution, and bravely all in one book, this is a perfect choice. There will be unresolved mysteries in the end, but you will get enough thrills to last you until you get the second book in the sequel.

If I Am Found

This is the second book in this series. In the book, Casey is still hiding, and Dylan is still on her trail. While Dylan suspects that she is not Brent’s murderer, there are still a few missing pieces to the puzzle. That said, the more he digs up her past, the more he is convinced that Casey could never be the killer. He is determined to help her, and Casey assists her in more ways than one. First, he sends Casey secret emails telling her that he indeed believes that she did not murder their friend Brent. He also helps her escape and stay ahead of those who are out to hurt her.

While in hiding, Casey is busy collecting evidence against Brent’s killers. In her search for the truth, she stumbles on another injustice involving a suicidal man and an abused child. Her bravery sees her doing everything possible to right this injustice. Even though doing so might expose her to the people baying for her blood. Casey does everything possible to ensure that the young girl is protected from her tormentors.

It becomes clear that there are people who want to frame Casey for Brent’s murder. These people are responsible for other deaths and are trying to cover their tracks by diverting the attention to Casey. As more evidence surface, Casey and Dylan start to patch the crime pieces together which brings them closer to the killers. There are wild car chases, drug dealers, and a lot more and like the first book in the series, the pace is fast, and there are numerous surprises along the way. Given the fact that this is a murder mystery novel, you can expect more violence and hair-raising events. There is also a glimmer of hope for Casey. It is also a relief that despite his past, Dylan is not about to let PSTD define him.

There’s a cliffhanger at the end of each novel in the series that will leave you with more questions that will entice you to get the next book. If I Am Found book offers enough thrill. You can expect to get that sinking feeling in your stomach when fate seems to be working against your favorite characters and also enjoy piecing all the details that will lead to the capture of the notorious murderers.

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