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Publication Order of Butterfly Bee Lady Books

The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Butterfly Bee Lady - Part 2 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Ig Oliver
A British author, Ig Oliver is an imaginative writer with a clear gift for prose, with his innovative style of storytelling. Taking his readers on a journey, he really knows how to draw them in, allowing them to lose themselves in his books, keeping them there for the duration. Largely writing for children, his stories are extremely accessible, which is evident in his universal appeal, as he reaches a worldwide audience. Writing with warmth and wit, there’s a great deal of heart to each of his books too, engaging readers with each of his compelling characters.

Straight to the point, Oliver manages to make his stories work with a minimum of fuss, written in a style that is deceptively simple. Underlying all of this though, is a wealth of ideas and creativity, as he manages to convey a lot more than first meets the eye. Building up for the reader, it’s an evocative style that really works, infusing both whimsy and fantasy, making for an extremely intriguing combination. His characters are also very well drawn, with strong personalities that leave a lasting impact on the reader long after they’ve finished.

Teaching younger readers moral values through his work, Oliver really excels at creating modern parables. His inventive tales have a lot going for them, which is why they’ve been so successful with readers around the world. With vivid and colorful descriptions, he brings up strong images too, making sure the reader feels fully invested and immersed in his world. This is something that he’ll continue for a long time to come, with a lot more planned for release in the near future.

Early and Personal Life:
Born during the 1960s in Northamptonshire, in the United Kingdom, Ig Oliver grew up with a strong passion for reading and writing. With a powerful imagination, he’d work on creating worlds with last characters that would soon come to stand the test of time with readers the world over. This would develop over time as well, as he came to build upon his own style and voice, pushing forwards his craft in the process.

Going to school in Leicestershire, he’d later go to Derbyshire where he attended catering college, still writing all the while. Following this he’d work in a succession of hotels and restaurants, which would form a large part of his early working career. That was when he began to turn to writing on a more regular basis, something which he still carries on with today, always looking for bright and bold new ideas.

Writing Career:
In 2017 Ig Oliver would release his first novel titled ‘The Butterfly BeeLady and the Bee’, which would introduce him as a writer for the first time. Aimed at children, it would feature a fairy tale of sorts, with its fantasy driven narrative focusing on its lead character of the BeeLady. Younger readers around the world would warm to it, and Oliver would later follow it up in 2019 with the second part.

These two titles would make up the main focus of Oliver’s writing career, with him centering his output around them. Starting out writing back in 2000, he’s concentrated on establishing himself as a full-time author with something to say. Continually searching for new techniques, he’s managed to set himself apart, as he’ll carry on writing, maintaining a strong presence both online and off.

The Butterfly BeeLady and the Bee
Initially brought out through the Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. label, this is the first Butterfly BeeLady book. Setting up his collection of novels for younger readers, it would also be the first debut novel from Ig Oliver, introducing him as a writer for the first time. Released on the 31st of October in 2017, it would setup the overall series, along with Oliver’s career and general style.

Providing younger readers with a well told and imaginative story, this really works at giving them a fully developed three-dimensional world to explore. Short and succinct, it immediately delivers in a manner that’s written with passion and care, with its vivid and evocative style. There’s a few illustrations scattered throughout too, as it definitely comes to life for the reader off of the page.

Daughter to the Butterfly BeeLady, the younger BeeLady was once the queen of all dragonflyers, along with her twin sister Sindeena. Now a twist of fate as transformed her into the very first Butterfly, as Sindeena, now evil, pursues her along with her horde of minions. All the while she must search for her daughter, whilst coming to terms with her own power that can change the world around her. Will she be able to find her daughter? Can they restore order to the world once more? What will become of the Butterfly BeeLady and the Bee?

The Butterfly BeeLady – Part 2
Released through the Austin Macauley publishers once again, this would be the follow up to the previous BeeLady book. Picking up from where the last left off, this was published on the 31st of May in 2019, just a little under two years after the first. Continuing in much the same vein as the previous novel, it managed to recapture the magic of what made that work, whilst providing some new surprises along the way.

The story itself really does make the most of what came before, using the foundation and ideas of what’s already been laid. Allowing the characters further room to develop too, it enables the readers to watch them develop as fully formed personalities. It doesn’t leave younger readers behind either, keeping it simple enough, while also not being patronising at the same time.

Continuing her journey onwards from before, the daughter of Butterfly Bee Lady has a whole range of different characters ahead of her. Named Bee, she must now use her secret magic to get ahead, all whilst being pursued by dangerous forces who wish her harm. Coming to understand herself truly and who she actually is, she begins to realize the true extent of her powers and what she holds. Can she fully control it though? How will she deal with a power greater than time? What will become of the Butterfly BeeLady in part two?

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    I just happened to be looking for some good books and came across this review and write up about this book. I Must say I have read both books, and they were brilliant, my kids and family loved them. I would imagine my kids with be telling their kids the story at bedtime reading or any reading. Its like being inside a movie when you read them.


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