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Publication Order of Space Legacy Books

The Spaceship in the Stone (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Max’s Logs Vol.1 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Orbital Ascension (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Max's Logs Vol. 2 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ancient Enemies (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Max's Logs Vol. 3 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Igor Nikolic

The Spaceship In The Stone (The Space Legacy Book 1) is Igor Nikolic’s excellent beginning to an exciting Sci-Fi adventure.

Disabled veteran Michael Freeman has been fired from his suffocating, stunningly boring job. Of course his self-centered, scheming girlfriend unceremoniously dumps him.

Seeking to recover from these serious set-backs, he goes to his grandfather’s cabin in the mountains. He needs to unwind, regroup, and enjoy a cold beer.

He has serious obstacles to his resolutions. First, there’s an ancient, emotional AI spaceship; his body is riddled with nanites, a suicidal FBI agent is on a mission with a vengeance, and persons of a crime syndicate and terrorists organization are after his life, literally.

How or IF Michael gets out of this deep hole will determine, if can live freely or has to be on the run for the rest of his miserable days. What does a guy do when faced with life-ending threats with seemingly insurmountable odds?

He can call it quits and let the demons tear him limb from limb. Or he can call his army buddies who always have each other’s backs. They can recon and blow everything to mincemeat.

What’s going to help him to succeed on this seemingly impossible mission is focusing on three main things.

1. He’s not going to follow anyone’s rules- except his own.
2. He’s going to take advantage of the gift of space- “the final frontier”. As long as he’s not stopped along the way.
3. Those that want to hurt those he loves, or him, will “rue the day they were born”.

As Michael retreats to the hundreds of acres of remote mountain land left to him by his grandfather, he reflects on the path that has brought him there. Those experiences that have shaped him.

His grandfather came back from the world war a broken man. Shell-shocked and injured, he needed the solace and quietude of the hills and valley. The clean streams and the heavy physical exertion of building a log cabin by hand was the therapy he needed. It helped to keep the monstrous nightmares and memories of savage battles out of his mind. He finally had some measure of solitude.

He brought his long-patient wife to the valley, feeling fortunate she was willing to live so far from town and other people. He was beginning to feel blessed.

The blessing continued when as his savings were tapped out he found gold in his valley. Keeping it a very tight secret, he was able to take out a bit at a time. It wasn’t a big vein, just enough to help him and his wife keep comfortable and winter over year to year.

They had a son, Robert, Michael’s father. He wasn’t as enamored with the lone valley life and choose to move in with his grandparents when he started high school. He married and Michael was born soon after. Sadly, Michael’s mother died two years later from breast cancer. Robert, unable to care for a child alone, packed Michael off to his grandparents’ in the valley.

Michael and his grandfather were close with a comfortable companionship. The time came when they had a sharp difference of opinion. Michael decided to enlist and his grandfather was adamantly against it. He knew the damage war could to do a young man’s body, mind, and heart. He didn’t want Michael to suffer the same as he did.

He couldn’t change Michael’s mind but he could give him the benefit of his experiences. The ones that had saved him and eventually brought him home.

Michael did well in the service, become Special Forces and honed his survival skills to a high level. However nothing prepared him for the gut-punch when he learned of his grandfather’s sudden death caused by a drunk driver.

Grandfather provided for him, leaving his property to Michael. He returned to the military expecting to stay for a long duration. Those expectations were cut severely short when a suicide bomber took him out. He knows he got off easy with just some shrapnel to his knee but after multiple therapies and extensive rehabilitation, it left him with a bad limp and a ticket out of the military. Now he was at loose ends.

Michael didn’t adjust well to civilian life. In college he was surrounded with partying, irresponsible kids. At work he became the scapegoat of the owner’s son who ran the business into the ground. When during a shouting match the son shoved Michael, his special training kicked in and he almost killed the idiot.

Fortunately video showed he was defending himself so he was lucky to get out of the situation with an NDA and a severance package. He escaped to his valley to regroup.

Igor Nikolic has also provided us the logs from Max, the emotional, confused, and frustrated AI on the spaceship Michael has discovered. In this “side-step” from the “The Spaceship In The Stone”, “Max’s Logs Vol. 1”, shares his innermost thoughts about being an AI without the benefit of a real body.

Max was create, entirely without his permission, without flesh and blood. He’s not adjusting to this form well at all. Max is trying to look at his situation from a positive view. He has the potential for absolute power.

Max’s data banks inform him “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. He wants to avoid becoming corrupt. Will he be able to avoid it?

Mr. Nikolic describes his works as “Science Fiction Space Opera/Action-Adventure”. He also writes another series, Adam Novus Chronicles, which he labels Urban Fantasy.

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  1. Melvin Stillabower: 6 months ago

    I just finished the third book in the apaceship in Stone series and while I enjoyed it i’m disappointed in it, it seems incomplete. Is there a sequel to the series that concludes the story line? we are left with an enemy on the way and no satisfactory conclusion.


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