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Madelyn's Nephew (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Madelyn's Last Dance (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Until the Sun Goes Down (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Until the End (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Carnival of Horror(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ike Hamill is an action-adventure, science fiction, horror, suspense, coming of age, and thriller author is best known for his fast pace horror works that are people with relatable and strong characters. His novels have traversed many audiences with many of his fans coming from the suspense, science fiction, occult and paranormal. He has made his mark by blending most of these elements that make his novels so appealing to a wide audience. Whether he is writing about a small family that has to deal with the bizarre happenings in a haunted house to a band of angry insurgents who are struggling to survive in an apocalyptic aftermath, his stories are about the lives and times of people who deal with real crises. Hamil’s works have been compared to the likes of Stephen King and Dean who he has said are some of his favorite authors that have also provided much of his inspiration for his works. Ike is known for writing stories that alternate between several interwoven stories and present his audiences with unique perspectives while keeping them guessing right up to the very end.

Ike Hamill published his debut novel “The Vivisectionist” in 2011 and has never looked back since. He now has more than thirty novels in the “Hunting Tree,” “Extinct,” and “Madelyn” series among several single standing titles.

Ike Hamill’s novel “Madelyn’s Nephew” introduces Madelyn the lead of the series. After the sun lost its heat, the glaciers had started encroaching, crop yields had fallen, all of which had resulted in riots. Madelyn had fled away from the worst-hit areas in the south and headed North where her grandmother lived. She had always been happy with her grandmother and she had survived the scavengers, Roamers, and the wildlife but it seems the fear of dying alone had finally got to her. When Madelyn had arrived at her cabin she found that her grandmother had left her a note telling her to gather her bones if they had not yet been cracked open by a wolf or dragged away by a wolf. Her skull was to be hung on the wall and her remains buried near a prominent rock in the area known as “Sacrifice Rock,” where Madelyn’s grandmother had also been laid to rest. She found her grandmother’s eyes were still kind and wise even as she only imagined them given that all she had were empty sockets. She still remembered the many things her grandmother had taught her. She was responsible for teaching her how to fish, trap, hunt live alone, and be independent in difficult circumstances. But what Madelyn had not been taught was how to scare away the spirits of the dead that just will not leave her alone.

Ike Hamill’s novel “Madelyn’s Mistake” is set several years after Madelyn decided to keep her grandmother’s cabin for the sake of her legacy. Meanwhile, it is a fragile time in Fairbanks as the small community is facing pressures that could seriously fracture what they have built if push comes to shove. Ryan is the leader and executor of several programs in the community though he has also started many others that would have never been approved if put to a vote. He is interesting and fun, given that he is a little on the insane side and sometimes his projects result in several deaths. What his community does not know is that he has several more projects up his sleeve that may put them in the crosshairs of their deadliest enemy – the Hunters. Another interesting character in the community is a forty-year-old mechanical doll named Malty. She seems like an ordinary creepy doll but turns out to have a real personality but with a very interesting agenda.

In “Madelyn’s Last Dance” by Ike Hamill, the small community of survivors at Fairbanks comes under threat. There is only one person that could have helped them even though the tyrannical leader of the community just had her hanged. The community needs to come together more than ever to face a new threat which most cannot even understand. Many of them will end up dead and if anyone survives they may not have a chance of living for any reasonable length of time without Madelyn. She has been a leading light in the town as she does not become emotional when it comes to making decisions. This makes her a huge asset but also a dangerous person to be around since she often has to deal with mayhem, and all manner of betrayal. But she has been key to the survival of the community as she can be pragmatic when it is needed though it can sometimes result in people dying. Given her temperament, she is often butting against the authorities which could just be her undoing.

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