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Publication Order of Imdalind Books

Kiss of Fire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eyes of Ember (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scorched Treachery (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of Flame (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burnt Devotion (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brand of Betrayal (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dawn of Ash (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crown of Cinders (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spark of Vengeance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flare of Villainy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Inferno (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name ‘Imdalind’ refers to a series of novels written by Rebecca Ethington. Rebecca is also responsible for the ‘Through Glass’ Books.

+The Story.

The Imdalind series is Young Adult. The books more or less constitute the basic elements of the typical young adult series, this including angst-ridden protagonists with self-esteem problems, magical warfare, and an epic love triangle.

The Imdalind series attempts to stand out from many of its rivals by playing with unique magical systems and even subverting a few Young Adult tropes; though, whether or not the series succeeds in this effort depends on the reader.

While some readers have praised the novels for transforming the concept of Young Adult novels, others think the books, more or less, follow the same old tropes and clichés, with Rebecca Ethington merely succeeding in breathing new life into some of those more tired ideas.

The Imdalind series explores a magical war that has been raging for centuries between Skritek and Trpaslik. It is a war that could upset the balance between the magical arena and the mortal realm, not to mention destroying the world as a whole.

The books emphasize the legend of the Silny, this referring to the prophecy of a girl with great power who would vanquish a great evil. The Silny would have the strength and will to end the war.

The Imdalind Series does bring some of these prophecies and legends to pass but in a manner that most of the characters in the story do not expect. Rebecca Ethington makes effective use of the so-called Great Evil by revealing this threat to be something the good guys didn’t quite expect.

As the war quickly gains momentum, the longing for the advent of the Silny grows even as faith wanes and the strongest believers begin to question the future.

Joclyn sits at the center of all this chaos. The protagonist of the Imdalind series, Joclyn is introduced as a pretty ordinary girl. Like any young girl, she struggles with confidence issues. However, hidden beneath her seemingly normal façade is a secret that threatens to derail Joclyn’s life.

Joclyn was playing one random day several years ago when a mark suddenly manifested on her neck. It could have been a scar. Either way, it disconcerted Joclyn, and it didn’t help that her father left her mother soon after, causing Joclyn to wonder whether she had destroyed her family’s happiness.

It doesn’t take much for Joclyn to determine that her mark must be kept a secret at all costs. And that is what the heroine does, hiding the object of her fear from every single person in her life, this including her best friend Ryland.

Because she was always wearing band aids, scarfs, and hoodies, it was only natural that Joclyn’s classmates would grow suspicious of her. But she was rarely discomforted by their attitudes primarily because she knew she could rely on Ryland’s friendship.

Joclyn’s life comes to a head when she learns that she had every reason to question her scar. The first book in the series reveals that Joclyn has become one of the Chosen Children, an individual whose natural talent and potential allowed them to be gifted with magic.

This revelation, that magic not only exists but that Joclyn might be magic as well, throws the heroine down a well of fantasy and adventure.

During this unexpected journey, which forces Joclyn to encounter war and heartache, she meets people like Talon, Wynn, and Ilyan who have a drastic impact on her life.

The Imdalind series initially maintains a mild relationship with romance. While there is clearly a spark flaring between Joclyn and Ryland, the novels do not give this subplot much focus at the start. However, as the series progresses, romance becomes a notable aspect. And it isn’t long before a love triangle develops.

+The Author

Rebecca Ethington grew up in the arts. If she wasn’t watching rehearsals in the theater seats, then she was either backstage or in the tech booth watching plays come to life. Despite this exposure to the theater, Rebecca never stepped on stage to perform.

She was more interested in visualizing the stories that were not being told on stage and imagining what would happen after the curtain closed. Rebecca’s father had little opportunity to read bedtime stories to her because she was too busy telling him her own insane ideas for stories.

IN Junior High, Rebecca spent many an hour writing scripts and having her friends rehearse her ideas for plays. Rebecca’s biggest cheerleader was her grandmother who always encouraged her to put her stories on paper and get them published.

Rebecca never took that important step. But as she got older, she kept writing scripts, even after adding a husband and a child to her family. When Rebecca’s grandmother grew so ill that she couldn’t even read, Rebecca was struck with the regret that the old lady would never see her grandchild’s first book published.

This drove Rebecca to sit down and put some words on paper. It wasn’t long before the first book in the Imdalind series was produced. The rest is history.

+Kiss of Fire

Joclyn Despain was always afraid of her scar. She did everything to hide the brand on her neck, a mark that suddenly appeared when she was a child. And now Joclyn knows why she was so worried. Someone is out to get her, and it all began when she touched a cursed stone sent by her father.

The first book in the Imdalind Series introduces Joclyn to readers, a young lady who was marked when she was a child and granted special magical powers. When the book begins, Joclyn doesn’t know any of this.

She is just confused and afraid, and all she wants is answers.

+Eyes of Ember

Ryland is gone, and Joclyn isn’t ready to let go of him. But she’s in hiding and must save her worries for her own future. There’s a monster out to get her, and the only one that can protect her is Ilyan.

Ilyan might have stalked Joclyn once upon a time but he is the one keeping her safe now. He quickly becomes the stronghold Joclyn thought she had lost even as he gives her the training she needs in preparation for what is to come.

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