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Publication Order of Immortal Brothers Books

Cursed by Fire (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cursed by Ice (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound by Sin (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound in Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jacquelyn Frank is one of those romance genre writers that just make a book worth more fun to read and especially with this series that she so brilliantly wrote, and you have to have to hand it to her for her brilliance on this genre. This New York Times bestselling author is just amazing with her works and this Immortal Brothers series is another reason as to why she is a best seller. The series is just intriguing as it is mind blowing and from the first page to the last one, you will want to read these books from the first to the last one. With 352 pages of the first books published on 24th of February 2015, you can expect nothing short of pure awesomeness with this writer who remains to be in a class of her own as far as these books are concerned.

The paranormal romance sub-genre couldn’t have had something better than this book, and that is exactly what Jacquelyn Frank delivers in this book. The other three books in this series are as equally as amazing as this first one, and you will have top go through them to see what am saying. Let’s have a sneak preview of this first book in this series by the title Cursed By Fire. In this first book of this series, we find four brothers that have been blessed or should we say cursed with the gift of being immortal. Dethan has been trapped inside some fire for centuries for snatching away the gift of immortality from the gods. Having lost all hope due to his state, Dethan is faced with a new opportunity actually to be released from his torment. The Goddess of Conflict is the one to put him out of his misery and release him once more, but there is something he must do for her in return.

With his strength and power, he should raise an army and help this Goddess defeat a faction of the other gods. He chooses this road as it is the only thing that will free him from what he has been subjected to. Freed as a man again and able to roam the streets once more, Dethan meets Selinda, who is the heir to Hexis, which is a kingdom that also ha sits own conflicts. Though she is betrothed to be married to a power-hungry guy who won’t stop at nothing to be at the helm of things, Dethan falls headstrong for her. He quickly loses focus of conquering gods to winning the heart of Selinda, and this does not go well with a lot of forces. Selinda needs someone strong by her side, and this is what she finds in Dethan, who is ready to do anything to make sure that he does win her love eventually. Nothing will stop him, even the anger of the Goddess of Conflict, who won’t be happy at all about this, but Dethan is bent on making Selinda his forever. This first book in this series just proves to show what a great author Jacquelyn is in her right and this genre of romance novels and more specifically, the paranormal romance subgenre. This book is just amazing and so is the other books that follow in this series and there is a guarantee that you will love each and every one of them due to the element of suspense as well as the romance that is just on a grand scale of its own.

It is a truly fascinating book this first one and the second one does not disappoint either going by the title of Cursed by Ice. In this second book in this series, we find Garreth, who is a younger brother of Dethan from the first book and this time, Garreth has been imprisoned to suffer the torments of a freezing until the end of time due to the crime of stealing immortality from the gods. In exchange for his allegiance in a celestial civil war, Garreth is offered the chance of being released from this prison. Garreth lives only for the sheer reason of fighting, and this is what he does best but while laying siege to a certain city, he comes across another warrior who is a woman and she controls this beast through some bond that she has with it. She has been kept captive by the rulers of this city who fear her strength and power if she is to be let free. Refusing to submit to a new ruler, she is faced with incarceration but Garreth will stop at nothing to free her and win her heart.

It is a risky venture as he does not know exactly where it will lead the both of them into greater destruction, or it will be the salvation that they have been craving.Published on March 31st, 2015, this book is just amazing and proves to show what a literary genius Jacquelyn is. She has carefully made this series into one of the best that you can hope to read as far as romance novels are concerned, and she does not disappoint at all in these books.

The other two remaining books are as equally as entertaining as these first two, and you will just have to get them to know what the other two brothers as in it for. The first two brothers have been clearly dealt with in these first two books, and I am sure that they will keep you at the edge of your seat and keep you on the book for all the time it takes to complete reading it. It is a great series, and I have to admit that Jacquelyn Frank outdid herself in this series. A lot of people are hoping that these books might be turned into TV or a blockbuster romance movie someday but for now all we have to do is wait. The books are great, and you will enjoy every bit of them if you know what romance genre is all about and if you have never delved into this genre then you will find them equally amazing and you will want to go all the way.

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