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Publication Order of The Immortals Books

Coming from Orange County in California, the American author Alyson Noel is a highly successful writer of paranormal and genre fiction. Largely focusing on Young Adult literature, she is a consummate professional of her art and craft, with a number of extremely popular books to date. Much of her work consists of series and franchises, many of which have amassed a large amount of fans throughout the many years of her writing career. A great example of this is her bestselling series of novels, the Immortals series, which feature elements of fantasy and the supernatural. Focused on the supernatural abilities of one sixteen-year-old Ever, it sees her coming to terms with her powers over the course of the series run. Meeting with a group of other similar individuals she soon finds herself feeling a sense of belonging, something which she hasn’t ever really felt before until now, thus giving her a feeling of kinship within the group.

Running between the years of 2009 and 2011, this series lasted for over six installments, along with a collection of omnibus editions, as well as some mini novellas too. With a large audience of mainly young fans, it was a series that managed to captivate its audience, during its run, as it achieved bestseller status. There are also plans for a live-action adaptation after the rights to all ten books planned were brought by ‘Summit Entertainment’ in 2011, ensuring that it’s popularity will last for many years to come.


Initially published in 2009 on the 3rd of February, this title first came out through the ‘St. Martin’s Griffin’ publishing label. Setting up the series of Immortals it was a highly popular and bestselling successful novel to come from the author Alyson Noel. Establishing many of the characters for the forthcoming franchise as well, it manages to introduce everyone here to, along with giving them their first adventure.

Whilst there are many fantasy novels in the Young Adult genre currently available on the market, this stands out from the rest. Taking the conventions of it and turning them on their head, Alyson Noel has created something entirely new and interesting here. Bringing her readers slowly in, she creates a world that is both fantastical and imaginative, whilst also being easy to relate to. Set in-between the real world and the world of fantasy, it combines the two elements to create an engaging and interesting premise. Showing a lot of scope and breadth to her world-building as an author Alyson Noel really manages to bring it all to life through her vivid descriptions. Creating a balance between the two, it describes recognizable locations for the readers to be drawn into, then takes them on a journey through the fantasy realm. Another factor underpinning all of this is that of the lead protagonist Ever Bloom, who acts as anchorage for the young audience. Providing the ideal foil for her is that of Damen Auguste, as he shows her the ways of how her life can be outside of high-school and alienation. It is these factors that draw them together, along with the audience who feel they can relate to them over the course of the book.

Following a tragic and horrific accident the family of sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom perishes leaving her behind alone. She also finds that she has got supernatural powers as well, which means that she is even more alone, as she finds that she has to isolate herself at her new high-school. Then, when new guy Damen Auguste comes into her life she finds that she may not be so alone after all, as there are others like her. Who are these people? Can she make sense of it all? Will she find herself alone evermore?

Blue Moon

Originally brought out on the 7th of July in 2009, this was released not long after the first, as it picked up directly from where it left off. Also brought out through the ‘St. Martin’s Griffin’ publishing house, this would continue in a similar style as to before. Although it does give the fans more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series, it also offers some surprises along the way.

Further developing her imaginative and fantastical world, Alyson Noel really takes the reader on a journey here. Not sacrificing character for story, though, she also creates personalities that resonate easily with her younger audience and demographic. Getting them involved in the story itself, it’s easy to see why this was so successful as a series, becoming a bestseller as well. Crossing between the realms of fantasy once again and reality, it manages to create a dramatic friction between the two that is highly compelling to read. The relationship between Ever and Damen is also more firmly established here as well, with the both of them having formed a deeper bond since the previous novel.

Ever Bloom is becoming more and more powerful as she learns all there is to learn about her newfound supernatural powers. As this starts to happen, though, Damen Auguste’s powers are starting to fade, this following a sudden illness that is threatening his memory and his complete identity. Taking it upon herself to help him recover, she heads to the far off mystical dimension of Summerland where she also discovers an ancient text pertaining to the inner workings of time itself. Will she be able to cure him? Can she fully realize her own powers? What becomes of a blue moon?

The Immortals Series

Successfully capturing the essence of the fantasy genre, it’s no wonder that these books have been so popular over the years. With a clear passion for her subject matter, Alyson Noel really manages to bring her books to life for her readers, both young and old. Whilst it may have darker elements to it, it never forgets the power of imagination, and to keep it fun and engaging for the reader whoever they may be. As more and more discover her work everyday, this looks like it’s something that’s not going to be stopping anytime soon either, as its success will increase on into the foreseeable future.

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