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Imp series by Debra Dunbar

Author Debra Dunbar writes the “Imp” series of urban fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2012, when “A Demon Bound” was released.

Samantha Martin, an imp, stars in the series. Samantha, about a thousand years old, takes the form of a woman in her forties. Many of her true forms do not have lips and likes both men and women. No matter what their sizes are. She is bound by an angel that is allowing her to live with the humans, but she has to follow all of the rules.

“A Demon Bound” is the first novel in the “Imp” series, which was released in the year 2012. Samantha Martin is enjoying an extended vacation from Hel. She just wants to play some mischievous pranks on humans, drink some beers by the pool, and get her hotty of a neighbor in bed. It is all a relaxing break from her infernal home just as long as she manages to avoid all the angels, who wouldn’t hesitate for an instant to execute her on sight.

When a naughty hell hound gets her into trouble with the local werewolf pack, she is blackmailed into helping hunt and then catch a killer. The steps she is required to take to appease the werewolves are going to put her right in the angels’ cross hairs. With the angels, you do not get another chance.

This story proved to be refreshing and fun. The book is crammed full of humor. Sam is a great character, with a ton of flaws. By the end, readers wanted to know what happens next in this world, and cannot wait to pick up more books from this series.

“Satan’s Sword” is the second novel in the “Imp” series, which was released in the year 2012. It is never easy for an imp to follow the rules. Especially now that Dar, Sam’s brother, has gotten himself into some hot water. He needs her assistance getting an artifact back from the vampires, or else the powerful demon that he owes a favor to is going to enslave him and torture him for many centuries.

This should just be a simple courier job, but in the world of the demons there is nothing simple. Sam reluctantly agrees to help out her brother, attempting not to antagonize the vampires or the demon that is hunting him. All while struggling to comply with all of the restrictions her angel has put on her as a bound demon.

Sam is hilariously endearing, as she is funny, demented, loyal, horrible, occasionally sweet, bloodthirsty, and adorably sweet. This book is a very satisfying second chapter in this excellent series. Some readers found themselves reading this one faster than they had realized. This book is a little dark, fun, and sexy and all of it is brilliant stuff.

“Elven Blood” is the third novel in the “Imp” series, which was released in the year 2013. Sam might be the Iblis, but she is still an imp with a price on her head. Haagenti, a powerful demon, is not going to rest until she has been dragged straight back to Hel for “punishment”. Sam knows she could never face Haagenti and defeat the demon.

It makes her want to take up the Elf Lord’s offer to eliminate Haagenti in return for some help. It seems to be a simple enough job: find and get a half-breed monster either dead or alive. Locating this demon and elf hybrid is not proving to be as easy as previously though and time is running short.

Samantha is a likable character and it is great to see her as she evolves through each and every story.

“Devil’s Paw” is the fourth novel in the “Imp” series, which was released in the year 2013. For once there is no one looking to murder Samantha Martin. She is free to do everything a mischievous imp enjoys doing: wrap City Hall in crime scene tape and removing all the speed limit signs in the county. The only worry she has is penning those pesky four nine five reports out for the Ruling Council of Angels, besides organizing the delivery of her boyfriend’s present for his birthday.

Imps are unable to stay out of trouble for very long. Demon corpses have been discovered drained of all their energy, with their spirit selves ripped cleanly from their bodies. Gregory, Sam’s angel, thinks she is a prime suspect, so after an angel is found dead in the very same manner, he drags her off to Juneau and Seattle to attempt to clear her own name.

The race is then on to find the killer before Sam’s secret is leaked out and gets blamed for all of the deaths. Could a devouring spirit truly be the killer, or is there really more to these deaths than either Gregory or Sam are suspecting?

Some readers find this one to be the best of the entire series thus far. It is funny, has a superb mystery, as well as some interesting developments in the character/world building and romance departments. This is a rather tough one for readers to put down, and has everything you would come to expect from this series this far in, things like suspense, humor, and Sam’s demonic version of a downward spiral continuing.

“Imp Forsaken” is the fifth novel in the “Imp” series, which was released in the year 2013. Sam is banished back to Hel broken, in order to bond with Gregory, her angel. Six Elven kingdoms are fighting it out for supremacy, and she gets broken and injured during the most hostile one. Shooting the top off of a royal throne, threatening a high lord, committing fraud during the completion of a contract has done nothing to endear her to the elves, either.

If she really wants to free all of the enslaved humans that they hold, she is going to need to find a way to help unite their kingdoms. Elves are not the only problem that Sam is facing. Ahriman, the ancient demon, is holding her to all of the terms and conditions of the breeding contract that she signed. A thousand years underneath his claw looks to be the scariest thing in all of Hel.

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