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Publication Order of Imperfect Books

Imperfect Chemistry (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imperfectly Criminal (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Practically Imperfect (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Picture Imperfect (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imperfect Strangers (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imperfectly Delicious (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Imperfect” series is a set of romance fiction novels by Mary Frame, a comedy and humor, romance, and chick-lit fiction author. She loves to call herself a full-time wife and mother even though she also works a full-time job.
Her very first work was the picture book “Andean Four Cornered Hats” which she published in 2013. However, her long-form fiction writing debut came with the publishing of “Imperfect Chemistry,” the debut novel of the “Imperfect” series of novels.
Frame now has more than 20 works to her name which is quite a feat given that she still works a full-time job.

She has made a reputation for herself penning colorful romantic stories with relatable characters that we would all love to be our friends and neighbors. Her novels are steamy, quirky, and funny and often come with a lot of misfit characters.
Mary Frame currently makes her home in Reno Nevada, where she lives with her husband and children and Stella a border collie.

When she is not writing or reading, she can be found dancing and singing to her fellow workers. With her family, she loves binge-watching Netflix shows, going to the movies, hiking, and camping.
She also loves to interact with her readers via email, where she provides updates on upcoming titles.

Mary Frame has always had a hectic time juggling writing with holding down a job in the civil service. While she has had a lot of success penning her novels, she still works her government job, even though she still hopes she can one day retire.
She began writing when she was 28 and completed writing her first manuscript when she was 29. Still, it was not easy becoming an author and she still has more than 15 started, and half-finished manuscripts that she will never publish.

It took her more than six years of writing every day before she had something good enough to publish. Writers usually assert that it takes a million words for one to become good enough and she believes this particularly applied to her.
During this time, she used to seek out any books on writing from the library and read them all. She read everything from viewpoint, plot, characterization, structure, and scene writing.

Frame read “Writing Fiction for Dummies” and listened to YouTube videos, read articles on the Internet, and anything else she could get her hands on. She also attended many workshops and writing conferences until she finally published her debut in 2014.

The “Imperfect” series of novels tell an unlikely romance between two people who unexpectedly come to find themselves falling for each other.

The protagonists of the series usually start out as either friends or colleagues working together on some mundane task but then start getting attracted to each other.

The heroines are some feisty but beautiful women who are confused or frustrated about love. These are usually paired up with men just as equally frustrated at the ways of love. When these two meet they usually combine forces to achieve some goal.
However, they usually come to be attracted to each other as they come to discover that what they believed about the other was not very accurate. The men turn out to be not the brute bad boys but actually loving and gentle men seeking out love.
Meanwhile, the heroines get a chance at love even if they were initially frustrated or heartbroken about romance.

“Imperfect Chemistry” the first novel of the “Imperfect” series follows the socially uncomprehending and unfathomably smart Lucy London, who is a postgraduate college student.

When her college mentor encourages her to explore new aspects of her personal life that she had neglected for a long time, she decides to combine her professional and personal goals. She is going to study emotion scientifically as a pathogen.
With that in mind, she sets out to understand what drives people in their romantic relationships and friendships, curiously and bravely putting herself out there like never before.

Along the way, she makes friends with a woman named Freya and her social circle and embarks on a life-changing relationship with Jensen a very attractive neighbor.

Forging new personal bonds, she soon learns the basics of what makes people thrive in interpersonal relationships. Lucy also learns a lot about her true self by studying interpersonal relationships and friendships.
It makes for an effortlessly enjoyable story with a lot of heart, wit, and intelligence to keep its raiders emotionally invested in Lucy’s journey.

The second novel of the “Imperfect” series is “Imperfectly Criminal,” which tells the story of Freya Morgan a law student.

She had recently hired the local bad boy Dean to beat up her ex-boyfriend for cheating and abusing her. She believed it would help her feel better but several months later, she is not feeling any better around men.

For Dean, he did the job because he saw it as easy money. Just rough up some kid, get the cash, and then continue with his life as normal. But then he had gained a reputation as a bad boy for hire and all manner of girls on campus wanted to hire him.
Everything had been fine until two boys he roughed up are found dead and he is the main suspect. Unsure of where else to turn and desperate, Dean turns to Freya for help to find the real killer.

Soon enough, Freya learns that he is not such a bad boy and even develops a fondness for him. Freya starts wondering if it would be worth it to put her heart and reputation on the line for him.

It is a fun and eccentric novel that will keep its readers engrossed from the first page to the last.

“Practically Imperfect,” the third novel of the “Imperfect” series tells of a cop on the run alongside her all-around goofball and long-time neighbor. When someone tried to kill them both they combined forces in an attempt at survival.

The woman is Gemma McDougall who is certain about three things: she will never lose her Latina ass. She will make a detective if it kills her. Nothing is more important to her than her career. However, she almost dies at her job and was forced to take an unwanted medical leave.

On his part, Sam London is sure of three things: He has never been good at relationships and will likely die all alone and cold and his body ravaged by wild animals. He loves to play “Drinking Jenga” but this often results in sneaking into his neighbor’s compound and trying to seduce his daughter.

Lastly, he intends to be part of whatever Gemma McDougall has gotten herself into.

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