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The Imperium/Mech series is a series of science fiction books written by the well known and bestselling American author named B.V. Larson. Basically, it is known as the Imperium series, but as the names of all the novels of the series begins with the word ‘Mech’, it is also sometimes referred to as the Mech series. Author Larson has depicted the colonization of a planet in the series, which was once in the ruins. It was unbeknownst to the human race previously, but now they started inhabiting the planet and have gained full control of it. This has led to a tense situation as the original inhabitants seem to be returning to their home slowly after having been locked for centuries in stasis. Tension on the planet has risen to such an extent that it has led to battles between the mechs, which are controlled by the humans and the aliens, who seem to be very strong with their bio-tech weapons. There is a total of 4 novels published in the series between the years 2010 and 2012. One of the novels titled ‘Mech Zero’ serves as the prequel to the other three novels of the series.

Author B.V. Larson began writing the Imperium/Mech series in the month of June in 2010 and named it Mech 1. However, the novella Mech Zero is chronologically the first novel of the series, which he wrote later as a prequel. Author Larson concluded the series with a second novella titled ‘The Black Ship’, which he added in the anthology, Five by Five and published it in the year 2012. Therefore, there are in all 3 novels and 2 novellas in the Imperium/Mech series. The Black Ship, which author B.V Larson wrote as the final installment of the series, also contains stories written other authors like Loren L. Coleman, Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, and Kevin J. Anderson. In Mech Zero, author B.V. Larson has depicted the beginning of the Imperium series, in which there is outbreak of war. He has also shown that the humans have occupied a region in the space and have developed it into their colonies. However, it is believed that the region was inhabited by a vicious and deadly alien race. The Mech 1 novel depicts the story of an a newly developed colony on Earth.

It is built upon the Homeworld of an ancient civilization, which was incorrectly presumed to be dead for a long time. Author B.V. Larson says that the novel is a strange book. It has become so popular that either the readers love it or tend to hate it. It is fast paced, fun to read, and has a weird humor sense to it. Many readers believe that it is a dark comedy, just like one of the zombie movies. In Mech 2, the author has depicted the story of a planet named Neu Schweitz, which is expected to be located in a system around 3.2 light years away from Garm. The planet is believed to have beautiful green valleys, snow-topped mountains, and nearly a billion people of the human struggling because of politics and piracy. As the plot of the novel moves ahead, the people begin to struggle for their own lives. The third novel of the Imperium/Mech series, Mech 3 is the longest novel of the series. This novel tells the story of the alien invasion on the planet known by the name Ignis Glace.

The first novel of the Imperium/Mech series is titled ‘Mech Zero : The Dominant’. It was self-published as an e-book edition by author B.V. Larson in the year 2012. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, the author has introduced a configuration of around 60 stars hanging loosely along the boundary of the galaxy, well known by the name, the Faustian Chain. The configuration of sparkling suns is believed to be rich in a number of planets and contains an irregular volume of regions in space, estimated to be about 20 light years in diameter. When seen from an external point, the Chain of stars looks like a colorful display of several plasma streams, a few luminous nebulae, and some pinpoints of sparkling lights. It is also believed about the Chain of sparkling stars that some human colonists have settled there. They are aware of the fact that some other species have recently populated the region. These species were believed to have been vanished before thousands of years on account of waging some devastating wars. No one knew much about them, but there were some areas in the Chain which contained their artifacts and were protected by the interstellar law.

The second novel of the Imperium/Mech series is titled ‘Mech 1 : The Parent’. This novel was published in the year 2010 as a Kindle edition. The plot of this novel deals with the battles between the bio-tech aliens and the Mechs developed by the humans. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, author B.V. Larson has described that a task force, which was lost for centuries in the stasis, has returned home. After arriving to their homeland, the surviving ships come to know that the Imperium has been ruined and Homeworld is destroyed. They also discover that nothing is left in their Ancestral System, except for an infestation of some bipedal beings, which were soft, red-blooded, warm with flesh, and unknown to them.

In the end, it becomes a difficult situation for the humans as they felt that they should have made sure that the original owners should not have come back, before they colonized the planet. Now, they are required to battle with them against their bio-tech weapons in order to survive on the inhabited planet. The novel became extremely popular and helped author B.V. Larson to establish himself as a well known author of the science fiction genre. This success also allowed him to stay motivated and encouraged to write many other successful and interesting novels in his writing career. With the success of this novel series, he was able to make a name for himself among the popular science fiction authors. Due to this, his popularity increased to a very great extent.

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