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Publication Order of In Shady Grove Books

Talk of the Town (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Happens Between Friends (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caught Up in You (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Small-Town Redemption (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Charming the Firefighter (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
About That Night (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter's Kiss (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marine's Embrace (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

In Shady Grove is a series of romance novels authored by an American author of Romance and Contemporary books Beth Andrews. The series records numerous amounts of love twists that happens In Shady Grove, a small town where your business is our business, and the author puts down exciting tales full of suspense and excitement.

Beth Andrews began the publication of In Shady Grove series in 2013 when Talk of the Town, the first book in the series was published.

Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town is the first novel in In Shady Grove series by Beth Andrews. There was a time that Neil Petit was the only thing that Maddie Montesano ever wanted. She attempted all the tricks that the book had to offer so that she could keep him by her side. This includes ensuring that she purposely got pregnant with his child so that he can stay in town with her. However, in spite of doing all these, luck was still not on her side. Neil Petit always went ahead and cheated on her with another woman and also dumped her after that; not even the little sweet daughter they were blessed with could stop him from abandoning them and leaving the town in pursuit of his dreams.

For 12 good years, Neil enjoys the life of milk and honey lead by a star athlete. He earns much money, and he often gets the pleasure of parading with models and actresses. On the other hand, Maddie is still living in the small town where she has managed to build a good life for herself and her daughter. However, this too did not come easy, a lot of holding her head up high and not letting herself to be brought down every time that the town spread gossip about her

Now Neil has come back into the small town. He is making attempts to be something that he had never bothered with before, a father to their daughter. Maddie does not require this form of disruption in her life right now. Most especially not when the mind-blowing chemistry, which they had between them back in high school, is lurking around despite her efforts to ignore and lock it out for years. The temptation to let go of her being and give in, so that she can be with Neil Petit once again, is so strong. She is reminded of the dream of forever that she once had, but she had let go. Well, she might just surprise the town with a brand new topic to discuss for some time.

Small Town Redemption

Talk about a complete turn of events.

The emergency room nurse, Charlotte Ellison, has her life plans all laid out. She even has plans for a happily ever after with her Mr. Right. For a moment where she thought that she had found him in James up until he decided that it is not Charlotte that he wanted, but her sister and even went ahead and proposed. While still trying to heal her heartbreak and figure things out she meets with Kane Bartasavich, a sexy and charming young man, whom she spent the night with, a night that was not in any of her plans. What was she thinking? Kane was nothing close to her ideal man. That night was a mistake, now her only task was to stay as far away from him, as much as could, and everything will fall right back on track.

Avoiding him is altogether made impossible when Kane is brought in her emergency room one night after he accidentally wrecks his cycle. All of her protective intuitions come out flooding when she sees him in pain. With a broken arm, injured ribs and a head injury, Kane is released from the hospital; on the other hand, Charlotte cannot stop herself, and she offers to take him home. While at his place she discovers that he has a daughter, Estelle and that the “bad ass” personality that he puts on in the bar that he runs is entirely different from how he acts towards her. She understands very well that getting involved with him is not the best of ideas but this attraction that she has towards him is becoming way too deep for her to ignore.

It gets even more complicated once Kane’s Father comes to visit his grandchild and he suffers a stroke. His father is a wealthy man and also a world-class philanderer. This compels Kane and his three brothers to gather at the bedside and Charlotte cannot help seeing through the wall that Kane has built around himself for protection. However, will she manage to break her way through to his heart, especially after he flatly turned down her confession of love towards him?

The Marine’s Embrace

If only Zach had something more to offer her, something more than love.

Apparently, Zach gets more than what he had hoped or asked for when he checks into Lindemuth’s bed and breakfast. His only interests as he checks in are- a room and a new beginning. He gets amazed by a single mother he meets; she has filled quite a strength and gentle beauty all of them working together to make her all the most admirable in his eyes.

In his mind, he understands quite well that he should maintain his distance with Fay and her young sons. Fay is still hung up on her ex-husband, Shane, and she often wonders what wrong she ever did to him. Shane is always cold towards her and rarely has a kind word to say leaving her all the more confused since she is so sure that they are going to get back together. Aside from that Zach Castro is an ex-marine and he does not believe that he has anything that he can offer her and her kids. It does not matter what he feels for her or how deep it goes.

The Marine’s Embrace is a brilliant installment In Shady Grove series. The concept of two genuinely heartbroken characters trying to help each other heal and come to terms with the reality is fantastic. The characters, storyline and the romance in these novels are excellent, if you adore romance novels were characters have a painful past but end up having a happily ever after, then In Shady Grove series by Beth Andrew is a good match for you.

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