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In the Company of Killers Books In Order

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Publication Order of In the Company of Killers Books

Killing Sarai (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reviving Izabel (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Swan and the Jackal (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeds of Iniquity (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Wolf (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind The Hands That Kill (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spiders in the Grove (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Half (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

“In the Company of Killers” is a series of novels by suspense, romance and contemporary author JA Redmerski. She loves to refer to herself as a happy hermit, mother, book addict, zombie and werewolf fanatic that has an obsession with “The Walking Dead” and the Universe. Redmerski was born in Arkansas and has lived there for most of her life except for a short stint when she lived in Pennsylvania. She started penning her first novel as a thirteen year old and has been writing for years since then. Generally, she loves putting her stories and characters on paper. She is also very observant to people’s personalities that make them stand out. JA can be found paying attention to the dishevelled young man talking to himself at the Laundromat, the inattentive young mother having to take care of the meanest kid out that day. Characters have always held some unique fascination and this shows in how she constructs her stories around them.
By the time she was twelve, JA Redmerski was sure she wanted to grow up and become an author. By thirteen, she was writing manuscripts and published her debut novel “Dirty Eden” in 2012. She does believe she was born to write and would not give it up for anything whether people think she is any good or not. Growing up, she was a huge reader that loved to read the likes of Lisa Smedman, Neil Gaiman, Phillipa Gregory, Anne Rice, David Moody, Cormac McCarthy and JK Rowling among many other writers. These are some of the authors that were a huge inspiration and she would always be on the lookout for their novels. Redmerski is also a huge fan of cosmology experts such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Alex Filippenko Brian Cox and Michio Kaku. She is also a huge love of the beautiful planet and nature. She now has more than sixteen novels in the “Darkwoods,” “Edge of Never,” and “In the Company of Killers” series of novels.
“In the Company of Killers” by JA Redmerski is a series of novels that follows two rogue assassin brothers. The two are best friends with a damaged girl who is an expert killer that just happens to be the tie that binds them all. They team up with a man known for his deranged interrogation and torture methods to go on a dangerous mission. Word of their mission spreads fear in the criminal underworld. They intend to assasinate the leader of the largest and oldest assassination ring in the world so that they can take over from him. But even though they are determined to complete their mission, they are always in competition with each other and battling some very dark demons. Sarai, the only woman of the group starts out very raw and unskilled but over time becomes a lethal assassin. The novels have a diverse and large cast of characters and come with controversial themes and twists and turns. It pushes the boundaries as the team embarks on dangerous mission even as they have to deal with love, crime, murder, deception and lust.

In “Killing Sarai” the debut novel of the series, the lead is a fourteen year old girl named Sarai. In her early teens, she had been uprooted from her home and over time she had forgotten what normal life looked like but never lost hope that one day she would get out of the compound where she was effectively a prisoner. On the other hand is cold blooded assassin Victor who has known nothing but violence and death ever since he was but a boy. When Victor comes to the compound to get some details and payment for a job Sarai believes this as a chance to escape. However, things go wrong and rather than getting a free ride to Tucson she finds herself in the clutches of a dangerous man right after escaping from another. But she is surprised when Victor acts against his primal instincts, grows a conscience and tells her that he is going to help her. The longer they stay together the more he is willing to risk for her sake. He is willing to risk everything including his liaison and brother Niklas. Like most of the people he works with, Victor’s brother would see Sarai dead. As Sarai and Victor build trust, they start finding common ground, even as their attraction for each other grows.

JA Redmerski’s “Reviving Izabel” sees Sarai determined to live with Victor, the assassin that had gotten her out of bondage. At the opening of the story, she is working on settling scores with a deranged maniac sadist. She still does not have the training or skills to kill and what follows leaves her in a precarious position as everything goes wrong. Sarai has been in an endless loop of recklessness and now she is on a dangerous path of no return. To get herself back on the right path, she demands that Victor help her become more like him or else she would leave. Victor knows it would be difficult for Sarai to make an overnight transformation but he agrees to train her. In the meantime, their complicated relationship is heating up. Meanwhile, Willem Stephens, the right hand man to Arthur Hamburg is coming ever closer to destroying Sarai. She realizes that she could have taken on more than she can manage as Willem is too good. But since she took on the improved and new role of Izabel Seyfried, she believes she has the skills as long as she gets to fight beside Victor.
The third novel of the series “The Swan & the Jackal” tells the story of Fredrik Gustavsson, a man that never thought he could ever love or be in a relationship. Surely, no one could hope to understand or accept him given his bloody and dark lifestyle. But then he met Seraphina who is just as bloodthirsty and vicious as he is. They proceed to spend two unforgettable but short years together killing and living lives full of lust. However, Seraphina disappears one morning and Fredrik’s life is turned upside down. It seems his sadistic partner and lover has gone into hiding and he has never been able to find her since. Recently, he believes he is closer to locating her but first needs to get the information from Cassia which is not going to be easy. She had been injured in a fire set by Seraphina and is now suffering from amnesia. Desperate for information, he had locked in his basement to protect her from Seraphina and to give her time for the amnesia to wear off.

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