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Publication Order of In the Garden Books

Nora Roberts is an American author of fiction. She is a bestselling author that has reached the number one spot in the New York Times multiple times for novels such as The Liar and Come Sundown. She is the author of over two hundred and twenty novels in total.

She was born on October 10, 1950 as Eleanor Marie Robertson. She has used not only the pen name of Nora Roberts but also J.D. Robb, which she utilized for her In Death series, an installment of fictional novels of futuristic suspense.

These days, you can likely walk into any bookstore or library and find at least one novel written by Nora Roberts. Chances are that you could walk into the private book collection of many individuals and find one as well. To date, there have been over 500 million copies published by this author.

Roberts has also written novels under the pen name Jill March as well as Sarah Hardesty for some of her books published in the United Kingdom. Her books have done quite well, and as of the year 2011, Roberts’ novels spent a combined total of 861 weeks sitting on the Best Seller List of The New York Times.

Roberts has also made the Hall of Fame for writers, as her many romance novels earned her the distinguished honor of being the first-ever author ever inducted into the Hall of Fame by the group the Romance Writers of America.

Nora Roberts is the author of the In the Garden series. This tantalizing fictional series of books kicked off with the release of the novel Blue Dahlia. In this novel, Stella Rothschild has discovered a new love, but is it too good to last?

Roberts followed up that suspenseful romance novel with the publication of the sequel, titled Black Rose, which features the adventures of Rosalind Harper. The series is a trilogy that culminates with the third book, Red Lily. Read all three to find out how this captivating series ends!

Blue Dahlia is the first book in Roberts’ In The Garden series of fiction. Stella Rothschild was married, but now finds herself grieving as she has been recently widowed. The funeral of her husband was difficult to go through, and now Stella finds herself wondering if she will ever find love or happiness again.

Stella is overjoyed when she meets Logan Kitridge, and it isn’t long before sparks start to fly. Stella is finally beginning to feel like love may be in the cards for her again. But not everyone is happy about the budding romance between Logan and Stella.

The new couple may face unexpected obstacles when it comes to their romance. A mysterious woman is lurking out there called the Harper Bride. This woman has become something that is not hardly human. After all these years, blind grief and surging rage have trapped her spirit in a place that it isn’t supposed to be.

But can someone whose physical body died long ago really come between Stella and Logan, two red-blooded human beings that are very much alive? Surely a ghost cannot interfere with the affairs of the living, right? You’re going to have to pick up the dynamic and mysterious first novel in the In The Garden series by author Nora Roberts to find out!

Black Rose is the exciting sequel by Nora Roberts and the second installment of her intriguing Garden trilogy. Harper House has always been so-named because a Harper has always lived there. This old mansion sits on the skirts of Memphis, Tennessee, and the house is literally centuries old.

Generations have come through these doors and raised their children here. However, there are also whispers that the house is home to more than just the living members of the Harper family through the years. Anyone that lives near that area can tell you that the Harper Bride is said to walk through the halls at night, singing lullabies. But is that really true, or just a legend that people started to believe was true?

Rosalind Harper is the main character in this story. She is 47 years of age, and has lived and seen enough to fill up a lifetime. She’s no stranger to hardship, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Such is the case with Roz, who has become strong enough over the years to take just about anything that life throws at her and weather anything that comes her way.

Part of that is the fact that Roz is a widow. She has three sons that are now grown and has gotten through a second marriage and made it out alive. Ever resourceful, Rosalind Harper forged a nursery on her own, building it from the ground up.

She ended up naming the business “In the Garden”. Now it is so much more to her as years have passed. In the Garden is more than just her business, it’s symbolic to Rosalind of not only hope but independence too. She runs the business with two women that keep it thriving. With the help of Stella and Hayley, the nursery is in good hands.

They all have families to support as well; Stella is newly married, and Hayley just recently became a mother. Rosalind thinks that the store is doing well, and everything seems to be going fine. But recently, the nursery that they all love and depend on for their income has come under attack.

Rosalind knows that she’s going to need help to fight this battle. She may find it in an unusual place: Dr. Mitchell Carnegie, a genealogist. She originally hired him to look into her ancestral background, but Roz is surprised to find that she is growing more interested in Mitchell by the day. The feeling is mutual, as the doctor is falling for this intriguing woman too.

The pair are engaged in a race to find out the identity of the mysterious Harper Bride. Roz wants to help her find peace– but is it a task that is beyond her? Will she find love with the genealogist? Read Black Rose to find out and check out Red Lily, the last of the In The Garden series by Nora Roberts.

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