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Publication Order of Avalon Trilogy Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Despite the fact that Indigo Bloome was born in Sydney, Australia, she spent most of her childhood years in the United Kingdom. Ever since she was young, Bloom loved to read. When she was 12 years of age, Sydney wanted to be a detective, just like the characters in her favorite books: Nancy Drew and the Famous Five. Together with her best friend, they wrote a mystery series. At 15 years, Indigo Bloom visited Wall Street and ever since then her love for economics and finance was unrivaled. Thus, when she was 18 years of age, she began working on her Bachelors of Business degree at the University. By the age of thirty years, Indigo Bloome had completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Since she wanted to expand her career internationally, she began working on it the year that followed.

When she was 18 years of age, Indigo Bloome believed that material and financial success are the main determinants of happiness and success. Recently, Indigo gave up her city life and instead moved to Hobart, Australia. By moving back to Hobart, Bloom was able to expound on her love of deciphering dreams, reading and stimulation conversations. This, in turn, led Bloom to pen down her very first novel.

Destined to Play

Destined to Play is the first book in the Avlon Trilogy series. In this novel, Indigo Bloome introduces the reader to one Dr. Alexandra Blake. Blake is a mother of two children who reside in Tasmania. Despite the fact that she is in an exceedingly stable marriage, the passion between the two died so many years ago. One day, Blake travels to Sydney for a few days of presentations and lectures. Due to her absence, the family is sent to the wilderness until she comes back. While at Sydney, Blake arranges to meet up with her best friend from the University who was also a sexual partner. At this point, her former best friend, Dr. Jeremy Quinn is extremely wealthy and also a trailblazer in his line of work.

When the two meet up, they reignite old sparks. Blake is quickly consumed. Jeremy asks Alexandria to submit fully to him for approximately 48-hours. During this period, she is not only supposed to trust him completely but to also leave every decision to him. Alexandria Blake thus finds herself in the middle of a sexual adventure, which is exceedingly different, and one, which challenges her erotically. Apart from completing trusting him, Alexandria was not supposed to ask any questions. If she asked questions, she would be penalized. Blake did not have any regard for Alexandria’s feeling; he just pushed her until she eventually broke. While talking to Alexandria, Jeremy admits the mistake he did, which was leaving Alexandria. Alexandria later found out that Jeremy had thought she was a homosexual and thus it was indeed a relief to put out everything out.

Despite the fact that they are together for the sake of the children, they are still free to live their own lives. However, Jeremy was lying to Alexandria about why he was willing to spend time with her. However, later in the book, Jeremy is honest, and Alexandria ends up joining his research team.

All in all, Destined to Play is a book which addresses issues such as sensory perception, trust, anxiety, depression, sensuality, and sex. Furthermore, the various limits to which both the mind and body are also explored. This book will undoubtedly push you out of your comfort zone.

Destined to Feel

If you are looking for a suspenseful yet sexy and ludicrous book, then you should read this second installment by Indigo Bloom. It picks up from where the first installment had left off. Destined to Feel begins as Alexandria is being abducted in London. However, up to this point, her captors have not yet been revealed. Eventually, later on in the book, it is revealed who her captor is. The owner of a leading pharmaceutical company, who is keen on working on a drug, which will be much similar to Viagra, however, this drug will be for women instead of men. Alex had been identified as a perfect specimen. She will be used to test the drug, once it was fully developed. The main reason why she was selected is due to her exceedingly rare blood type.

Once abducted, Alex is taken to an underground facility, where she is forced to take part in a chain of extremely odd sexual activities. However, despite everything that is happening, it is hard to tell as to whether Alex wants to escape or not. With that said, this installment is much suspenseful than the first installment in this series. You will enjoy all the chapters in this book; especially the one’s which had Jeremy searching for Alex all over Europe. In an inadequate amount of space, Indigo Bloome tries extremely hard to make the two main characters to appear as sympathetic and well-rounded characters.

However, it is extremely hard at times to be sympathetic about characters whom, their entire lives seems to be driven by sexual escapades. Alexandria Blake appears to feel no feel no shame about the sexual experiments which were done on her.

Destined to Fly

Destined to Fly is the third book in the Avlon trilogy series by Indigo Bloome. In this book, the author introduces the same cast of characters who were in the previous installment. However, unlike the previous installments, the author takes an unusual turn in this book and writes something slightly different from what we were used to. The plot in this book takes an unexpected turn when Alexandra together with her family are hiding from the company, which was keen on taking Alex’s extremely rare blood type. While hiding together with her family in the Amazon’s, Alexandria begins a spiritual journey, which in turn yields some surprising results.

With that said, Indigo Bloome is an exceedingly talented writer who has the ability to create a page turner. You will undoubtedly enjoy this series especially due to the fact that it is not predictable at all.

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