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Publication Order of Indigo Court Books

The Indigo Court series revolves around the story of Cecily Waters, a witch who can control the wind and her fight to protect her loved ones. She had lived away from her home in New Forest, Washington when her mother took her since she was only six years old. Now, twenty years later, Cecily calls her aunt Heather and cousin Rhiannon because her wind elemental named Ulean whispered to her that they would be in grave danger. She decides to come back home when she also discovered that the town witch had died of a gruesome but mysterious death leaving her job as town witch for Cecily to take over. Cecily’s character is portrayed as a tough woman borne of her years living a nomadic lifestyle with only odd jobs and running away like what her mother, Krystal did because of her crack and heroin addiction. Though she had enjoyed her life on the road, deep down she was yearning for more. Her tough exterior is put to the test though when she arrived in New Forest to dig deeper into the dangerous changes the wind has been telling her. Together with her cousin Rhiannon, who controls the element of fire, they must rise to the challenge of defeating their enemies.

“Heather laughed. ‘Oh, Cicely, you may be twenty-six now and on your own, but you’re still one of us. You’ve always been one of us, even though your mother tried to distance the both of you. It’s time to come home to New Forest.’ Her voice turned serious. ‘Krystal’s dead. You don’t have to run anymore. Come back. We need you. I need you. And you . . . you need us.’She was right. In my heart, I knew it was time to go home. I’d been running for years, but now there was no more reason. There hadn’t been a reason for me to stay on the road for two years, since Krystal had died. Except that sometimes running felt like all I knew how to do. But now . . . Marta left me her business. I had something to go home to-something to focus my life on other than keeping my mother and me alive.”

from Night Myst, first book of the Indigo Court series

A long time ago, vampires created an evil and supremely powerful enemy when they wanted to turn the Dark Fae to harness more power. This enemy, called the Vampiric Fae, had been laying low while silently amassing strength for centuries. Their queen, named Myst and her Indigo Court emerged from slumber to enslave humans and feed on the magic born. Their sworn enemies, the Vampire Nation led by Geoffrey their regent, has waged war against them. Cecily and the rest of her family are caught in the midst of this great war, trying to protect each other. Cecily seems as if she is the only one who can stop Myst from carrying out her evil plans.The first book narrates the discovery of Cecily about the Indigo Court and the Vampiric Fae’s ways of using sex and glamour in controlling and killing their victims. Here she also reunites with her long lost first love named Grieve who is a fae but later was captured and controlled by the court’s queen, Myst. Then, Cecily and her cousin Rhiannon, both talented witches, fight shadow hunters and goblins that Myst has unleashed in New Forest while also forging alliances with the Crimson court of vampires to defeat a common enemy. Through the series, Cecily successfully rescued her lover Grieve creating broken alliances along the way. She has also reunited with the father she never knew she had and has been a welcome addition to their group. She had only just found out that he was a fae which means that Cecily is half-fae.

This became a turning point for her discovering that she’s also a shape-shifter and can change into an owl which allows her to fly.They’ve also temporarily defeated the Indigo Court Queen Myst and relegated her to a section of forest but she still has a fair chance of recovering her powers and returning for more violence. At one point it seemed as if everything would be alright as Cecily and Rhiannon were poised to become Fae Queens of Winter and Summer and their weddings would be taking place too. But Rhiannon’s fiance, Leo betrays them and pledges his allegiance to Geoffrey who has become their enemy ever since he wanted to transform Cecily to make her into a weapon to defeat Myst. Leo kidnaps Rhiannon and Cecily tries to save her from the traitor that was once her cousin’s lover. As the Indigo Court queen slowly rebuilds her army of Shadow Hunters, New Forest gains a bit of peace and quiet. Because Rhiannon was rescued by Cecily, their coronations as Queens pushed through.

All seemed well for a while when the vampires became the ones who posed a dangerous problem for the town. Lannan, a gorgeous vampire who has a tense alliance with Cecily because of his obsession of turning her into a vampire and becoming her mate, tries to help in their fight with Geoffrey and Leo and their minions. On the last installment of the series, the queen Myst is preparing for a final onslaught on New Forest to totally annihilate fae, vampires and the magic-born. On the other hand, Cecily and Rhiannon immerse themselves as Queen of Snow and Ice and Queen of Rivers and Rushes, respectively. Discovering a lot more from her heritage and lineage, Cecily gets used to her newly acquired powers. All is not well though as Myst has somehow put a spy in her enemies’ midst. The Vampiric Fae Queen then finally faces off with Queen Cecily in an epic battle for power.Fans of the sub-genre of dark adult fantasy will surely enjoy the five books in the Indigo Court series. Told through the first person perspective of Cecily, the readers will instantly connect with the main character as she is accessible and multi-dimensional. Throughout the series, a whirlwind of events take place and takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of action, suspense, romance and horror while imparting a deeper message of love and devotion to family through good times and especially the bad.

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