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Publication Order of Indigo Lounge Books

Indigo Lounge is a series of sizzling hot contemporary romance novels by Zara Cox, one of the most popular romance writers. The first novel in the gritty series was “High”, that Zara first published in 2013 to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. With the first novel in the series garnering so much popularity, Cox published more titles in the series culminating in “Freefall”, the last novel in the series. Though the series of novels share the Indigo name, they vary in terms of their characters with the first four novels being duets with the same two protagonists recurring in each novel. The last novel is a single standing novel though it shares the themes of the first two novels. The character of the protagonists in all the five novels in the series are also similar having dominant alpha millionaires as the males protagonists and potty mouth, strong willed females as the other half in volatile relationships full of chemistry. The protagonists in the series are total jerks and alpha to the core that makes them the ultimate control freaks that are not afraid to go for what they want. Zara Cox’s heroines are strong independent women that hold their own and will not bow down when the alpha snaps his fingers, which makes for so much tension and immense chemistry. The series of novels have all the elements you would love in a happily ever after series of novels, including the angst, mystery, and hot steaming sex that never lets up right up to the end of the narrative. While the novels may be read as duets, they are best enjoyed when read in order, as they just get better from book to book.

The Indigo Lounge series takes the concept of the dominant alpha male billionaire to the next level. Zara Cox’s dominant males from Zachary Savage, to Noah King, and Keely Benson are arrogant and broody men with dark demons in their pasts. Conversely, her heroines from Bethany Green to Leia Michaels have their own pasts of tragedy and pain that has made them incredibly independent and strong willed, though seemingly unable to love again. Zara Cox creates fantastic heroes and heroines that are highly multidimensional. Over the course of the Indigo series of novels, the author reveals the different layers to her characters. Right from the very first when the two meet in circumstances that can only be deemed fate, they showcase their views and personality in a very interesting and realistic way. The connection between the protagonists is best described as electric as they engage in steamy sex scenes in a variety of locations ranging from the deck of a plane, a lounge, and a ship. Right from the very beginning, the leads are consumed with each other’s bodies. They have a strong lust for each other but over the course of the narratives see their feelings grow as they come to know each other. However, with the growth of their feelings also comes their dark pasts that creeps out ever more slowly to threaten the love between the two. Cox does a good job of building out the characters as she writes out their background stories little by little increasing the tension. The increasing tension then culminates in a cliffhanger at the end of the first novel in the duet that is finally resolved in the second novel.

The Indigo Lounge series always manages to throw one off, never disappointing in offering some of the most enthralling of dominant heroes and equally feisty heroines. Hooking one right from the get go with the passionate and scorching passion, the novels offer one of the wildest of rides through the first two duets and culminating in the last single standing novel. For the reader that loves to put on their Sherlock Holmes hat, this is going to be one series of novels that you can never hope to decipher. Even after navigating the cliffhanger after the first duet, Cox still manages to thrill with a still crazier one in the third novel. The story usually starts out as a pure sexual connection and a way for the protagonists to give in to their animal instincts before it evolves into love. Given their dark and tragic pasts the characters do not believe that it is possible for them to love which leads to a lot of twists and turns in the stories. The alpha’s domineering character really comes out when the heroine tries to pull back through the dark times. However, what makes the novels tick is the uninhibited actions and the passion that the two protagonists put into their relationships and lovemaking. Despite a lot of opposition, they persist to see their faith in the relationship pay off in a happy ending.

“High” is the first novel in the Indigo series of novels is a sizzling hot novel featuring the protagonists Bethany Green and Zachery Savage. Bethany gets an invitation to what is known all over town as the sexy pleasure palace – the Indigo Lounge where she meets Savage. From the moment he sets eyes on her, he knows that she is the only woman he wants. The story starts out with sex and lust between Zach and Bethany. Soon all the complications in their love come to the fore when it turns into something more serious. It turns out that Bethany and Zach both have issues in their pasts though Zach’s issues seem to be darker and more secretive, as he never wants to talk about them. However, the more Bethany loves him, the more he begins to loosen up, and soon she is getting it out of him albeit too slowly for her liking. However, Zach is a deeply tortured soul and believes that he needs to stop revealing his past, as he believes that if she knows too much, she may leave him. The novel culminates in a big reveal that threatens to kill of the relationship for good.

“Higher” the second novel in the series sees a return to the sexy sky-high playground that is the Indigo Lounge. Dirty, flirty and utterly delicious, “Higher” is a sequel to the first novel in the series “High” Bethany makes her way back to the Indigo Lounge, but this time she is there to work. She still remembers the bombshell that Zach had dropped on her at the cliffhanger ending of the last novel. Nonetheless, knowing what had happened between her and Zach at the Lounge, she knows it is only a matter of time before she is in free fall. The man Savage is still branded into her psyche and regardless of what she does, she cannot help but go back for the sex, dark secrets, and intense lovemaking. But the more she comes to know Zach, the more she knows that the truth about his past may destroy her, and the relationship with the man of her dreams. For Zach, there is no way he is going to give up what he believes is the woman fate had brought to him. He will do anything in his power to ensure they are never separated again.

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