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Publication Order of Taj Mahal Trilogy Books

The Twentieth Wife (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Feast of Roses (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Princess (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Splendor of Silence (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mountain of Light (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

In the Convent of Little Flowers (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Indu Sundaresan is an Indian and American author of fiction. She was born in India and was brought up there on various Air Force bases stationed over the country. She is a bestselling author.

Sundaresan received a degree in India, an undergraduate degree in economics. Then Indu came to the United States to attend graduate school at the University of Delaware. She now has two degrees, Master degrees in operations research and economics. Soon after she graduated, she felt the call to start telling stories.

Her father was in the Indian Air Force and worked as a fighter pilot. Her father and her grandfather were both storytellers. As a child, Indu Sundaresan grew up hearing them tell her stories with different themes, from Hindu mythology to made-up stories of a horse and an elephant that lived in the wilderness. Her father could keep an entire audience captive with his storytelling abilities and flair for timing and drama.

Sundaresan’s father inherited this from his father. Indu loved stories and she thinks that her love of stories came from hearing their imaginative stories based on their creativity and Hindu mythology as well as the writings of her father. Indu would always eagerly await her grandfather’s visits to hear his stories.

Her first novel was titled The Splendor of Silence and was released in 2006, about a captain that falls in love with a young woman. Her first collection was titled In the Convent of Little Flowers, a collection of stories penned by Indu Sundaresan. This beautiful collection puts many of her stories in one place about the contemporary Indian people and the issues they face when the traditional meets the modern. Her novel The Mountain of Light came out in 2013.

When a young woman adopted by a family in America gets a letter from a sister at the convent in Chennai. she doesn’t know what to expect. She stayed there as a child in the convent in Chennai but does not in a million years suspect the truth– that the nun is the sister of her biological mother. But secrets from the past and tough choices mean that the young woman in Seattle may discover more about her connections and origins from another world than she is ready for.

The Taj Mahal Trilogy is Indu’s first series. The first book was released in 2002 and was titled The Twentieth Wife. The second book came out in 2003 and is titled The Feast of Roses. The final book of the trilogy came out in 2010 and is titled Shadow Princess. The series is set in the seventeenth century and is considered an epic of passion and adventure. The first novel focuses on one of the empresses of India– one of the most legendary that the country has ever seen and whose love would shape the Mughal empire.

The Twentieth Wife is the first book in the Taj Mahal series. It is set in the seventeenth century. This book tells the story of one of the most beautiful, smart, and controversial empresses that India has ever had. Her brilliance and ingenuity allowed her to conquer many obstacles, and in the end, it would be her love that would change the course that the Mughal empire takes.

The empress is born in 1577 in the middle of a terrible winter storm. She is the daughter of refugees that fled starving from persecution and violence in Persia. She is born in a tent on the side of the road, but her birth sparks an incredible change in her family’s luck. Soon her father is introduced to the court of Emperor Akbar. The young girl is named Mehrunnisa, known as the Sun of Women.

Mehrunnisa grows up on the edges of the beautiful and opulent palace grounds as a blue-eyed child with eyes of sapphire. She has a unique and innocent intelligence that morphs with her as she changes into a beautiful young woman who has more than just looks– she has cunning ambition. It is her goal to surpass the station of her family.

She meets Prince Salim first on his wedding day. That is when she sees the path of her destiny. She knows that she will one day be the one to get married to Salim. She is only eight years old at the time when she first glimpses him. This is what she wants, but she has no idea at this moment that there will be a price paid to achieve it.

Eventually, the two come together and they are married just like Mehrunnisa foresees. But is the first marriage going to be all that she dreamed? As she moves from the role of wife into the role of mother, she finds out that being a part of the royal world of India is not all that it seems.

From power struggles to political maneuvering and the pressure that comes with being married to a prince, she must adapt to the challenges that life has in store for her and where the journey will take both she and Salim while the fate of an empire hangs in the balance. Where will they go, what will they do, and what will be the consequences for the great empire? Check out The Twentieth Wife to find out what happens and discover the true power of love.

The Feast of Roses is the second book in Indu Sundaresan’s creative Taj Mahal Trilogy. The story of Emperor Jahangir and Mehrunnisa continues once more in this engaging and creative story that focuses on love, the two main characters, and the Taj Mahal,

The Empress Nur Jahan is the twentieth wife of Jahangir’s harem. She has never fit into the norms expected of women in India in the 17th century, so why start now? She is the first to be married for love, so that sets her apart. He is 34, but he loves her so much that he transfers his powers to her eventually.

But she will have to fight to keep the power given to her. She even has a rival in the harem to face off against who has been plotting against her from the start. She has to deal with problems at court, fighting ministers for control who consider her just a woman. But she knows she can depend on her father, brother, and Prince Khurram, Jahangir’s son.

To get control of the empire, Mehrunnisa must once again fight for what she wants. Can she take power back into her own hands? Read this book from Indu Sundaresan, second in the Taj Mahal trilogy!

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