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Jeremy Robinson is a best-selling novelist who has hit the top of the charts for publications such as the New York Times and Audible for his work. He also uses the pen names of Jeremy Bishop and Jeremiah Knight.

Jeremy is known to combine different elements of mythology, history and science, which has helped him to become a top creature feature writer and has helped him get great results in action adventure and science fiction. he is known for his many different works, including Project Nemesis, the top selling original non-licensed kaiju novel of all time. Quite a few of his works have been made into comic books as well as optioned for television and film. He has had his works translated into thirteen different languages.

The author was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, a town on the seacoast that he says was sometimes mysterious. From the time he was young, his father had helped to build in him a love for everything that had to do with science fiction and monsters. He grew up on a lot of Batman, Superman, X-men, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Godzilla and Star Trek, all of which he considers to be fuel for his future.

Jeremy started his creative career out by being an illustrator, working for comic strips and comic books but also working on different small independent projects. It was not too long before he had a realization about his art, where he saw that what he was doing was not just about creating images but telling stories. It was then that Robinson ultimately changed over to writing. He started out with screenplays and then began writing novels. He is now known for novellas such as Alter, Project Nemesis, Infinite, and his Jack Sigler series, which are in development to become a movie. Under Jeremy Bishop he has written such book as The Raven and The Sentinel as well as torment, and he has written books such as the Hunger series under his pen name of Jeremiah Knight.

Jeremy is married and shares three children with his wife. He resides in New Hampshire.

Jeremy Robinson is the creator and author of the Infinite series. These can also be considered to be standalone novels existing in one universe leading to a big crossover. The series first began in 2017 with the release of the novel Infinite. The second book came out in 2018 and is titled The Others. The third and fourth books both came out in 2019 and are titled Flux and Tribe. The fifth book came out in 2020 and is titled NPC. The sixth book came out the same year and is titled Exo-Hunter. The seventh novel came out in 2021 and is titled The Dark. The eighth book came out the same year and is called Mind Bullet. The ninth novel is Torment, originally written under Robinson’s pen name Jeremy Bishop. The tenth novel is Infinite 2, followed by the eleventh book The Order and the twelfth book is Khaos. The thirteenth novel in the series is called Singularity.

Infinite is the first book in the Infinite series by Jeremy Robinson. If you have been looking for some new science fiction to enjoy, you’ve come to the right place. Here Robinson shows off why readers love his quick-paced, original tales that combine elements of thrillers, science fiction, and horror in a story that explores how vast space is as well as how deep man’s desire is to be, find love, and change his life.

While looking for a new place to home, one man may find the infinite. The Galahad is a spacecraft that can go faster than light. It is carrying fifty engineers and scientists on a mission to get Kepler 452b ready, the closest habitable neighbor to Earth coming in at 1400 light years’ distance. Earth is no longer suitable for living and the colony on Mars is slowly failing. This expedition and team are the best hope that humanity has.

William Chanokh has spent a decade in a failed cryogenic bed, with his body sleeping but his mind still awake. The pain of this is finally over and the fog is clearing when the hatch opens. Tom, his pal and a hacker like him, stabs a screwdriver into William’s heart. This is the first time that he dies, but it will not be the last.

When he wakes up from death, William finds that all but one of the crew has either died because of Tom or gotten out to the Kepler 452b surface. The sole survivor is Capria Dixon. This is a terrible situation, but it gets even worse when Tom strikes again and ends up getting killed. He’s been made mad by a reaction to the extended cryo-sleep and before dying hacked into the navigation system, locking their craft into a faster-than-light path through the universe with no destination.

William is oddly immortal. Now he is on a journey that will never end. Along the way he experiences desperate solitude, new lifeforms, love, and even what the nature of reality is. Come along for the ride by picking up this book!

The Others is the second book in the Infinite series by Jeremy Robinson. If you liked the first book in this series, check this one out too!

To save a girl that’s gone missing, he must risk a lot. Dan Delgado works as a private investigator. He specializes in everything and has found cheating spouses, runaway teens, and even corporate thieves. No one can match his work in the field. He misses doing the important work as a prior detective in San Francisco, but since his wife died five years ago, he just has not had the heart to do it.

Until he gets a call from an upset mother. She’s come to him because as an illegal immigrant, she cannot risk going to the police. Now he is on the search for a little girl that has gone missing. Then he goes to the mother’s home and she’s gone too. It’s strange, but Delgado starts to figure there’s more going on than meets the eye when a group of mercenaries heavily armed shows up. This may be more than just a kidnapping.

Delgado decides to follow the clues. Joining him are his older assistant, a pastor with a gun, and an Uber driver who is also a UFO enthusiast. Delgado follows leads to Colorado City, a town split in two by the UFO Highway/37th parallel. This is a town known for its fundamentalist Mormon cults, but the group finds that there might be a huge child-trafficking ring going on here– and the ones leading it may not even be human.

As Delgado and his team go into a world of cover-ups, UFO rumors, and more looking for answers, can they find the missing woman and child? Or will they find something else that they weren’t expecting? Read this book to find out!

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