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Inheritance Cycle Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Inheritance Cycle Books

Christopher Paolini is an American author of fiction in the fantasy genre. He was born in southern California on November 17, 1983. He grew up in Montana in Paradise Valley with his sister and parents, with fantastic mountains rising up on one side that helped inspire some of the beautiful imagery in his Inheritance Cycle series.

Christopher Paolini is well known to his readers for his debut fantasy novel Eragon. It would prove to be the first of a four-book fictional series of novels. He started working on the novel after graduating high school (homeschool learning courses allowed him to graduate high school early at the age of fifteen). The series is set in Alagesia, a made-up land. The book was first released in 2002 by Paolini’s parents’ publishing company.

The family toured many schools and more to promote the book. Paolini went to schools and libraries, speaking on reading and writing, dressed in a medieval costume, and even drew the character of Saphira on the first edition cover art. Paolini composed original maps for the interior of the covers as well. The book was discovered by the stepson of an author who then gave it to Carl Hiaasen, who in turn contacted his own publisher about the novel.

Alfred A. Knopf made an offer for Eragon novel as well as the rest of the Inheritance Cycle series. Paolini agreed, and the second edition of the book was released in August 2003 by Knopf. Paolini was a bestselling author by the time he was 19.

Fox 2000 released a feature film based on Eragon and titled the same in December of 2006. The movie was released internationally and made nearly $249,5 million with a budget of $100 million. The film starred Jeremy Irons, Ed Speleers, Djimon Hounsou, and John Malkovich. It boasted an impressive cast of stars and was the 13th-highest fantasy live-action film at its closing in the United States.

The sequel to Eragon in the Inheritance Cycle series came out in 2005 and was titled Eldest. Just like the first, it made the New York Times Bestsellers List. It was followed by Brisingr in 2008 and the fourth book was titled Inheritance. The series started with the adventures of the main character in a fantasy world and was originally supposed to be a trilogy. The series has done very well. To date, the series has sold over 35 million copies altogether. It has been sold and translated in over 53 countries.

He is happy to hear that his novels have inspired more young people to read more and write novels of their own. He has promised readers that the main character of Christopher from the Eragon series will one day return perhaps with a fifth book; however, he may release a novel in the science fiction genre in the meantime.

The Inheritance Cycle series overall are high fantasy novels that took the reading world by storm. The books are set in the world Alagaesia and center on the main character, Eragon. He is a teenage boy and he has a dragon named Saphira. He is working to overthrow Galbatorix with his dragon. He is the evil king and he must be stopped. The series was a commercial success and many young readers really enjoyed the books, buying them and checking them out in libraries.

Eragon is the first novel in the Inheritance Cycle series. In this debut fantasy novel from young author Christopher Paolini, Eragon makes his debut. He and his fledgling dragon must set out amongst enemies and risky terrain on their own mission to take down a king whose evil side has become out of control. Eragon finds a blue stone in the polish that is pretty and polished. As a farm kid with little money, he hopes it will buy his family sustenance for the winter.

Instead of being something that he can trade for meat, Eragon is shocked when a dragon hatches out of it. Eragon might have unwittingly stumbled onto something that he didn’t expect– an ancient legacy. Maybe older than the empire. He has no idea that his everyday life is about to be turned upside down and he has a very long journey ahead of him in a world where magic and dragons are real and so is the power that comes with it.

With just his dragon by his side, Eragon sets out on a journey. Can he save the Empire, or is he just going to fall short of destiny, prophecy, and joining the mantle of the Dragon Raiders? Pick up Eragon, the bestselling book from Christopher Paolini to find out!

Eldest is the sequel to Eragon. The main characters of Eragon and Saphira are back again in this gripping fantasy novel from Christopher Paolini. The rebel state has been saved from being destroyed by King Galbatorix. But darkness is quickly falling over the Empire, and the mood all around is one of utter despair. Eragon must go to the land of the elves in order to learn how to become a better rider. Ellesmera is a place that he just might be able to find the elevated skills and teachers that he desperately needs.

At Ellesmera, he discovers that he has made the right choice to come. There Eragon trains and learns not only how to skillfully wield a sword but how to practice magic. The journey of his entire life is about to come to him whether he likes it or not. This farm boy is turning out to experience more adventures than he ever would have thought possible when he was young.

Even though it seems like a straight road to take down the tyrant king, It will not be easy for the dragon and Eragon to achieve their goals. Soon Eragon finds their backs against the wall and they don’t know who to trust. With chaos and betrayal happening every day, his cousin must fight a battle that might put Eragon in deeper danger than he was in already.

Can Eragon fight back against the dark king? Or is the tyrant’s hold on this land too much to break? Eragon is risking his life to take on the king’s chokehold over the land. Want to find out how it ends? Check out Eldest, the epic second fantasy novel from Christopher Paolini and live the adventure for yourself!

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