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Inn Boonsboro Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy Books

The Next Always (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Boyfriend (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perfect Hope (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nora Roberts is an author of novels and is known for her romance stories. She is a bestselling fiction author. A number of her books have been made into television movies, including Magic Moments, Sanctuary, and 2011’s Carnal Innocence, among many others!

She was born on October 10, 1950, in the United States. Her full name is Eleanor Marie Robertson. Nora Roberts is her pen name, but she also has others; these include Jill March, J.D. Robb, and Sarah Hardesty.

With over 500 million books sold, it’s easy to find a novel by Roberts. You can get them by going to your local library, your local book store, or simply going online and placing an order for one or more of her books! Nora Roberts’ novels are easily found.

Roberts is the creator and author of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. The series kicked off in 2011 with the publication of the first novel, titled The Next Always. The second book in the series, The Last Boyfriend, came out a year after that. The series was made a trilogy with the release of the third and final novel, which is titled The Perfect Hope.

The Next Always is the debut novel in the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy by Nora Roberts. When it comes to the old hotel located in the town of Boonsboro, this structure has seen a lot. It has stood through times of war and times of peace, and has been bought and sold many times. Perhaps the constant ownership switch is due to the rumors of the inn being haunted.

Whatever the truth is, the historic hotel has new owners once again who plan to give the building a major renovation. The Montgomery brothers and their mother are committed to giving this place the face lift that it so desperately needs and hopefully draw in lots more business once the hotel is freshened up. Who doesn’t love a nice place to stay?

Beckett Montgomery is the one in the family that is most capable of transforming the inn. He’s got an architectural side that is definitely going to come in handy during the renovations. However, Beckett may also have another goal in mind. That may or may not include trying to see whether the girl he had an old crush on back when he was fifteen still lives in town and what’s she’s been up to recently.

Beckett could definitely use a change of pace. When he isn’t working on the inn, he’s hanging out with his friends, enjoying some hot pizza and cold beers. Chatting about work and life is nice and all, but he can’t help wondering whether he’s missing something important by not dating or trying to be more social.

Clare Brewster didn’t know what to do when she lost her husband. So she did what any mother of three sons would do and packed up to start a new life. She went back to her hometown and even after a few years, it was like nothing had changed.

Clare finds a job fairly quickly, which is good since she has to support her children on her own now. Still full of grief, she busies herself with her job in the local bookstore. At least it is a calming place to work, if not a little run of the mill. Clare is super busy and doesn’t have much time for anything other than getting to her job, running errands, and taking care of her kids and making sure that they have everything that they need.

The last thing that she expects is to be attracted to anyone. She lost her husband and never thought that she would want to date again. But the way that Beckett is transforming that inn is starting to make her intrigued. The beautiful work being done and the way something is being totally brought to life by his vision and work is more appealing than she would have ever guessed.

Clare wants to find out what this building looks like on the interior and maybe get to know the person doing this magical work a little bit better. Could she be ready to move on sooner than she thought and finally open herself up to the idea of love again?

She has no idea, but Clare is suddenly very interested in the idea of finding out. The good news is that Beckett actually has kept a flame for her this entire time. Even if she has no idea, she’s about to find out that this attractive man is more than happy to show her the inn and the work that he’s done.

Clare has no idea that Beckett is interested, and Beckett has no idea if his crush even sees him in that way. The two are about to go on an exceptional adventure– but will it be together or apart? Read this exciting first novel in Nora Roberts’ trilogy to find out!

The Last Boyfriend is the exciting sequel to The Next Always as part of the Inn Boonsboro series. When it comes to the Montgomery family, Owen is the person they depend on to be the organized one. He runs the construction business in his family and they depend on his management skills and spreadsheet running to keep them operating.

Even though everyone may give Owen a bit of grief for his endless organization and list making, the brothers cannot deny that he gets results. Now the Inn Boonsboro is about to open just when it should, and nothing’s standing in the way. Or least it seems that way.

Avery MacTavish is the owner of a local pizza shop. It’s popular in town and is located right across from the inn. She’s been noticing that the renovation has been coming along and looks great. Could Owen be the one responsible? If so, she’s got a whole new level of respect for her old boyfriend.

Avery is shocked to find that after all these years, she still has feelings for Owen. Could that old relationship start up once more? You will have to pick up The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts to find out!

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