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Publication Order of Innkeeper Chronicles Books

Clean Sweep (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweep in Peace (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Fell Sweep (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweep of the Blade (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweep with Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweep of the Heart (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews is a series of novels by the husband and wife team of Ilona Gordon and Andrew Gordon. Ilona was born in the Soviet Union and moved to the United States as a teenager. Gordon is an ex communications sergeant in the US Army. This led to a popular rumor asserting that Ilona was a mysterious Russian spy who recruited Gordon, a licensed to kill intelligence officer in the US Army. However, the truth is that the two met in English Composition 101 at Western Carolina University, where Ilona beat Gordon. While he is still sore about getting beaten, he helped her write and publish her first novel “Magic Bites”. Since then, they have published a ton of works in the urban fantasy and romantic fiction genres that have been New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. Ilona Andrews is known for always bringing something inventive and unique to their writing. The Innkeeper Chronicles is a series that is written as a free weekly series. Their other series include Kate Daniels, Iron Covenant, The Edge, Kozlov Universe, The Kinsmen Universe, Hidden Legacy, and a series of Anthologies and Collections. They currently live in Texas with their children, cats, and dogs.

Dina Demille looks like an ordinary woman that runs an inn. She is the owner and operator of the Gertrude Hunt in Red Deer Texas and owns a Shih Tzu named Beast. However, Dina and her Victorian-style Bed and Breakfast are anything but normal. The Inn thinks for itself and can rearrange furniture and listen to instructions or emotions of its owner. Underneath the calm demeanor is a strong woman that knows how to wield magical powers, using a magical broom as a deadly weapon. The Inn is lodging for intergalactic visitors though the only permanent resident is Caldenia, a retired Galactic aristocrat hiding in the hotel since she is responsible for the death of millions. Despite her quirks, Dina is a hardworking, rational and efficient woman, determined to maintain the integrity of the hotel and keeping the peace. In her world, innkeepers are not just hotel operators but also diplomats that need to have a good understanding of interplanetary law and etiquette. It is a job that needs stamina and tact and Dina has both in spades.

In “Clean Sweep” the first novel of the Innkeeper Chronicles series, we are introduced to Dina Demille, the owner of the medieval castle looking Gertrude Hunt Inn. The Inn has mysterious powers and a weird symbiotic relationship with Dina its owner. She hopes that its mysteries and unassuming nature will make it a popular destination for otherworldly aliens from across the galaxy. It is just one of the many of the kind on planet Earth but it does not have many visitors with Caldenia the only permanent resident at present. Caldenia is a retired Galactic aristocrat that has made the hotel a permanent sanctuary, where she could live out her days after killing millions in her former life. Dina’s job is to keep the inn safe, neutral and low profile, which is what the intergalactic visitors want most. But then something starts threatening humans and mauling the local dog population. Dina seeks the help of ex-military man and werewolf Sean Evans to stop the dog killing alien. But when Evans refuses to help, she is forced to take things into her own hands to protect the community. This is when things get complicated with sexy guys, unexpected talents and sarcastic humor blending for an explosive mix of a story.

“Sweep in Peace” the second novel of the Innkeeper Chronicles series opens to Dina Demille short on cash and guests to keep her Inn open. When George the intergalactic arbitrator of disputes between the races asks her to host a meeting she cannot refuse, The meeting is to iron out a two-decade-long dispute between three races over mining rights in a desolate planet. The only problem is that the three factions are the unlikeliest of species to ever agree on anything. They are the militant Space vampires that call themselves the Holy Cosmic Anocracy, the Otrokars who call themselves the Hope Crushing Horde and are just as militant, and the Silver blue fox looking Merchants of Baha-char, who bring to the table an unswerving devotion to wealth accumulation and an incredibly devious mind. The Merchants would never stand a chance against the Otrokars or the vampires but they recently acquired Turan Adin, an incredible warrior that can single-handedly take on both the opposing species. Their wars have left thousands dead and thousands more that survived are now bloodthirsty and vengeful. It is not looking good for an arbitration negotiation but even though peace is looking very unlikely, George has offered a million dollars if the negotiation is successful and half a million if it does not. Her reputation and that of her inn are at stake if the meeting turns chaotic and someone gets injured or killed.

“One Fell Sweep” the third novel of the Innkeeper Chronicles series opens to Dina recuperating after hosting the explosive summit between the three warring alien species. She is starting to enjoy her newfound relationship with the werewolf warrior Sean, when she gets a message that Maud her widowed sister needs rescuing from the planet Kalahari. Dina gets the help of the blond and buff vampire friend named Arland, who takes them to the frontier planet. Arland is taken by the warrior-like Maud though she blows him off, uninterested in vampires after the death of her vampire husband. But Arland thinks he can win her over by staying at the Gertrude Hunt Inn, ostensibly to recover from his exertions. But they will never get to relax as Dina is asked to protect and help the Hiru that are being exterminated by the alien birdlike humanoid race known as the Draziri. Dina thinks it will be too dangerous for her guests and family but helping people is in her blood. Moreover, the Hiru have hired the Archivarius, who have knowledge about the entire universe. She thinks they can help her find her parents that she has not seen for years. But then the Draziri learn that the Hiru are hiding at Dina’s Inn and proceed to put it under siege intent on killing any Hiru they can find.

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