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Publication Order of Innocence Books

The Innocence series is a renowned series of fiction, thriller, short stories, mystery, fantasy, suspense, and horror genres. It consists of just two books, both of which were released in 2013. This series is written by a noteworthy novelist from the United States named Dean Koontz. In both the books, author Koontz has mentioned the lead characters as Gwynneth and Addison Goodheart. Addison is described as man, who likes to live in solitude. He is exiled from the society and resides beneath the city. Addison Goodheart fears that if he gets seen by anyone ever in the city, he might get destroyed for breaking the terms of his exile. On the other hand, Gwynneth too lives in seclusion. She is a fugitive on the run from her enemies. Gwynneth also fears that if she gets found by the enemies ever, she will be harmed by them and may even get killed in the process.

Both these characters seem to suffer their personal tragedies, yet they show the willingness to live peacefully. However, they know that thinking of any such thing is a difficult path for them to walk on. When Addison and Gwynneth come together, they form a deep bond between themselves and end up taking shelter in each other’s tragedies. Their bond seems to run deeper than all the scarring tragedies that they have across in their lives individually. As the series progresses further, the two characters realize that they have been brought together by their destiny and a little bit by chance. But, they also fear that they share space in a world where the reckoning hour is approaching speedily. So, they must prepare themselves for the worst case scenarios and must not leave each other support if they want to survive in the difficult world. Both the books of this thriller series were received quite well by the readers all across the globe. The books managed to attract a vast number of readers in all the places of their release. This helped in the sale of the books in a fast manner. Many critics, prominent authors, and reviewers gave rave reviews to the books’ characters and plot settings, and praised the efforts of author Dean Koontz for coming up with such unique stories. The readers are now expecting that author Koontz will contribute some more titles in this series soon. But, several years have passed since the last book was published and Koontz has not been able to come up with anything unique.

He is hopeful that he might develop something interesting in the future and add it to this series for his fans to read and enjoy. The tremendous success of these two books helped author Koontz in becoming much more popular as a novelist. The books not only brought his success, but also assisted him in increasing his fans as numerous readers became his fans by reading the books. Dean Koontz hopes that he continues to develop such interesting stories in the coming days of his writing career and keeps entertaining his fans like always. As of now, Koontz is busy with his other projects and has said that he will start working on a new story for this series as soon as he becomes free. Author Koontz’s dedication and determination towards his work can be seen in these books. He hopes that his fans continue to love and support him for all his future projects like they have done for his already published works so far.

Dean Koontz is a reputed author of suspense novels. His work so far has helped him get acknowledged as the most popular novelist of suspense books in America. Author Koontz is enlisted among the most successful and celebrated writers of today’s generation. In the suspense genre, he has managed to earn the devotion of a large number of fans from across the globe. In his praise, the critics have always mentioned his character descriptions, adventurous settings, and mystery themes. In addition to writing under his original name, author Koontz uses several pen names for writing different types of novels. Some of his popular pen names include Leigh Nichols, David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, Aaron Wolfe, Brian Coffey, and Owen West. Currently, Dean Koontz resides in Southern California along with his lovely wife named Gerda, and several pet dogs named Elsa, Anna, and Trixie. Over the years, Koontz has successfully established himself as a bestselling novelist. His written works are talked about in far and wide places of the world.

The first installment in the Innocence series written by author Dean Koontz is entitled ‘Wilderness’. It was published by the Bantam publishers in 2013. The central character of this book is shown as Addison Goodheart. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that Addison Goodheart appears to be a mysterious person. He himself thinks the same and wonders why he remains so mysterious in nature. Addison’s birth had taken place in an isolated house in the deep forest of his hometown. His father never knew of his existence and his mother kept him as a secret from everyone else. Even Addison’s mother does not accept him. His mother feels that some private demons haunt her at night. She keeps several secrets, the most dreaded one among them is his young son, who only adores her. Addison is not welcome anywhere except the in the deep woods among its wildlife. He feels the forest is the only place where he can live in peace. But, a day comes when he dares to step outside the woods and gets acquainted with terror. This experience brings about a drastic change in his life forever.

The next publication in the series is called ‘Innocence’. It was also released by Bantam in 2013. In this particular book, Addison Goodheart is joined by another interesting character named Gwynneth. The story of this book starts in a wonderful manner, with exciting characters and interesting mysteries. Addison is depicted as residing in solitude and fearing to come out of exile. Gwynneth also runs from dangerous enemies to save her life. When they come together, they embrace one another’s tragedies and start supporting themselves in the testing times. The development of characters seems to be the strongest point of this novel. Koontz’s description of other important characters like The Clears, The Fogs, etc., also look exciting. Even the villain looks something that the readers felt attracted to read about. All these factors led to the immense success of the book, and thereby increased the overall popularity of this suspenseful series.

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