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Publication Order of Insanity Books

The Insanity series is a series of suspense, mystery, and thriller novels written by one of the highly renowned authors from America named Cameron Jace. This series is comprised of 7 books in total, which were released between the years 2013 and 2016. All the books of this mystery series are set in Radcliffe, Iowa, and feature the chief protagonist in the role of a 19 year old girl named Alice Wonder. Author Jace has described that during the night time, Alice is a mental patient at the Lunatic Asylum in Radcliffe, but during the day, she is seen as a student of psychology studying at the Oxford University. And in between these two, Alice keeps herself busy by saving lives and catching the wonderland monsters who have been reincarnated in the form of the deadly criminals of the modern day.

One of the most popular books of the Insanity series written by author Cameron Jace was published under the title of ‘Wonder’. The Storykiller Books publication released this book in the year 2015. At the start of this novel, author Jace has depicted that Alice Wonder comes across a Wonderland Monster who offers to help her. The Monsters says that he has useful information which could help her to locate the 6 Impossible Keys. And in exchange for this vital information, Alice is asked by the Monster to tell him who is she in the real sense and why did she kill all her classmates in her school bus. Knowing that without the information, the whole world could go on to face dangerous consequences. As Alice Wonder moves a step ahead into the dangerous truth, she realizes that she needs the help of the Pillar. However, the Pillar could not come back to help her as he is gone. Alice has to wait for the next 14 years of her life to pass and only the she can get back the Pillar. She knows that she cannot wait for so long as it would be too late to help the world come out of danger. Therefore, she decides to find a different way to try and bring back the Pillar. Alice thinks that the number 14 printed on the wall of her asylum cell might be a clue to get to the Pillar. In the meantime, the Cheshire is introduced as stirring havoc into the body of Jack Diamond. He ends up getting shocked after knowing about the things roaming in the head of Jack. Suddenly, the Cheshire starts looking for Alice Wonder also because she could get killed by knowing about the event that took place in the past, before she could even get her hands on the keys. Now, it becomes interesting to know whether Alice will be able to survive and whether she will ever come to know what had happened on the school bus actually. In order to trust Jack Diamond, Alice wants to find out what secret he is keeping from everyone and why he arrived in her life from the dead.

One of the other well known books of this series written by Jace is titled as ‘Checkmate’. It was published self published by author Jace in the year 2016. In this story, author Jace has shown that a big game of chess is being played throughout the world covering all the powerful nations. Due to this game, the world faces the danger of a perpetual sleep, which could cause an epidemic and make the world go mad. For preventing this from happening, the Pillar and Alice Wonder have to try and solve the difficult global game of chess. In this game, every country has each player who plays to help save his country from the sleep. This chess game is designed by one of the monsters from Wonderland who knows the use of all the Six Impossible keys very well. Now, it is up to Alice Wonder to put the lives of millions of people at risk so as to expose the secret of the monster. However, this seems to be the least of the fears that Alice faces right now. She is on the verge of facing a deadly monster who does not seem to be on anyone’s side. The only one he thinks about is himself and only his benefit it is that he cares for. This monster even shares with Alice Wonder a terrible past, but she does not quite seem to remember about it. This past, if revealed, has the power to deepen the struggle of Alice to know more about her identity as well as the things that she has done or is about to do next.

Inspector Dormouse, on the other hand, is about to find out why 12 people were killed in cold blood Pilla da Killa. But, it seems that he is going to regret this discovery very soon. In the end, everybody’s hopes lie with Alice, who pray that she succeed in the chess game just like she did it once before in the Vatican. At that same, she has to fight a great battle with her past sins. When love knocks in life once again, she wonders whether she is the state of accepting it. A point comes when she has to go for the killing of Carter Pillar, but Alice does not think that she is ready to do it now. However, is does bother her to know who Carter Pillar really is? Author Jace’s style of writing for this book appears to be very fast paced and this is one of the reasons why numerous readers liked it very much. The twist that he revealed at the end of the story seems to be the highlight of the book as well as the entire series. On the whole, the book turns out to be an interesting one to read. It has a mixture of mystery, suspense, and romance, which make it a complete novel. In the plot, author Jace has shown that Alice Wonder travels to Italy, China, Russia, Tibet, etc. Kalmykia in Russia is the place where the central part of the novel has taken place. The mentioning of the fact that Kalmykia has Chess City proved very surprising to all those readers who did not know about it and therefore, found it enjoyable to read about. The overall story described by Jace kept the readers on the edges of their seats and gave them a chance to get their hands on an exciting story.

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