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Publication Order of Insatiable Books

Insatiable is a series of horror books written by Canadian author of paranormal, thriller and horror novels Patrick Logan. The author is a top 5 Amazon Horror writer of over a dozen bestselling books which have debuted at number one in different horror categories and have overall sold more than 100, 000 worldwide. Logan’s books have been described as “diabolically suspenseful” intense and perfectly terrifying which makes sense thanks to more than ten years that he spent chopping body parts during his Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Pathology. Today, Logan prefers writing about autopsies rather than performing them.

Patrick Logan began the publication of Insatiable series in 2015 when Skin, the first book in the series was published. The series is set in Askergan County.


People say that nothing bad has ever happened in the picturesque Askergan County and to Cody Lawrence, it is the perfect place for his family to spend a winter gateway. But everything people say about Askergan is dead wrong.

For the first time in history, a storm is blowing over Askergan- a blizzard so intense such that it knocks down a power line trapping Cody’s family inside without electricity.

Cody believes that his top priority is to protect his beloved wife and daughter from the frostbite. However, when he hears a haunting voice in the storm calling him into the storm, discerns that the stakes are far much greater than the frozen toes and fingers. Something in the raging snow won’t be satisfied until the young man heeds to its call.

If emotionally defective characters, action-driven plots, and crisp dialogue turns you on, then you will find Logan’s psychological exploration of how remorse and guilt shape decisions in the face of imminent danger a brilliant read. If you have read Stephen King’s novel Desperation, then Logan’s Insatiable debut book Skin is worth your time.

The narrative is narrated from the different point of views, and this helps the reader get a better view of the unspeakable danger that lay ahead. The characters are all flawed-characters that readers can relate to real-life people,- they are well developed.


In the second book in Insatiable series, six years have passed since the catastrophic storm descended on the once peaceful Askergan County. Most of the residents have spent time convincing themselves that the evil associated with the blizzard never existed. But the reality- it does exist, and its work in the small town isn’t over yet.

But for Kent Griddle and his best friends Sergio, Tyler, and Baird, it is also a good time to sneak a few cigarettes and drinks. A time to wander and explore deep in the woods would be just fine for most of the neighboring towns but Askergan is not like the nearby towns- it has some of the darkest secrets ever witnessed.
Kent and his naughty group of friends are about to discover that some places in Askergan should be left alone. Because for six years, the dark secrets of Askergan have laid dormant, brooding patiently waiting for the day of awakening.

Cracker is the second novel in the bloody horror-thriller Insatiable series by Patrick Logan. If you fancy reading coming of age books in which flawed and relatable characters are thrust into some frightening and unspeakable situations with life-threatening outcomes, then you will find solace in Logan’s exploration of how the decisions that we make and the ones we don’t come with a price tag.

As a bonus, the second book in Insatiable series by Patrick Logan includes the first three chapters of the third book in the series.


There have been countless deaths reported in Askergan County since evil reawakened in the previous book in the series- but some people are lucky enough to escape the wrath of the evil haunting the small town. Others are destined to making their back to the doomed county even though it means that they are unlikely ever to get out alive again.

The last thing that Lawrence’s surviving family members want to do is to return to the doomed place that stole what they held dear most from them. But for some few selected ones, the eagerness to get the answers to what happened in the small town over six years ago in the storm is as implacable as the snow had been back then- and Corina Lawrence wants to get first-hand answers for herself.

Once she returns to Askergan County, Corina immediately finds out that things have significantly changed since then- not for good but for the worst.
Four naughty boys have unknowingly unleashed an ancient evil, one that Corina is intimately familiar with and this time the horrors that left both the police department and Lawrence’s family battered are no longer confined to the small house. This time around, the horrors have infected the entire town and its up to an alcoholic and a disabled person to try and put an end to the evil once and for all: before the town and its entire population succumb to a darkness that won’t be satisfied until it has consumed every last child, woman, and man.


As the snow that brought evil into Askergan County years ago slowly melts the soft fertile land is revealed. The ground is now perfect for digging holes, burying the countless bodies that lay scattered everywhere- but it also becomes a fertile ground to sow the seeds of power, greed and above all- heroin.

And the retired Askergan County sheriff Bradley Coggins finds himself entangled in the midst of this conspiracy. A covert agent, a damaged boxer, a wannabe mobster and a man who is desperate to find a place he can call home and find peace in the Insatiable town which he resides collide in an epic showdown that will ultimately shape the future of Askergan County forever.

What happens next is what will set Askergan County on a collision course that it might never recover again. The fifth book in the series takes place between Crackers and Skin but its best read after Parasite. If you like horror books be sure to read Insatiable series by Patrick Logan.

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