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Insight is a series of young adult novels written by Jamie Magee. The books delve into the lives of Willow and Landen, soul mates that must overcome great trials to keep their love.

+The Story

The Insight series is a part of the Web of Hearts and Souls Universe. The books take place in a world where astrology matters and the different signs of the Zodiac and their respective planets have the capacity to affect the physical.

Willow thought she was a normal girl. Then her wrist was marked with a mysterious symbol and she learned the truth; that she has the power to tap into strange supernatural abilities with her family, and that they all have the capacity to use ‘strings’ to cross dimensions.

The revelation comes as a shock to Willow. She barely has time to process it before she meets Landen. Initially a figure that shared the most blissful of dreams with her, Landen’s manifestation in the real world brings the truth of Willow’s destiny home.

She is forced to accept that she is part of a much grander plan. She realizes that she was granted a special gift over emotions when she was born and she must master that gift and its connection to the Zodiac if she is to keep herself and her family safe from the darkness.

The Insight series initially focuses on a character called Drake as the big villain of the story. Drake starts out as just another stalker. Willow knows he creeps her out, especially with the way he’s always watching her, but she also cannot help but feel drawn to him.

Over time, Drake’s character takes on a whole new dimension. It’s revealed that Drake and Willow knew one another in a past life, and the reason he is always so determined to claim her for himself is that he remembers a time when they were together.

When Willow’s memory of her past life begin to surface, she is thrown headlong into the throes of a love triangle as unexpected feelings come to light and she begins to question everything she feels for Landen.

The Insight series places a lot of emphasis on the concept of love. The love triangle Jamie Magee presents isn’t traditional because Willow and Landen are soul mates. They were destined to be together from the beginning and a supernatural force is constantly at work between them, connecting their hearts and minds and strengthening their love and the supernatural abilities that manifest as a result.

In that regard, there is a never a real danger of Willow abandoning Landen for Drake. However, in revealing Drake’s intentions and his past, Jamie gives him added layers. He is transformed from a typical sinister villain into a wounded soul that one cannot help but sympathize with.

Initially, readers complained that Drake was hanging around for much longer than was necessary, especially in light of the fact that he had little to no chance of taking Willow from Landen. However, as the series progresses, Drake’s true purpose and the nature of his own personal soul mate is revealed.

The Insight series doesn’t stray that far from common young adult tropes. You have a young girl for a heroine who learns that she is special and that she was born to carry out a particular purpose in the universe.

Willow is a little insecure and she doesn’t always make the best decisions. However, her friends and family see her as a flawless beauty that can do no wrong. Despite all the powers she is said to have, Willow keeps falling into the damsel-in-distress role, many times running to Landen for help instead of fighting her own battles.

Landen is the smoldering love interest that cannot get enough of Willow. He will die to protect her and the love she has for him. But Landen cannot help but keep a wary eye on Drake, the brooding bad boy with a vulnerable center.

The Insight novels tend to get sappy down the line, mostly because love is such an important factor in the story.

Even though the Insight series is a part of the Web of Hearts and Souls universe and it slots perfectly into the ‘See’ and ‘Edge’ stories, the series can be read on its own. There are roughly a dozen books in the Insight series, ranging from Insight, to Embody all the way through to Disavow.

It is up to the reader to decide whether they want to read all the Hearts and Souls books in order or if they are content to read the Insight series alone.

+The Author

Jamie Magee lived a relatively ordinary life. She went to school, got her degree, found a partner, got married and began pursuing her career. And Jamie would like to think that she succeeded in every arena of her life.

But she was never satisfied. Every time she stopped and took stock of her life, she couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Jamie has always believed that every individual is born into the world to perform a particular purpose.

It occurred to her that she was unsatisfied because she hadn’t found her purpose yet. And once she realized that all the daydreaming she did in life was the result of an overactive imagination that desired to tell stories, she gave into it and made a resolution in 2008 to start writing novels.

Once she pushed her first Insight novel out, she never looked back.


Willow was once an ordinary girl. She balanced the insight of emotion. Then she was marked with a star and her father revealed to her the truth of her family and her purpose in life. Now Willow must stand and fight against an approaching darkness that has begun claiming her friends.

This is as the soul mate of her dreams walks into her life and forces her to confront a new reality.


Willow’s purpose is clear to her. Besides loving Landen, she is largely consumed by the lost souls of Esterious and the role she will play in redeeming them. Willow’s confidence is shaken when she learns about what she must endure and sacrifice to get to Chara.

In the midst of her personal turmoil, Willow finds evidence proving that she lived before and in her past life she loved Drake Blakeshire. Willow finds her focus and loyalties torn.

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