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Publication Order of Inspector Anders Knutas Books

Unseen (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unspoken (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Inner Circle (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killer's Art (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead of Summer (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark Angel (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Silence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dangerous Game (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Victim (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Inspector Anders Knutas is one of the major characters in Maris Jungstedt’s Scandinavian crime novels series. These books are set on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland. Apart from Anders, the other actor in this series is Johan Berg, a journalist. Two of the author’s novels have been adopted on the Swedish and Germany television series. The writer started the series in the year 2003 in the novel entitled Unseen. In our discussion below, we look at the various books featuring Anders and the role he plays in each of them.

a) Unseen (2003

During a busy tourism season in the island of Gotland, a woman dies under unclear circumstances. The first suspect for the murder is her husband following a quarrel they had a day before the bloody incident took place. Inspector Anders knutas is very hopeful that case will be a straightforward one. The local authorities are equally optimistic about the matter since they are aware of what insecurity will mean to the tourism sector. However, within weeks, another woman succumbs to death in a similar manner. This makes the inspector and his team to conclude that there is serial killer who is out to cause more harm. Together with Johan Berg who is a journalist by profession, the inspector seeks to find who the killer is before the situation runs out of control. Despite the efforts to come to the bottom of the deaths within the island, the serial killer remains unknown and continues with his mission within the place. Will they put him behind bars?

b) Unspoken (2007)

The plot of the story begins with disappearance of a young girl by the name Fanny. The rescue team finds it hard to determine where the girls is since she had no friends except for the horses that she spend a lot of her time looking after. From the loneliness of the lass, we can easily tell that she was among the unhappy residents of the island. Fanny whose was a daughter to a Jamaican musician and Swedish mother goes missing days after the island witnessed a brutal murder of Henry Dahstrom. Henry death occurred at the time when he had just won a large sum of money from a racing competition that he had taken part. Inspector Anders Knutas and his investigation team face massive pressure from the media to come up with a comprehensive report on what might have led to the death of Henry and the disappearance of Fanny. A few days later, Fanny is found dead at the isolated heath while covered by moss and branches. Moreover, grainy photographs are realized at the scene of crime indicating the girl having being in the company of a strange during her last hours. Johan Berg assists in pushing the investigation ahead while at the same time he tries to resolve the disagreement he had with Emma, an investigator he had met sometime back. The evidence points towards one of the victim’s coworker who was out on holiday. This forces them to wait for his return so that they can tell whether he was responsible for the deaths or not.

c) The inner circle (2008)

The book begins with a group of young archeologists finding a Viking fortification dating over a 100 years. The group that was out to have fun meets the unexpected when one of them, Martina Flochten goes missing. After a few days of her disappearance, her bleeding body is found hanging from the top of a tree. Her injuries showed that she a victim of ritual murder. At this point, inspector Anders Knutas begins investigating her mysterious friend with whom they had planned to have a secret meeting before she died. The other archeologists could not help on the search since they had not met the mysterious lover before. Anders tries to find out whether the marks on the victim’s body have any relation with those of a Gotland pony who had died mysterious sometime ba ck. The ponys head was missing and had injuries just like the ones on Martina’s body. As the investigation team is looking for answers to the cases, more people with similar injuries are discovered dead. Will they ever find the serial killer?

d) The killer’s art (2010)

On a cold Sunday morning, an unknown man is found hanged on the city wall surrounding Visby, Gotland. After examination, the victim is recognized as the owner of an art gallery. Inspector Anders Knutas finds it one of the most challenging investigations he has ever handled before. According to him, the serial killer act of displaying the body was to communicate the presence of a serial killer who was out to shed more blood. Johan Berg, a journalist and Pia Liljah, a photographer later join the inspector to establish what may have lead to the victim’s murder. Each of them tries to find out more about the dealers past life in which they discover that he had plans of leaving his wife and possessed some stolen paintings. At some point, we get to know of other art dealers who were close friends of the victim. Despite the complexity of the plot, the investigation goes on systematically as you will find out once you shop for this book whether online or from the nearest bookshop.

e) The dead of summer (2011)

This is the fifth book in inspector Anders Knutas series as written by Mari. Just like the other books, the plot revolves around murder. At start of the book, the body of a local carpenter is found floating offshore. The inspector who was on holiday decides to shorten his break in order to assist Karin Jacobssen in investigation the story behind the death of the carpenter. While heads are still rolling, another body is discovered within the island of Gotland. The inspector finds it even harder to investigate the deaths as the events come at a time when his fellow counterpart, Johan Berg, a journalist is facing family problems.

In summary, Mari Jungstedt has featured Inspector Anders Knutas in all her books alongside Johan Berg, a journalist. These series of books revolves around murder of people under unclear circumstances. Anders leads others in trying to find out the identity of the serial killer. Nevertheless, as they do so, more people pass on under mysterious ways.

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