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Publication Order of Chief Inspector Barnaby Books

The Killings at Badger's Drift (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of a Hollow Man (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Disguise (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Written in Blood (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faithful Unto Death (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Place of Safety (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Ghost in the Machine (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Inspector Barnaby is a mystery series that features the main character Tom Barnaby. Tom Barnaby has the title of Detective Chief Inspector. He watches over the town of Midsomer. Midsomer is an English county where everyone knows everyone. As soon as disaster strikes, inspector Barnaby gets on the case quickly.
This series is truly known for the last two books titled: A Place Of Safety and A Ghost In The Machine.

A Place Of Safety begins in the village of Ferne Basset within the English county. A simple man lives in this city. His name is Charlie Leathers. Charlie does not socialize with many people, and he does not consider himself in the in-crowd. All attention is on Charlie after he is brutally murdered. This murder brings inspector Barnaby onto the scene. Barnaby cannot figure out why a simple man like Charlie was murdered in the worst way possible. A Barnaby uses his detective skills, he begins to uncover clues. The first clue is that Charlie was a witness to the death of a young woman. The young woman’s death has not been determined yet; it is between a murder or suicide.

As Barnaby digs deeper, his finds evidence of this girl living in the home of a retired minister and his wife. She was living in this home because of past problems in her life that pertain to her breaking the law. Barnaby is now left with this dead girl, her past life, and dead Charlie. He is totally clueless at this point. As Barnaby continues his investigation, he realizes he is going down a bad path himself. The more information he finds brings him closer to getting killed. He must be careful but put his life on the line at the same time.

A Ghost In The Machine begins in the city of Forbes Abbot. Everyone in this city is on edge because a body has been found. This body was not found in no ordinary place. It was found beneath a torture device. This device is extremely complicated. However, one thing is for sure, it rips the human body to ruins. With no suspects, the leaders of this city decide to contact inspector Barnaby. Barnaby comes onto the scene with haste. As Barnaby begins his investigation, he has nothing but questions. The first question is answered, which is Dennis Brinkley, the name of the dead man. How this man dies, however, is uncertain. As Barnaby investigates the possibilities accumulate. Could it be Dennis’s greedy business partners? Could it be an old girlfriend? Could it be publishers who owe Dennis money? Or, could it be the quiet girl Benny?

One thing is for sure, Barnaby will not give up until he finds out who put this disturbing machine in place. When Barnaby starts discovering clues and gets closer to the murder, he wishes he never took the case in the first place. What he finds is beyond startling.

Inspector Barnaby also has two amazing past books, which include: The Killings At Badger’s Drift and Death Of A Hollow Man.

The Killings At Badger’s Drift begins with the picture if an ideal English village. Includes in this village is a spinster with the perfection in the art of homemade cookies. There is also a doctor who is bumbling. Out of nowhere the spinster dies. People in the city mourn over her death, but the government does not take it extremely seriously. The spinster , however, has a best friend with a lot of love in her heart. The spinster’s best friend gets really loud regarding the spinster’s death in more ways than one.

The loudness of the spinster’s best friend attracts the attention of inspector Barnaby. Barnaby comes onto the scene with an eager partner. Barnaby and his partner immediately begin their investigation. This case i very hard to crack, but they get more clues as they go along. What really shocks them is all of the corruption they find in a village they thought was perfect inside and out.

Death Of A Hollow Man starts out with the production of Amadeus, which is put on by the Causton Armature Dramatic Society. The production is going perfect. Though no one is getting paid, everyone involved in this production loves being on stage in this production. Out of nowhere, the main man in the production is murdered. Worse, he is murdered on stage right in front of the audience. Ironically, inspector Barnaby is within the audience. He is the perfect to investigate how the main man of the production got his throat slit accidentally. With so many actors and actresses, it is almost impossible to get a single suspect. Barnaby takes on the case, but he cannot believe where a dead man on a stage leads him. This leads him to an angry ex-wife, an angry lover, jealousy, the love of money and glory, and so much more. Barnaby will find out the truth, even if this means having destruction enter his own life.

The Inspector Barnaby series is great for all ages. It teaches people that no matter how bad a situation is, the guilty person will never escape from authorities. It also shows how people should never give up, even when they are totally confused. This series will make people laugh and cry, and it will make people root for the good guy the entire way through. All of the story lines are also straightforward. This is great because there is no confusion for the readers.

All people who have read this book series had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Many of these individuals have written reviews on various websites. All of these reviews recommend this series to every person in search of a good read.

Most people are familiar with this series because of its adaptation into a television show. This show was called: Midsomer Murders. It is a show covered in popularity. It is equipped with seasons and episodes, and it is known for keeping people glued to the television.

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    Have seen most of series, Midsomer Murders. Storyline is much less violent than USA TV. I even put up with the commercials several afternoons a week to enjoy.


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