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Publication Order of Inspector Sam Blackstone Books

A Rendezvous with Death (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Tiger / Blackstone and the Great Game (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Golden Egg / Blackstone and the House of Secrets (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Fire Bug / Blackstone and the Burning Secret (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Balloon of Death / Blackstone and the Stage of Death (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the New World (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Wolf of Wall Street (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Great War (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackstone and the Endgame (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Featured Character in Sally Spenser’s Books Collection Inspector Sam Blackstone is a featured character in most of Sally Spencer’s books. The stage of his adventures in the books is set in England. His conspicuous life as police inspector points to a flamboyant character that is Inspector Blackstone also born and raised in England. This was in the early twentieth century. The inspector fought in the World War 1 when England had locked horns with the Soviet Union. As such him being a product of such tough battles, Blackstone finds it an easy go to deal with simple cases surrounding him in his daily way of dispensing duty to England. As it is from the books, he has profound training on the law and order in England. It comes natural in him. He tackles issues of law and order with mastery and confidence of someone who clearly understands what is expected of himself as an inspector. In essence, he’s a beneficially of the state training of special elite corps who were supposed to guard England during the ww1.

In is books, Blackstone has a lot of mysteries to unleash to us. There is an incredible sense of dilemma and things to uncover in the plot of his mystery series. Much is also achieved about his exact character by Sally Spencer’s mastery of his person. She let us see the life and mysteries of this inspector through her eyes in a candid and informative way. There are over ten books in the two series by Sally Spencer purely dealing with the life and times of Inspector Blackstone. The book series herewith include: 1. Victorian series In this series, Spencer takes us through the life of Blackstone working to uncover mysteries of deaths in every wake in England. Investigations are deadly tough as the inspector is dealing with real murderers who are not ready to spare even his life get the chance. The adventure is real. The biggest challenge being that he does not seem to know under whose authority these deaths happen. Who might be watching him while he investigates? Who are the masterminds?

But Blackstone is a hard nut to crush as he proves himself in these mysterious and dangerous investigations. The following are example reads from the series: A Rendezvous with Death In this book Blackstone is entangled in unraveling a mystery on the brutal death of someone found dangling in the ropes of a barge in the river. His investigation into what exactly transpired to the death takes him places including Russia. Few people in all where he goes actually take him serious in his quest to draw some meaningful insights to these deaths. No one really gives him a meaningful lead. But in spite of all these failures, he as the chief inspector and one looked up to must draw a meaningful conclusion to this death. The novel takes us through his attempts and sleepless night to unravel this mystery. Blackstone and the Golden Egg When a golden egg is stolen from the Prince of Wales, Blackstone is faced with the prospects of bringing the thieves to books. Initially, it was thought to be a normal crime but it was not.

Immediately Blackstone sets foot in Russia in pursuit of the thieves, there’s an attempt on his life. These are not ordinary thugs and something more meaningful is behind the stealing of the golden egg. It is a mystery that Blackstone is faced with to unleash and he does it satisfactorily. Blackstone and the Fire Bag This is one of the many corruption cases by the government. In this book, the government refuses to disclose the whereabouts of about one hundred thousand pounds. Blackstone is to aid in pressuring the government and in protests to force the government to relinquish what belongs to the public. But it seems he’s also disloyal to the people. He does not actually serve their wishes of leading protests against the government. He is locked between a rock and a hard place serving the wishes of the hoi polloi or remaining loyal to the government. But if he has to remain on any of either side, he would only be destroying his own career as a trusted servant. This time, he has to unsettle a mystery bedeviling his own life. Blackstone and the Balloon of Death In this book, Inspector Blackstone is tasked in unmasking the mysterious killers who use fake daggers to stab people and the result is their death. How does only one stab of a fake dagger finishes someone? What is the poison smeared on the dagger? Who’re these killers? These are some of the mysteries Blackstone is faced with to unravel. 2. Series of kidnappings Kidnappings are very insulting acts of cowardice.

The reason according to Spencer is that they seem amateurish and easy to deal with. But they are not always easy to deal with. Blackstone has to deal with some of the most insulting kidnappings like what happened in this book below. Blackstone and the tiger Initially kidnappings in England were common place and would go with little protests. However, when a gang abducted young Indian prince from the streets of London, Inspector Blackstone had to admit that this was not ordinary battle. He had to take initiative and deal with the gang to bring back the prince. Other books by Sally Spencer of Inspector Blackstone include Blackstone and the Wolf of Wall Street, Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness, Blackstone and the New World, Blackstone and the Great War and Blackstone and the Endgame. Albeit Blackstone’s mystery adventures are dated back in the early 1900s, the author started writing the series only in 2003. But the way there author has captured this character is so timely to the era of these events.

Inspector Blackstone’s demise is not clearly known. However, it can never be traced to the events of his life in the novels. What we see through out the series is a hero coming out successful in every dangerous and mysterious scenario. Theirs is no one time we learn of his death in the books only several close shaves with death.

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