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Publication Order of Inspector Brant Books

A serial killer is picking off members of the England cricket team, and in the dark and violent world of Brixton, a vigilante group is hanging dope dealers from lamp-posts. Bryant and Roberts are in trouble with their boss and they require something big if they are to stay out of trouble. They are in desperate need of “A White Arrest”, which means a major arrest to cover for all their previous indiscretions, and to deliver them, either to paradise, or maybe to a much better beat. The soundtracks of violence, intolerance and black humor are part of a white arrest, which is a cop procedural like no other.

A White Arrest is the name of the first novel in the Inspector Brant series. In this story, we have Brant, who is very corrupt, but who also shows a softer side to him. He also doesn’t consider the needs of others. He gets his inspiration from Ed McBain novels. Then we have Chief Inspector Roberts, who’s even worse than Brant. His teenage daughter Sarah is his princess but he doesn’t show much affection to his wife, Fiona. But Fiona also has some skeletons in the closets because she has a toy boy, whom she spoils rotten. Roberts is also not in good books with his Chief Superintendent.

The story revolves around a killer who calls himself the “Umpire”, who is killing cricket players. He uses a unique weapon each time. Meanwhile, Inspector Brant is on his beat extorting shop owners for cigarettes and pizza. He also blackmails criminals as well as their victims. As you can see, he is nothing short of an asshole, and you wonder what he can do to redeem himself as the main protagonist in the series. The moment of truth arrives when Brant has dinner with a victim and the Umpire kills a dog that he’s just rescued. Brant’s victims start to retaliate, and they send complaints to Scotland Yard.

One of the most hurtful things about these cops is that they wear their badges while they’re committing crimes. The crime scene is violent and so the police are sometimes forced to fight fire with fire, but that does not justify their actions. Rights and rules are discarded in favor of a “more effective” method of dealing with criminals. The anti-hero is used as the protagonist in this series.

Short passages are used by the author to tell us the story. The author uses short scenes in the delivery, and you might need to get used to that style of delivery. You don’t need to get confused or frustrated while reading one scene then jumping to another. That is because after a while, you get accustomed to it. The main theme of the story is not to show cops investigating the crimes. Rather, it is to show everything that is happening in the lives of these policemen. Relationships and personal lives seem to hog all the limelight and so you should not expect to see a criminal being brought to justice.

The second book in the Inspector Brant series is called “Taming the Alien”, and it takes us on an unforgettable crawl through the mean streets of London, Dublin, and New York. Roberts and Brant are back, and they also bring along several characters from book one. Just like in the first novel, the characters use blunt language in their conversations. You really don’t have any good guys; even the lead characters have their own flaws. We also don’t have normal police procedurals going on around, for that you should go somewhere else.

The setting of Taming the Alien is several months after all the shenanigans of A white Arrest. Inspector Roberts has just received the terrible news that he has cancer. His domestic situation hasn’t fared any better. Brant has just survived a certain event which shall remain a secret so as not to spoil your reading pleasure. A local gangster boss is also none too pleased with Inspector Brant’s enthusiasm. There’s a local hit man called “Alien” who’s back and searching for his ex. A serial arsonist is also on the loose. Like in the previous book, the characters have a larger than life persona, and their actions are quite brutal.

The main threads involves finding the killer of a police officer. We also have an undercover operation to snare a rapist. We also have kingpins and hit men along with snitches. The personal relationships of the officers once again take center stage. So there’s not too much investigative work going on as usual. The inner operation of the police department is also under the spotlight. So you find lots of tensions, camaraderie and politics being put under scrutiny by the author. One character I haven’t mentioned so far is WPC Falls. She is black and plays a huge role in the series.

One of the best things about the series is that you have diverse characters. The series is also packed with humor and lots of action. There is also violence, but nothing that is too extreme. The lead character is Inspector Brant, and he’s quite memorable. The author also quotes from some writers and movies from the 40’s and 50’s. The author also continues with his unconventional structure and style of writing. If you are not careful, you will get lost while reading the book, but maybe that’s what makes it such an interesting read.

When inspector Brant shows a softer side to him, you want to forgive him for all his past sins, which are too many to count. Brant is someone who says many offensive things, like when he stated that he doesn’t mind women talking but hates it when women think. While Brant is often an asshole, he elicits different responses when you read the book. Sometimes you can be angry with him and sometimes you want to show him some sympathy. The inspector can even surprise you once in a while because he does things quite out of character. The good thing about the series is the fact that these books are fast reads. There’s a third book to keep you interested because this series is a trilogy.

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