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Publication Order of Inspector Celcius Daly Books

Anthony J. Quinn is an Irish journalist and writer, who made his debut recently began penning down the Inspector Celcius Daly book series. Quinn was born in the year 1979 in County Tyrone, in Northern Ireland. After completing his high education, Anthony J. Quinn was enrolled at Queens University, which is located in Belfast, where he took a major in English. After completing his college education, Anthony J. Quinn worked on some jobs including, organic gardening, lecturing, social work, yoga instructor and many others. He, later on, had to switch gears as he eventually became a journalist. All this was quite surprising, as Anthony was an exceedingly shy child who many at times was exceedingly quite. Because of the communication burden that he experienced as a child, Anthony J. Quinn needed the assistance of a communication therapist to overcome his speech problems.

Despite the challenges that Anthony J. Quinn faced, he still loved to put his ideas and thoughts into writing. During his childhood years, Anthony J. Quinn penned down numerous poems. As time went by, it became apparent that writing was in his blood. In the year 2012, Anthony J. Quinn debut novel, the Disappeared, ensured that Anthony J. Quinn became one of the biggest names in the crime fiction world. His first book, the Disappeared eventually became the first book in the Inspector Celcius Daly book series. The book was eventually shortlisted for the Strand Literary Award, which is normally held annually in the United States. Furthermore, the book also received numerous positive reviews from the Daily Mail, Kirkus Review as well as the Times Magazine. Before Anthony Quinn became a published writer, he was rejected more than 40 times before the publishing company; Otto Penzler decided to publish his work.

Before his first novel was published, Anthony J. Quinn faced the fate that so many writers face, when many publishing companies reject their work. Disappeared was published first in the United States before it was published in the United Kingdom, two years down the line. The reason why the publication of the book was delayed in the United Kingdom was the fact that the Irish and United Kingdom publishers did not believe that the book did not have the jolt that it needed to become a major success. Disappeared is set to become one of the most successful television series as the series is about to be released and Ciaran Hinds will assume the role of the protagonist. Currently, Anthony J. Quinn has three books in the Inspector J. Daly book series, several short stories and two standalone novels as well. Currently, Anthony J. Quinn resides in County Tyrone with his children and wife, where he is currently working on his upcoming novel. Upon becoming a published author, Anthony J. Quinn still retained his job as a journalist, which he uses to clear his bills as he works on the drafts for his upcoming novels.

Inspector Celcius Daly Series

For more than 30 years, Northern Ireland has always been a hotbed of violence, sectarian, and a breeding ground for terror and religious divisions, where the inhabitants knew who their enemy was. However, things began to change when the ceasefire was initiated, as the country plunged into a restless calm. Disappeared is the debut novel by renowned author, Anthony J. Quinn. Disappeared is the first book in the Inspector Celcius Daly mystery series by Anthony Quinn The novel has been set against a backdrop of a post trouble Ireland. In this book, Inspector, Celcius Daly, is summoned to look into the disappearance of one Joseph Devine, who is a former informant.

Joseph Devine had been found tied up, killed and his body burned beyond recognition. His body had been found a few days after; his priest had been tipped off. Once he began looking into the incidence, Inspector, Celcius Daly can draw a connection between Joseph Devine’s killing and the disappearance of a detective, who used to work for the special branch division. Inspector Daly was able to realize that this marked the beginning of something much bigger. As Daly continues with his investigation, he is warned against digging so much into the history of a community that he had left so many years ago, when he went into exile after his father was killed. Inspector Daly feels that he cannot simply ignore his responsibilities since he is the man of the law. Daly feels that it is his main responsibility to find out the truth irrespective of whatever challenge or difficulty he will have to overcome.

As the investigation continues, Inspector, Daly uncovers old secrets, which could threaten the lives of those who are around him and the stability of peace process as well. The author, Anthony J. Quinn, a native of Northern Ireland and has also served in Northern Ireland as a reporter, creates an exceedingly claustrophobic and haunting stage, among the babbling streams, broken down cottages, rolling mist and heavy rains. Border Angels is the second book in the Inspector Celcius Daly book series. As the second book in the Border Angels book series, Silence picks up from where the first book, Disappeared had left off from. In Border Angels we meet once more with one, Celcius Daly, an Inspector who is based in Armagh County town. Armagh is a town located in a border country that is normally in trouble, such that it is normally referred to as the bandit country.

It is a country that snipers were usually on duty. In Border Angels, Inspector Daly is given the responsibility of looking into a case where a brothel worker, one, Lena Novak had disappeared. Lena Novak had disappeared almost the same time as the time that a former IRA man, Jack Fowler had mysteriously died. The former front-runners of the IRA are exceedingly worried that the death of Jack Fowler may shed light on some of their day-to-day dealings. As all this happens, one Mikolajek, leader of the East-European Mafia, has been running around while threatening anyone who may want to put his business in danger. The IRA is managed to bring back a former assassin from Spain, to assist them in locating Fowler’s money and wealth and also assist them in eliminating any threat that the Croatian and Irishmen may cause.

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