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Publication Order of Inspector Devlin Books

Inspector Devlin, one of the most famous character portrayals by renowned author Brian McGilloway, is surely a force to reckon with. Portrayed to be the exact epitome of skill, courage and intuition, Devlin has managed to settle in the hearts of all the readers as a character to be cherished for many days to come. Mainly featuring in the Inspector Devlin series, he shot to fame when the first book, Borderlands released not only to become an instant best seller but also to be shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Award as a debut novel. Brian shot to fame overnight with his perfectly precise portrayal of Inspector Devlin, a man with a sharp sense of intuition and a keen acumen for crime. With the courage that seems unmatched and the detective skills that push the readers over the edge with suspense, the series is packed with action and intelligence that shines through the pages.

The Inspector Devlin Series:

With a wide range of five books, all centering around Devlin, these crime fiction novels have carved a niche for themselves in the writing industry and set the bar high for the rest. Their fame has only been growing ever since the first novel, Borderlands, released and one book narrowly betters its predecessor. Though there are plenty of characters that speak to the reader, it is that of Devlin that struck a chord in the minds, and hearts, of many. It is also believed that a majority of Brian’s readers have gotten themselves immensely drawn to Devlin and were tremendously disappointed when the series ended after a wonderfully received journey through the streets of crime. Having been described as a ‘must read’ and ‘cherished’ series, the set of books is a treasure to cherish.
Born in Ireland, Brian McGilloway started his writing career in the year 2007 with his debut novel. Back then, he never expected to go further and sign the contract for four more books but after Inspector Devlin garnered attention around the world and even in the awards associations, it was only a matter of time before Brian expanded what is now his best work till date. Thanks to Inspector Devlin, on whose name the series is titled, the writing era is blessed with such great and intuitive fiction that is both realistic as well as racy.
Borderlands (Book 1):
In an area known as the Borderlands, a mystery in the form of murder unveils. A young teenager who is a local, is found to be dead on the borders of Ireland. Her corpse is left to rot in what seems like a brutal chain of events. But who did this? And why? This is where Benedict Devlin, the Garda Inspector, enters the scene and the rest is a mesmerising journey that sets off on a quest to seek revenge and avenge the unfair death of the innocent girl. With little to go by and hardly any clues to start with, Devlin starts his mission, undeterred. However, this is just the beginning.
It is only when another teenager around the same age as the first is found to be murdered soon afterwards, that Devlin realises the mess he has on his hands and the depth of the mystery he has set out to solve. As he unearths the past in order to find any connection, he finds it in the murdered prostitute over two decades ago. In this fast paced thriller where every page leads to a new twist and turn, Devlin’s talent shines through.

The Irish Voice, one of the many leading media brands, reviewed Borderlands and mainly Inspector Devlin to be ‘a likeable and recognisably flawed, introspective Irish Sleuth’ and goes on to call the book immensely well crafted. This book paved the way to Brian’s career in writing.

Gallows Lane (Book 2):
Having been shortlisted for the 2009 Irish Book Awards, Gallows Lane received a thunderously positive response and multiple glorious reviews. This books derives its name from the street where the Donegal Criminals were once condemned and is the second book in the Inspector Devlin series. Whoever thought that the first book in the series was unbeatable was clearly underestimating Brian’s writing skill. Gallows Lane is unexpectedly brilliant and is on par with its predecessor, if not even more thrilling. As the main character, Inspector Devlin sets off in an attempt to solve yet another mystery, this time surrounding the multiple gruesome murders, he is challenged by numerous setbacks and obstacles along the way. Having initially suspected a local body builder and steroid addict, Devlin is left with no choice but to retrace his steps when his suspect is found to be murdered.
But this isn’t Devlin’s only issue. With his new family by his side, he is constantly fighting a dilemma that threatens to make him choose between his work and personal life. Though he has the steely determination and the capability to manage both independently, life takes a rough turn as one merges into the other and creates disruption to those to whom his heart belongs. In a tale of nail biting suspense and personal agenda, Brian has done it again with Gallows Lane.
By numerous papers and channels, Gallows Lane was described as ‘a gripping read’, ‘unputdownable’ and ‘a series not to be missed’. Besides this, there are also numerous reviews praising Brian’s ability to play with the readers’ minds in a subtle and smooth fashion. But what sticks out the most is the fact that all the readers unanimously call the series a masterpiece.


In a nutshell, as rightfully stated, those people who love a surge of adrenaline and a clever style of writing should not miss the Inspector Devlin series. It is obvious that Brian poured his heart out into the character Benedict Devlin and that shines through remarkably in the way Devlin has remained in the hearts of all the readers, proving time and again, that if portrayed correctly, it is easy to fall in love with something as inanimate, yet as essential as a character. Inspector Devlin, even after the completion of the series, is definitely here to stay.

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