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Publication Order of Inspector Green Mystery Books

Do or Die (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon A Time (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mist Walker (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fifth Son (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honour Among Men (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dream Chasers (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Thing of Darkness (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Lie the Dead (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Whisper of Legends (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
None So Blind (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil to Pay (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

It’s hard to omit the name of Barbara Fradkin once you look into celebrated book authors. She is a renowned artist who was born in Montreal. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts from McGill University and the University of Toronto respectively. Also, she holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Ottawa. She has practiced child psychology as a career spanning for more than twenty-five years. Her initial passion had always been writing, and so this is what instigated her retiring so as to settle into it. Writing is a passion she began since she was six even though she made her debut in a copy in 1995.Her career as a child psychologist has inspired her in writing stories as well.
Barbara stories have done it to both periodicals and collections in their persuasive nature. An example is the new Canadian Noir series alongside The Ladies Killing Circle series. She has clinched a victory twice in Great Canadian Short Story Contest alongside being nominated four times for the Crime Writers of Canada as a Best Short Story that includes “Voices from the deep” in 2007. Similarly, her most recent story by her “The Lighthouse” is in a new anthology. To present day, she is finest acknowledged for her award-winning practical police series. Social impartiality and literacy have been one of her commitments that she has not shied away from.

However, we are going to emphasize on the Inspector Green series. This series is an indisputably among the most stimulating and conspicuous series ever written. It contains a deep mastery of art. This series features a couple of books in it. Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green features as the main character but is perceived only as fictional. He is a dedicated member of the force who never leaves any stone unturned as long as truth will be revealed. He even finds himself disagreeing with his superiors due to his radical nature in approaching welfares of crime victims. He is a man who struggles much in life by sacrificing much on behalf of his victims and career as well. Also, he is in an unstable civil union that tops it up to his worries. His efforts in trying to balance all these burdens ranging from his professional demands to his rocky marriage seem to worsen the existing situation. More lives are put at stake.

To begin with, Do or Die is the first book in the series that is worth reading. It is exemplary crafted to match the reader’s expectations. This novel portrays Ottawa Police Inspector as quite a frustrated man. Its mysterious nature merged with suspension makes it worth craving for. It has a combination of characters who make it exciting. The reader is offered the art of keeping guessing all along. It begins like an early morning where Green seems not cheerful when he visualizes on the busy schedule that is awaiting him at his place of work with the rising number of murder cases in Ottawa. This saddens him.Subsequently, he receives a call from the Chief of Detectives who calls him to his office in a few minutes time. Green really seems to be under pressure. This is after the killing of an affluent graduate student takes place within the school’s library. Green is hooked into University politics the world, individual alongside professional demands. He even regrets why he chooses this as his career path. At this point, Green seems not to have support even from her wife, Sharon. They appear not to be in good terms with each other.
Once Upon a Time arises as the second book in the series. It is a book that is fascinating to any reader. Inspector Michael Green happens to be in his office working on paperwork when a Major Crimes call comes through. Green seems a restless man as he strolls around. He receives a phone call expecting it to be a homicide call from Sergeant Sullivan or Superintendent Jules who is in need of his support. Contrarily, it happens to be his wife Sharon who echoes a jovial mood and him cold here his child excited as well. She warns her husband to take care since the road is slippery and informs him that he purchased a Canadian Tire shovel in their first festival in a new house. Inspector Green and Superintendent Brian Sullivan seem to be great friends although they differ in their ranks. They share a similar past in the streets.

Sullivan clarifies about the call he had received as he writes a few notes. He informs Green that an old man was found frozen in a parking space in a hospital. To Sullivan, it seems like an ordinary kind of happening. An official named Mac Phial settles at the verdict that the man’s dead was a natural death since there were no actual signs that describe violence, but Police Inspector Michael Green does not agree with that. Michael Green finds himself intensely drawn into the war and even the Second World War’s concealed mysteries and criminalities of the past. This leads him into a personal expedition of even discovering his own self. The dead man is described as a man of law status who could not even have cash to sing his own praises. Blood pressure seems to have stippled his attractive face. It is beyond a mystery. It is a story that illustrates oppressed people, families, affection, and desperation.
Undoubtedly, Barbara Fradkin has achieved much by immensely contributing to the world of Arts and Entertainment. Through her work that has seen her write numerous books alongside short stories, many people especially readers who cherish her work have been significantly inspired. The awards and accolades that she has received over the years indeed speak volumes of her works’ influence to the world. She is among the authors that have committed much in trying to make the world a better place through their writing abilities. Reading her well-spiced books would be an interesting experience to anyone irrespective of your affiliation in the society. Her stories would be compatible with any kind of mood an individual is in.

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