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Publication Order of Inspector Pekkala Books

Eye of the Red Tsar (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Red Coffin / Shadow Pass (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Archive 17 / Siberian Red (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Red Moth (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beast in the Red Forest (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Icon (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Berlin Red (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Inspector Pekkala is part of the Pekkala Series written by Sam Eastland. The series is of Finnish origin and was later on translated into the English language. Sam Eastland is the pseudonym of Paul Watkins, an American author that was born in January 1st, 1964.

Eye of the Red Tsar
This here is the first book in the series, where inspector Pekkala makes his first appearance. Without major spoilers, let’s take a look at the plot of the novel, and see if it will interest you enough to go ahead on in this 5 book thick Pekkala Series.
As the name implies Pekkala is not only an inspector, but also a detective. He possesses unique talents for solving mysteries, and it is for this reason that the character is drawn into many scenarios throughout the series.
Once Pekkala was the right hand of Tsar, being one of their top ranking secret agents for the Romanovs. However, ten years later after the major Romanov mystery, he finds himself imprisoned as the prisoner 4745-P. He starts the plot by living in harsh circumstances imprisoned under the Soviet’s harsh winter (a way Soviets use to get rid of unwanted) as he awaits for a change of faith.
The Romanov’s dilemma started when the family of Tsar Nicholas Romanov was executed on July 17, 1918. Although they were all suspected to be killed, now it’s known that there’s one survivor. A small child. And Stalin gives Pekkala a chance for him to redeem himself by solving the Romanov’s murderer.
This is the chance that Pekkala has been waiting for. After all, why should he continue locked up. Even though he feels unjustified by the Russians for having locked him up, this is still the only way he can achieve his freedom. So he is left to hunt without a dog. Certainly he will take this chance for the best.
So Pekkala is let out entrusted by Stalin with the mission to solve the murder. He submerges into the land of treachery, where uneasy alliances are needed in order to solve the murder’s mystery. He will see once again the man who betrayed him and the woman that he most loved. In this moment, he will also uncover a secret that will cause an uproar in the nation.
This novel is 278 pages thick and is hardcover to ensure long book durability. Bantam Books published it on April 27th, 2010. The characters you will see are Sister Ania, Alexel, Bandelayev, Zubatov, Grodek, and of course, Pekkala. It covers the genres of thriller / mystery thriller, mystery / historical mystery, crime, historical, thriller, cultural / Russia, fiction, historical fiction and mystery. Awesome genres which mix together to form an amazing book.

Shadow Pass
This is the second book of the series and here Sam Eastland brings about a new plot. Here you the reader are amazed at the way things unfold, as the unexpected happens and as in every suspense, you sit at the edge of the chair while holding the book.
There is a rogue agent loose. He’s building a secret weapon on Russia’s countryside named T-34. A thirty-ton machine with killing purposes in mind, which this rogue agent wants to turn against Stalin. Feeling his sixth sense activated, Stalin feels that he should solve the mysterious murder of this very inventor genius, who died under mysterious circumstances. That’s why he calls Pekkala, his least obedient yet most effective detective.
And once again, just when Pekkala thought that his world was finally at peace, Stalin is got to call him in once again. It’s like although he’s not in the hot moods for his Russian bosses, that he still is always requested. But Pekkala just can’t help himself always being drawn to the cases he receives. It’s just that he has this strong mystery appeal, and once he starts to see a mystery, he dives right into them, till he solves them, of course.
But Pekkala discovers that Commissar Major Lysenkova is investigating the same case, which is unusual since she’s just responsible for working in internal affairs. And the more he dives into the case, he uncovers many secrets which start to line him against no only the USSR’s deadliest military secrets, but also against the Soviet secret police itself.
If Pekkala is not able to solve this case, not only Stalin, but Pekkala’s own Communist State might be buried along with him. So he rushes in order to see what really is going on so he can provide a major solution.
This was released by Bantam in February 22nd, 2011. A hardcover with 289 pages. The original title in the UK was The Red Coffin, and it is also called Shadow Pass. From Finnish, it was translated into English and has the genres of history / world war II, thriller / mystery thriller, historical, crime, cultural / Russia, fiction, and historical fiction.

If you are a reader that loves to read suspense and mystery, you’ll surely love to dive into these novels. The best part is that there are other 3 books which were not covered here that also show Pekkala in action.
In his hot pursuit for keys of mystery, readers who love mystery fiction can’t help themselves but get glued to the book as Pekkala moves along each step of the way. It’s that constant suspense as readers try to unfold the mysteries themselves, making their guess as to what is going to happen next. Surely, investigating cases was never easier since the main character will always show you the way.
The question now is when you’re going to buy these. The value is very affordable and allows you to have the whole 5 books Pekkala Series. But don’t feel that that’s all you have to read. Sam Eastland has over 51 years writing a lot more of books. Surely this American novelist is got you covered with books in both fictional and non-fictional venues. His latest work Red Icon is of 2015 and allows you to also see if his style has changed a bit. His books will not only be awesome reading options for you, but will also make awesome gifts for friends and family.

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