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Publication Order of Inspector West Books

Inspector West Takes Charge (1942)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West Leaves Town / Go Away To Murder (1943)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West at Home / Apostle of Gloom (1944)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West Regrets (1945)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holiday for Inspector West (1946)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battle for Inspector West (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triumph for Inspector West / The Case Against Paul Raeburn (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West Kicks Off / Sport for Inspector West (1949)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West Alone (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West Cries Wolf / The Creepers (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Case for Inspector West / The Figure in the Dusk (1951)Description / Buy at Amazon
Puzzle for Inspector West / The Dissemblers (1951)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West at Bay / The Blind Spot (1952)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gun for Inspector West / Give a Man a Gun (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
Send Superintendent West / Send Inspector West (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Beauty for Inspector West / The Beauty Queen Killer (1954)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inspector West Makes Haste / The Gelignite Gang (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two for Inspector West / Murder: One, Two, Three (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon
Parcels for Inspector West / Death of a Postman (1956)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Prince for Inspector West / Death of an Assassin (1956)Description / Buy at Amazon
Find Inspector West / Doorway to Death / The Trouble at Saxby's (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
Accident for Inspector West / Hit and Run (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, London - New York (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strike for Death / The Killing Strike (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of a Racehorse (1959)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Innocent Victims (1959)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Line (1960)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Cold Print (1961)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Scene of the Crime (1961)Description / Buy at Amazon
Policeman's Dread (1962)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hang the Little Man (1963)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look Three Ways at Murder (1964)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, London - Australia (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, London - South Africa (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Young to Burn (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Executioners (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, London - Miami (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Part for a Policeman (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alibi / Alibi for Inspector West (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Splinter of Glass (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Theft of Magna Carta (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Extortioners (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sharp Rise in Crime (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Inspector West series is a series of detective fiction and thriller novels written by the successful British novelist John Creasey. There is a total of 43 books published in this series between the years 1942 and 1978. All the novels of the series are set in London, England, and feature the central character in the form of the Inspector Roger West, who is depicted as working in the Scotland Yard. The series basically shows the typical police procedurals. Inspector West starts from the post of an Inspector and then goes on to get promoted to the rank of Superintendent as the series progresses. A major part of the series also shows the progression in the life of Inspector West and depicts him as a perfect man devoted to his family comprising of a wife and a couple of sons. Overall the novels in the series consist of intriguing plots which are liked by many readers all over the world. Inspector West has the nickname of ‘Handsome’ and he gets the attention of many women over the course of the series. But, West never tries to cheat on his wife Janet. In the initial books, West is shown as having a friend named Mark, who helps him out in a few of the cases. The timelines depicted in the series are way off. Several changes are made in the rewritten versions of the novels of the series. It is better to acquire the original editions of the books in the series in order to read and enjoy the intriguing plots as well as the fun-filled progression in the life of Inspector West. Author John Creasey says that it will be better if the books of the books of the Inspector West series are read in order. That way, the readers can enjoy it to a greater extent.

An initial book released in the Inspector West series written by author John Creasey was titled as ‘Inspector West at Home’. This book was firstly released in the year 1944 and then again in the year 1973 by the Scribner Book publishing company. At the beginning of this book, Roger West is introduced as the Chief Inspector. When he opens the front door of his house, he sees his Superintendent named Abbot standing in front of him. While explaining the reason of his visit to West, Abbot takes out a piece of paper from his coat pocket and hands it over to him. The paper was actually a warrant for searching West’s house officially on account of suspicion of some illegal activities. As Inspector West finds that his career is about to get ruined due to the suspicion of his own police department against him, he decides to take the matters into his own hand. In order to clear his name and save his image, West dives into the mystery that involves conspiracy, murder, and the most shocking of all, corruption at the Scotland Yard. As the plot of the book progresses, Inspector West goes on to reveal some of the most shocking realities related to the Scotland Yard and some of its corrupt officers.

One of the other novels written and released initially by author John Creasey in the Inspector West series was titled as ‘Send Superintendent West’ or ‘Send Inspector West’. It was published first in the year 1953 and then over the years, several editions of it were released a few times again. The main characters described by author John Creasey in this book include Inspector West, David Shawn, Belle, and Ricky Shawn. At the start of the novel, it is depicted that the American diplomat named David Shawn and his family comprising of his wife named Belle and a 10 year son named Ricky Shawn, get drugged by adding opiate in their glass of milk. Ricky gets kidnapped while the other two remain unconscious. Later, it is learned that David Shawn is a scientist who has invented a formula to check the smallest of the nuclear explosions occurring in any part of the world. The matter is actually related to the talks about the Test Ban Treaty. Countries like China, France, and Russia desperately try to prevent The United States from obtaining the invention of David Shawn. They even try to obtain the detector themselves so that they can make it unsuitable for use. When Inspector West is asked to carry out the investigation of the kidnapping of David Shawn’s son, he reaches the house of Shawn. He is accompanied by the secretary of Shawn named Lissa Meredith, who tries to make Inspector West uncomfortable with her charm and sensual beauty. When both of them reach there, they find that Belle is all furious about the kidnapping of her son and repeatedly blames her husband and his job for the disappearance of her son. After a short while, West comes to know that the boy was moved to the United States by the kidnappers.

Several important clues lead Inspector West to one of the kidnappers who is found dead and his body is discovered floating in the river Thames. But, West becomes successful in getting hold of the car which was used in the kidnapping of abduction. The trace leads West to a home called as Rest and the owner is a lady living in Paris. She is believed to be accompanied by a shady and wealthy man named Jack Gissing. When West goes to the location at night, he witnesses Gissing talking to Shawn. He admits that the boy was kidnapped by him and gives him a couple of tickets to New York. Gissing warns Shawn that if he does not go then he will cut off his son’s ear. When West tries to interfere, he is attacked by someone from the back and is knocked out. Gissing manages to escape. After this, Inspector travels to New York to find any information about Jack Gissing. But, before he could do anything, he gets kidnapped. Somehow, West manages to escape and tries to reach out to Shawn. When West and Lissa visit his home again, they find Belle still furious at her husband. West informs her that he has seen her son in New York and promises her that he will get him back very soon. The climax scene of the book takes place in Trenton, New Jersey, where several surprising events take place after which West catches Gissing and saves Shawn’s son.

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