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Tasha Black is an American author of paranormal fiction.

Black resides in a beautiful Victorian house that is quite large in a town that is small. She is an author that primarily specializes in paranormal fiction stories, sometimes spiced up with romantic plots and characters that can’t help falling for each other. She is obsessed with pumpkin spice flavored lattes as well as paranormal romance.

Tasha is also known for her other series, including Curse of the Alpha series, which involves supernatural creatures in combination with romantic tales. She is also known for her series Tarker’s Hollow, Building a Hero, and more.

Tasha Black is the creator and author of the Intergalactic Dating Agency series of fiction. The series kicked off in 2016 with the release of the debut novel in the series, which is titled Bond. The sequel came out that same year and is titled Rocky. The fifteenth book made its debut in 2018, so there are plenty of books and counting to dig into when it comes to this unique and interesting series!

The first book in the Dating Agency series is Bond. Here readers get to meet the character of Posey Quinn for the first time. She’s a spirited girl that has always thought that there was more going on in the world than what first met the eye. You never know what could happen or what might be out there.

Posey comes to Stargazer with her hair perfectly done up using only the very highest quality of hairspray to hold up her hairdo. She has her mind swimming with conspiracies and when she finds out that she is not giving her eggs up in exchange for money for her tuition. Instead, she finds out that she has a unique request being made of her.

The gig is that Posey would act as an undercover agent of sorts. Her goal would be to meet an alien and in the course of their interactions, do what she could to make the alien fall for her. She would be doing this for human kind. It might even be a better gig than donating her eggs, but what does she know?

Regardless, she decides to accept this unique and original assignment. Posey had no idea what to expect about the alien and before she meets him only knows that his name is Bond. What she is surprised to find out is that this alien is actually pretty irresistible– and here she’s the one supposed to be trying to get him to fall for her.

It’s looking like things could be turning the other way. Is Posey in way over her head? The last thing that she anticipated was being charmed by an alien. Now that she is in the situation, she’s starting to realize that the mark may not be as easy to win over after all. If Posey is not careful, she is going to be the one falling for this alien and not the other way around.

In their meetings, there is definite chemistry between the two of them. Romantically and physically, all of the things that you need to have are there. All of the boxes are getting checked and it’s difficult to determine whether Posey is going to get the upper hand on Bond or if she was doomed from the second that she took this assignment.

It’s clear that this will be a challenging gig. As for Bond, he has come to the planet of Earth for a good purpose. His personal mission is to give the maximum amount of pleasure to a female of the human race, as much as she can tolerate. They say when you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. This is one mission that is not too disagreeable at all.

Even though Bond has a purpose for being there that is rooted in pleasure, he is very clear on one thing. The last thing that he should do when he is on his mission is to fall for anyone. It is not the goal to fall swiftly in love with anyone, let alone have a relationship.

This alien has prowess when it comes to his ability to be charming and seductive. He’s learning more about the people of Earth each day. They’re emotional, and he thinks that Posey may possibly be falling for him. However, if he finds the planet and the civilians who live there not worthy, then he may be taking off early.

Has Posey already gotten too invested, or can she keep the main goal of the mission in mind? Can she pull back and keep her emotions from running wild? Love is a curious thing. Can Bond and Posey survive their encounter, or are they destined to be changed forever by their connection? Check out Bond to find out!

Rocky is the second book in acclaimed author Tasha Black’s Intergalactic series. If you loved the first book in this series, check out this paranormal sequel by going online or checking a local bookstore or library near you.

Meet Georgia Taylor, a woman who wants to be a police officer one day. Everything’s going find in her world, until a strange ad turns everything upside down. Georgia and her friends decide to answer an innocent ad that was placed, looking for women who would be willing to be egg donors.

That is how Georgia gets pulled into a world that is strange and fascinating. Unbelievably, she finds herself in the position of getting married to an actual alien. She’s trying to get back to the plan that she had for her life and get out of this new world. All she’ll have to do is just not fall for her alien husband to be.

Georgia does think Rocky is handsome, and he’s thoughtful too. He’s on Earth to get married and spread the love. He thinks that she might like him too. Will he and Georgia finally get together and admit their feelings for each other? Read this book to find out!

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