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Publication Order of Intervention Books

Mistress of crime Terri Blackstock brings to the table a unique blend of reality and suspense. In true Blackstock style, she discusses serious issues but uses action to lift them.

Intervention is about a mother’s fight to save her child from the reaches of addiction. This series of books describes the heart-wrenching moral dilemmas that parents of addicts face.

With crime fiction elements, the novel does not let fans of detective novels down.. Terri amazes them with her infusion of action-packed thrills.

Book 1: Intervention

Intervention is the first book in this gripping series.

Intervening is the only way Barbara Covington can save her daughter, Emily, from addiction. It is the girl’s last hope of regaining a normal life.

Barbara faces her worst nightmare when Emily’s interventionist turns up dead at the airport. Things come to a head when Emily disappears herself. She becomes the prime suspect in the interventionist’s murder. Barbara and her son, Lance, set about finding Emily before Detective Kent Harlan does.

She faces every mother’s dilemma. The distraught woman is duty bound to protect her daughter. She wonders if Emily committed the ultimate crime to solve her problems.

Terri’s attempt at portraying the stark reality of addiction is stellar.

Readers know that the fight against it is an uphill battle. That said, they seldom grasp its complexities. With masterful writing, Terri gets readers to appreciate how devastating it is.

The hallmark of Intervention is its authenticity. The novel brings us into the mind of Emily, whose journals her mother reads. They speak of the hurt and coldness she feels from Barbara, and society. Such stigma is the reality faced by all addicts.

What is amazing is how Terri uses the excitement of crime fiction to take this reality to a new level.

Few authors can narrate a murder mystery the way Terri can. She weaves in its associated thrills with great skill. The reader remains in the dark about who the killer is until he finishes turning every page of the book.

Book 2: Vicious Cycle

Vicious cycle, the next book in this series, is as compelling as the first. It opens with a relieved Barbara awaiting Emily’s graduation from the rehab center.

She knows, deep within, that Emily will return to the vicious cycle of addiction. The devoted mother never foresees her straight-and-narrow son, Lance, ending up in prison.

It happens when he tries to help a pregnant friend, Jordan, who has given birth at home. He becomes perturbed when he sees Jordan giving her baby to mysterious men. In an ugly twist of fate, Jordan accuses him of her baby’s kidnapping.

Barbara gets caught up in a new maelstrom of troubles as she tries to overturn her son’s criminal charge.

With no other choice, she seeks the help of Detective Kent Harlan, who had rescued Emily a year earlier. Harlan finds himself yearning to help Barbara after understanding her plight.

This follow-up book is as action-packed and fast-paced as the first.

Again, Terri shows her uncanny ability to combine reality and suspenseful thrills.

She tackles the major issue of child trafficking and gives crime fans the rush they are after.

While doing so, she again delivers a touching description of a mother’s angst. Readers sympathize with the embattled Barbara. Though frantic, she has to help both children overcome heart-wrenching trials.

Note that you do not need to read Intervention before reading Vicious Cycle. Terri has given the information necessary to allow it to stand alone as a story.


Both Intervention and Vicious Cycle are clear examples of effective writing. The novel hits home because characters come across as rounded and real. No one can accuse Terri of creating flat characters. Their humanity comes across to anyone who reads the books.

a. Barbara Covington

The first of these dramatic, three-dimensional characters is Barbara Covington. She would explain why many mothers would gravitate towards the novels.

Terri characterizes a troubled woman who has ironic conundrums to solve.

Barbara is a mother like any other. Having to face the stigma of raising a drug addict, she pins her hopes on her younger child, Lance. She becomes oblivious to the pain her daughter suffers. The mother learns, the hard way, that resilience can resemble coldness.

Barbara struggles to believe in her children. But like every nurturing mother, she has to help them deal with earth-shattering realities.

She feels the overwhelming responsibilities of parenthood. Parents will recognize the need to storm the police station if their children go missing.

All parents try to balance firmness and fairness, but this is not easy. These notions are understandable and make Barbara relatable.

b. Emily

Young Emily represents the teen demographic of this era.

The young adult is another character many people will recognize. She is privy to the drugs and addiction that many teens will find familiar.

Youthful and impetuous, Emily is every mother’s nightmare. She is a regular teen who becomes a hard-core addict.
Like many addicts too drawn to drugs, she does everything to avoid the pain of withdrawal.

c. Lance

Lance is the wholesome young man that every mother dreams of raising. Tech-savvy and intelligent, every parent hopes to have a son like him.

Many people will relate to the scenario that envelops him. Though dramatic, child trafficking is the harshness that the developed world faces. Readers will also connect with being misunderstood and maligned.

d. Detective Ken Harlan

Kent Harlan is a well-rounded detective who has compassion.

Though having the ambitious desire to pursue Emily, his learns to empathize with her. He forms deep connections with Barbara and other people he once misunderstood.

More from the author

Readers who have not got enough of Terri’s realistic crime novels need not fret.

The prolific writer has Newpointe 911, The Restoration and other series in her repertoire. Readers can also explore her many stand-alone and Youth Books. The Gifted and Heart Reader and titles many young people will clamor to read.

She is about to release her new novel If I Run. It promises to be as emotive and riveting as her others. The book describes the difficulty of maintaining objectivity while doing police work.

The story surrounds Casey Cox, whose DNA smears everything in a murder crime scene. The police have engaged war veteran Dylan Roberts to find her. The veteran, marginalized because of PTSD, tries to redeem himself by bringing her in. His malady mars his objectivity, and he finds it hard to have the clear perspective he should.

He discovers that securing her conviction will take more time than he has. As he learns more about her, he finds himself asking tough questions. He has to decide whether she is a soulless psychopath or a selfless hero who tried to save the victim.

Terri Blackstock tells you how things are, yet keeps your pulse racing.

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