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Iona Grey is a popular British author of romance, historical fiction, and contemporary stories. She has written two books in her career so far and is expected to come up with a few more in the years to come. Iona’s books have fared very well throughout the world. They have caught the attention of many readers in different countries. Iona has studied at Manchester University and has earned a degree in English Literature & Language. The people who know her well know that she is obsessed with history and has a huge fascination with the women’s lives from the 20th century. Iona has won prestigious awards for her debut book, Letters to the Lost. Its worldwide success helped her to establish herself as a noteworthy author of contemporary romance and historical fiction books. As of today, Iona resides in Cheshire in England’s rural Northwest. Her family is comprised of her loving husband and three beautiful daughters.

Iona came across her future husband while studying at Manchester University. She claims that the encounter was quite a dramatic one as they bumped into each other on the last night of their three-year course and got hooked instantly. Iona dreamed of becoming an author during her teenage years. But, she got busy with other commitments and could not find time to pursue her dream. Then, meeting with the love of her life and marrying him made her dream even more distant from her. The birth of her three kids, one after the other made Iona indulge herself completely in looking after them. In between, she worked in different part-time jobs to help her husband in meeting the financial requirements of the family.

Several years later, Iona had a chance encounter with the bestselling author Penny Jordan that inspired her to pursue her childhood dream of writing romantic fiction unashamedly. Subsequently, she wrote her first novel and was able to get the attention of the prominent personalities of the writing world towards her work. Since then, Iona has not stopped trying to transform her imagination from thoughts into written words. She keeps herself indulged in attempting to write interesting stories. Currently, she is busy developing her third novel and is expected to release it soon. Before writing her debut novel in 2015, Iona wrote eleven contemporary books under the pseudonym of India Grey for Mills & Boon. Her happiness grew multiple folds when her first book won the Goldsboro award in 2016.

Iona likes to think that she has a visual approach to her writing more than any other author. She often thinks of a scene in her mind and then ends up adding accessories and props to the set. The whole experience feels to her like the process of making a film. Iona’s personal taste lies in the old clutter instead of the minimalist, clean style. For her, creating a setting is the most enjoyable part of writing as it makes much more sense than emotion and dialogue. Iona likes to write each of her stories separately. It helps in allowing the different character arcs to develop naturally.

Currently, Iona is working on another love story set in a dual time frame. She is working on a story that takes place between the present day and the 1950s. The story is the outcome of Iona’s young age fascination to talk about the demolition and abandonment of numerous country houses during the 1950s and 1960s. Iona thinks that the 1950s is a very interesting period to describe in stories. This period provides many opportunities to talk about fashion, food, and the attitudes of people from that time. Iona is grateful for the support she has received from the readers. She expects them to continue to support her work and appreciate her efforts in writing all her future novels.

The debut book written by author Iona Grey is entitled ‘Letters to the Lost’. It was released by the Thomas Dunne Books publication in 2015. The primary characters mentioned in this novel include Jess, Dan Rosinski, Stella Thorne, Will, and several others. Iona has set the story in London, England. The book opens by showing that Jess runs through London’s streets on a freezing evening in February. She has fled her abusive lover and has nowhere to go. While running, she comes across a small, empty house on a forgotten lane and sees it as her best chance for a shelter in the freezing night. As she wakes up the next morning, Jess finds that a mysterious letter has arrived at the lonely house’s doorstep. She feels tempted to open the letter and finds herself drawn into the tale of two lovers from a different period.

In 1942, Stella had met a US airman named Dan Rosinski. The two were drawn to each other instantly. As a fighter pilot, Dan is bound by his duties. He keeps in touch with his lover only through letters that he writes to Stella. She also answers his letters with equal love and determination. Their fate turns out to be quite unkind as they get separated by continents and decades. After reading the letter, Jess feels determined to discover what happened to Stella and Dan. This determination and hope lead Jess to find a surprising redemption in her life.

Another exciting novel penned by Iona is known as ‘The Glittering Hour’. It was also published by the Thomas Dunne publication in 2019. This novel features the central characters in the form of Selina Lennox, Lawrence Weston, and a few others. Initially, Selina Lennox is introduced as a bright and happening girl. She keeps herself indulged in drinking, parties, etc. She is pursued by the media personnel and manages to get involved in scandals all the time. With all this happening in her life, she remains on the run from the life chosen for her by her parents. Lawrence Weston is depicted as a poor painter. One night, he stumbles upon Selina Lennox and does not let her go. He thinks that he is never going to get another chance at meeting someone of Selina’s stature in person. Lawrence’s treatment makes Selina fall for him. She begins to envision a life full of true happiness with him. But, as tragedy strikes, she is forced to choose between what is safe for her and what is right.

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