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Joe Ide is an American published author of fiction. He is also a screenwriter and was the writer for the 2014 movie “33-Str8”.

Joe grew up in Los Angeles in its South Central area. He is of Japanese-American descent. Some of his favorite books are the Sherlock Holmes series. The famous series was written by Arthur Conan Doyle, and Joe liked the concept that an individual could come up against the world and defeat enemies relying solely upon his intelligence.

Joe would attend college and earn his graduate degree, working in several different fields and careers teaching, NGO director, college lecturing, corporate management, and even writing screenplays, for projects that eventually never came to full production and completion prior to writing IQ. It would go on to be his first published novel. The book was also inspired by his passion for the Sherlock stories as well as early experiences in his life. Today the author resides in Santa Monica in California along with his wife and Gusto, their Golden Retriever.

Joe Ide is the creator and the author of the IQ series of fictional novels. The series began with the publication of the first novel in the series, titled IQ. This is an exciting series that is full of action and adventure. The first book also garnered much attention and awards, as it won an Anthony Award and a Macavity Award for Best Debut and Best First Novel as well as a Shamus Award for Best First P.I. Novel. IQ was also nominated for a Barry Award and an Edgar Award. It made the short list for the CWA John Creasey Dagger and a Strand Critics Award.

IQ is the debut novel in the IQ series by Joe Ide. It was named a ‘best of the year’ by the New York Times. Check out this novel and meet the main character of detective Isaiah Quintabe in a masterfully crafted plot that brings readers along on an entertaining mystery ride.

When it comes to East Long Beach, the crime rate there is out of control. There are so many crimes committed that the local Los Angeles police department is struggling to do their jobs. They’re just outnumbered when it comes to the amount of bad things happening in the area. So not every case can get the time and attention it needs to, and this results in things backing up.

Older people are getting mugged, murders are being logged but not finding the perpetrators or ending up unsolved, and worst of all, kids are going missing left and right. The police might not be able to help you out, but the word is moving around town that there is a person that might be able to help you where local authorities cannot.

Isaiah Quintabe goes by the name of IQ. He dropped out of high school and now goes his own way. But while he may not draw much attention, underneath all of that is a determined man with a great intelligence. It’s enough to fund his life, and he takes on clients that end up paying IQ with what they have. That might even be some muffins at some points. This time, though, IQ needs to land a client that’s capable of paying him in cash.

He’s not thrilled that the way to get that person is through a drug dealer contact that he had hoped would be left in the past forever. Still, you have to do what you have to do sometimes. IQ also has a case to consider, a rapper that is no stranger to substance use and has his crew around him at all times. The crew thinks the rap star’s life is at risk. Then there’s also the hit man who has a reputation for being unhinged according to others in his profession.

IQ desperately wants to solve this one and see this case shut and closed for good. If he can, he’ll be able to correct a mistake long ago in the past. Of course, if he fails, he might be the next target. Can he do what he needs to and crack this case? Check out the first novel in this exciting series from Joe Ide to find out!

Righteous is the second novel in the IQ series by Joe Ide. In the first book, readers met the main character Isaiah for the first time. Now the man known as IQ is back and with fresh mysteries to solve.

IQ has been dealing with something that has been keeping him up at night for a decade. It’s kept him emotional, angry, thinking of ways to get revenge. He was just a kid ten years prior, when his brother passed away. He was killed by someone, an unknown person. Isaiah looked for the killer, but also was at the lowest point of his life. The despair and the hunt nearly took everything from him in his life that he cares about.

Now IQ is still not over what happened. Everything’s going well in his life. His career is thriving, he’s got a dog, and he’s a respected private eye in East Long Beach, his hometown. Still, IQ can’t shake his obsession with finding his brother’s killer. He won’t feel right until he knows that the person responsible is behind bars. So at the risk of his sanity wearing away, the PI starts his hunt once more.

Now he’s on the move with Dodson, his sidekick. They go to Vegas, but there are more developments awaiting, potentially involving the Chinese mob and loan sharks. IQ has to find a DJ and her boyfriend before these gangsters do or they’ll be killed. IQ is in love with someone as well, and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Can he complete his quest and find a killer and maybe put his grief over his brother to rest? Or will he find that, like Sherlock, he’s dealing with a Moriarty of his own, one that may be steps ahead of him? Pick up a copy of Righteous and read to the end to find out the conclusion of this mystery!

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