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Jan Burke is a famous author who has wrote several books. She was born on 1st of August 1953 in Houston, Texas. Despite being born in Texas, she spend most of her life staying in California. She had two sister and was later married to Tim Burke who was a great musician. Jan Burke is a graduate from the university of California State in Long Beach. She graduated with a degree in history and this didn’t stop her from writing several books. Being a graduate with a degree in history, she worked at Rosie the Riveters as a researcher in an interviewing history project. Her second job was being a manager for the large corporation. In her career, she has written several books like “Goodnight, Irene in the evenings after work”. This is the first mystery in the novel “Irene Kelly” Series by Jan Burke is one of her best work that has greatly inspired and motivated most of her readers.

Irene Kelly (Series by Jan Burke) is a mystery book that comprises of ten different books. The series is of great inspiration and educative hence it is a book you will definitely love reading. You can always get these smart novels online and you will get to learn more from the series. The first book in the series known as “Goodnight, Irene” was published in March 1993. This is her first work that was loved by great people including the former USA president Bill Clinton. Out of the ten books in the series, her latest work was done in July 2011 and the novel is known as “Disturbance”. You can always find the complete series of Irene Kelly by Jan Burke online and get to read more about the mystery story. This is one of the best mystery series you will enjoy treading.

The first two books in this series by Jan Burke are “Goodnight, Irene” and “Sweet Dreams, Irene” which were published in March 1993 and March 1994 respectively. They are some of the best books in the series. Their setting will introduce you into the main story in the series. Get these books online today for a great mystery story done by Jan Burke. The setting of these books is in Southern California with the main character being Irene who sees her life being miserable because of what she knows. She is kidnapped and tortured because of political issues.

Goodnight, Irene

The main character in this first novel by Burke is Irene. She has a very good friend known as O’Connor who was murdered just in front of her door. This has therefore remained a mystery since it was only Irene who knew her identity. Her death is caused by certain secrets that are only known by Irene. It is after 35 years later that Irene feels that she should reveal the story of her best friend’s death. This takes her back to the news desk that she had resigned from to join public relations. She has all the evidence like some very confidential files and maze of forensic records that she can use to find justice for the death of her only friend in Southern California. These are some important secrets that no one actually knew of their existence if not Irene herself. Through her own discovery, she now gets closer to Frank Harriman who is the detective officer in charge. Getting closer to Frank is a great threat to Irene since it will make her get in touch with the murder who will eventually keep all the mystery secrets and then finally take her life. This therefore leaves her with a lot of doubt and she is not yet decided on what to actually do next.

You can continue reading this novel and get educated on how to handle some critical issues at hand. The first novel in the series “Irene Kelly by Jan Burke is the best mystery books you will definitely love reading.

Sweet Dreams, Irene

This is the second novel by Jan Burke that was published a year later after her first work. The Sweet Dreams is about a mystery that says that “Even the dark dreams come true”. The genres in the book are about suspense, fiction and mystery. The main character in the novel still Irene but now interacts with is a sixteen year old boy known as Jacob Henderson. He is the son of a contesting candidate of D.A. Jacob decides to go to Irene to seek some help from her. This mystery in the novel comprises of politics and murder. The main reason why Jacob decided to visit Irene was to ask her to stop the opposition side from making false announcement about him that he was one of the members of satanic cult. After this, it is Jacob’s girlfriend Sammy who reveals to Irene that the group is not satanic as being gossiped but a pagan. Sammy tell more secret to Irene including their fear for the new leader who is always in a goat head mask. She also tells her that they live in the youth shelter with other friends. On the same night, something strange occurs as the founder of the shelter was found murdered with some rough drawing of a goat’s head is drawn on her floor. She was a very close neighbor to Frank. Due to the murder, Sammy decides to run away from the shelter because of the murder but she informs Irene once she is gone. Irene is then kidnapped and tortured. Irene and the graphic torture scenes plans for an escape.

This is just a short summary of this smart novel. It leaves a lot of unanswered question that you will definitely get from the book. Irene Kelly (Series by Jan Burke) is available online hence you can always find it for the complete story. The series only has ten novels that you can easily read and even get to know any Burke’s latest publication of the series. This is the best mystery series you will definitely love. It reflects the real life situation and therefore you will more information about how you can always handle some crucial matters. This is the best mystery series.

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